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In the first part of this study guide, I provide an in context proper rendering of the Sha’ul’s letter to the Called-Out Assembly in Galatia. I do not include the Scripture references in the text, I simply translated the “intent” of Sha’ul’s letter within the context of all his writings.

This is the true translation of the Book of Galatians. An easy to read, proper rendering of Sha’ul’s letter in context of all Sha’ul’s letters to bring out the true meaning of the text. It bears witness to the Greeks twisting Sha’ul’s writings and then further manipulated into English by Christian translators. This is not a word-for-word Greek to English transliteration. No translation should ever be done in that manner for many reasons. “Do not add to or subtract from” is not speaking about individual words, but rather, the ‘intent’ and meaning of the text. That is exactly what happens in a word-for-word translation attempt. The ‘intent’ and meaning is lost completely and the resulting translation is left void, vague, and uninspired. The Hebraic Mindset, the Idioms, and the CONTEXT of the writer’s other letters is left out... and we are left to “guess” what Sha’ul was trying to say. Then add the influence of Hellenism, words twisted into Greek, and the pagan beliefs of the translators themselves... and we end up with what we now have in our English Bibles... a complete lie and total opposite of what Sha’ul believed, taught, and wrote in this letter to the Assembly in Galatia.

What follows is the proper way to translate Scripture. This translation contains the missing context of all Sha’ul’s writings, The Torah, The Heavenly Scroll, the proper use of the Greek words and how they should have been handled in English. For the first time, this is the proper translation of the Book of Galatians. This is what Christianity does not want you to know. That Sha’ul was a devout Nazarene, a defender and teacher of The Torah. Sha’ul was literally an expert in The Law and one of the most anointed teachers of his day (or any day).

For all the evidence, proof, references, and a full breakdown... I then include a detailed a study guide that proves everything said in the first part is the Truth in context of Scripture. This study guide was created for personal study, home groups, Sabbath gatherings, Bible study groups, etc.

Galatians is the #1 most mistranslated book in all of Scripture, an intentional twisting of Sha’ul’s writings for the express purpose of abolishing The Law through translation! Once you read the true translation that follows, you will understand why. It is the most amazing testimony to the Truth of the Torah and place The Law has in our lives. It had to be altered, in order to abolish Yahuah’s Righteous Instructions by The False Religion... Christianity.

Those filled with The Spirit of Error (and teach The Law was abolished) will attack this study guide as to discredit the work I have done. Those who know The Law was not abolished, but have come to believe Sha’ul was a false teacher, should seriously read and study this guide. Sha’ul was a Nazarene and would never teach such an abomination, as I demonstrate in this study guide. Those who realize Sha’ul was a Nazarene and have struggled to explain the Book of Galatians will rejoice with me, because finally, after 2000 years, the real Sha’ul the Apostle has been properly represented!


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