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Chapter 14

Foundation of All Faiths


The Foundation of All Faiths

The Zodiac (from Hebrew word ‘zodi’ meaning ‘the way’) was given to Enoch, and passed down through the Ages:

·         Yahuah proclaimed He created the Mazzaroth/Zodiac to Job

·         Yahuah used it to proclaim the Gospel to Abraham who saw “Yahusha’s day” viewing the Zodiac

·         The 12 tribes of Israel each had an associated Zodiac Sign

·         Every human Age/Epoch is defined by it, and properly uses its symbolism to represent the various Ages

·         The Sabbath Covenant is accurately foretold by the Ages in the Zodiac “clock”

·         The timing of the first and second advents of the Messiah are synchronized in both directions in the Zodiac “clock”

·         The individual lifespan of mankind is established by the Zodiac “clock”

·         The substitute of a Ram and the yearly sacrifice of a Lamb are prophesied within it

·         The two comings of the “suffering servant” and the “conquering king” are proclaimed by it

·         King David defined it and explained its true meaning

·         The wedding portrait of the Bridegroom and Bride is foretold by the Zodiac

·         Ezekiel used it as a source of prophecy, “sees it” and describes it in great detail

·         Daniel was a famous and devout Astrologer and used it as a means of prophecy, preserved it, and passed it down through the Chaldean Astrologers (Daniel 5:11)

·         the Chaldean Astrologers known as very wise men used it to locate the young Messiah (no one else found him) and most probably passed its secrets down to Yahusha and John the Baptist

·         The Nazarenes preserved it and its meaning

·         Yahusha identifies himself as the fulfillment of it

·         Sha’ul chastises t4e Galatians for not understanding it

·         Yahuah gave it as a gift to all mankind, Sha’ul confirms humanity is without excuse because of it

·         John, like Ezekiel and Daniel, prophecy by it and describe it in great detail in the book of Revelation!

·         It is the Heavenly Scroll, and only the one who fulfills it is worthy to “read it” and break the seals over it

The reality is that the Heavenly Scroll was the original revelation to all mankind and the rest of scriptures are established in its foundation! The Book of Revelation literally describes the Zodiac and its fulfillment with Leo conquering the dragon and the rule of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Did it end there? Or is there evidence that the Zodiac continued to be the very foundation of the early Nazarene, Jewish, and Christian faiths?

In fact, the Zodiac was intimately related to Jewish worship for centuries to come and was the foundation of early Christianity! However, over time as this Age progresses, we fell further and further away from the Creator until we had fallen so far we literally outlawed His original revelation to mankind found written in the stars! It was gradual but complete as we replaced Yahuah with pure science. Denying our roots, turning our back on the truths and hidden mysteries in the heavens; that are the foundation of modern medicine, astronomy, time keeping, and understanding the Will of the Creator.


The Zodiac – Foundation from which all faith was established

Remains of many Jewish synagogues dating back to the 1st century CE through the 6th century CE have been uncovered by archeologist to reveal the Zodiac as a major function of their religion. Many of them with elaborate mosaics of the Zodiac well preserved, alongside mosaics of Biblical stories. The 12 lunar Hebrew months of the year were closely associated with the 12 Zodiac signs and persevered in Hebrew writing on each corresponding Zodiac sign in these ancient synagogues. This demonstrates that if we look back in history at the last Divine Correction, we see the Zodiac and the Divine Clock were well understood and had a significant role in the places of worship.

Today, however, we are so arrogant as to believe “these early Jews had succumbed to Greek mythology!” No, they had come BACK to the truth of Yahuah following the last Divine Correction. The Zodiac was adopted by the Greeks FROM the Hebrews. It is we who, 2000 years later, have fallen from the truth of the Creator; not the other way around! The prevalence of the Zodiac and the prominence of these Zodiac mosaics in the Synagogues over the first 7 centuries dating all the way back to just before Yahusha came… speaks to the reality and importance of the message contained in the Zodiac.

Even the Talmud identified the 12 constellations of the Zodiac with the 12 months of the Hebrew calendar. The correspondence of the constellations with their names in Hebrew and the months is as follows:

1.      Aries - Ṭaleh - Nisan

2.      Taurus - Shor - Iyar

3.      Gemini - Teomim - Sivan

4.      Cancer - Sarṭon - Tammuz

5.      Leo - Ari - Av

6.      Virgo - Betulah - Elul

7.      Libra - Moznayim - Tishrei

8.      Scorpio - 'Aḳrab - Cheshvan

9.      Sagittarius - Ḳasshat - Kislev

10.  Capricorn - Gedi - Tevet

11.  Aquarius - D'li - Shevat

12.  Pisces - Dagim – Adar


We see these signs associated with Hebrew months on all Jewish Zodiacs in the first 7 centuries AD. The implication of the Zodiac being so prominently displayed in synagogues going back to the 1st Century is astounding.  Remember, John, Yahusha, Sha’ul, and all the men in the Renewed Covenant taught in the synagogues. It is possible some of these Zodiacs floor murals had the honor of the footprints of the Messiah; as he walked over them to speak to the people! Never once are they condemned in the New Testament writings or by the Messiah. These Zodiac mosaics were accepted right alongside mosaics of the Ark of the Covenant, Abraham sacrificing Isaac, Adam and Eve, and so on. They all were seen as “the story of salvation” proudly displayed in elaborate floor mosaics that survive today.

Below is from Harper Collins Bible Dictionary on the role of the Jewish Synagogue:


First Century Synagogues by Chad Spigel

According to the New Testament Gospels, Jesus often taught in synagogues, one of which was in Capernaum (Mark 1:21-28), in northern Israel. The book of Acts suggests that the apostle Sha’ul also taught in synagogues (Acts 17:1-2). But what exactly were synagogues in the first century C.E.? Were they different from modern synagogues? The answers to these questions not only illuminate stories in the New Testament, they also shed light on the early years of an important Jewish institution.

“Synagogue” is a Greek word that literally means a gathering of people but also refers to the place of assembly. Although the origin of the synagogue as a Jewish institution is unclear, by the first century C.E. they were found in both Palestine and the Diaspora, where they were used for a variety of communal needs:

·         as schools (Josephus, Antiquities 16.43),

·         or communal meals (Josephus, Antiquities 14.214-216),

·         as hostels,

·         as courts of Law (Acts 22:19),

·         as a place to collect and distribute charity (Matt 6:2),

·         and for political meetings (Josephus, Life 276-289).

Worship also took place in first-century synagogues, although this would not develop into something like modern Jewish synagogue worship until much later. Nonetheless, reading and interpreting the Torah and Prophets is well attested in first-century synagogues (Acts 15:21), and although scholars disagree about the extent of communal prayers, literary sources suggest that Jews prayed in at least some synagogues at this time (Matt 6:5, Josephus, Life 280-295).

In short, the Synagogue was the focus and expression of Jewish faith. Without a doubt, the most prominent feature of these ancient Jewish synagogues was… The Heavenly Scroll of Enoch’s Zodiac! The Mazzaroth/Zodiac stood out as the foundation for Biblical stories that accompanied them and the Hebrew calendar (months associated with them). Given the Synagogue served the function of schools, legal courts, and politics; the prominent display of the Enoch Zodiac on the floors of these Jewish institutions speaks to reality that they understood the Zodiac to have been created by Yahuah, given to all mankind, and containing the Plan of Salvation from which their entire religion was revealed

Astrology, the Zodiac and its associated meaning, had played a role in Hebrew history for at least the 2,000 years of the Age of Aries beginning with Yahuah proclaiming the Gospel to Abraham. As we have seen so far in this book, Yahuah took Abraham outside, under the canopy of stars, and instructed Abraham to look up and discern the meaning behind the Zodiac. But if legend and the book of Enoch is true, then the Zodiac came to mankind through Enoch. Then corrupted through the watchers.

As I have pointed out in this book, the Zodiac was literally the foundation from which the prophets of Yahuah made their predictions. They described the Zodiac perfectly, there is no doubt. The role of the Zodiac continued to play a major role during the current Age of Pisces at least for 6 maybe 7 Centuries if not all the way up to the 16th Century before the false prophet (Pope) abolished it. When you research into “what happened to Astrology” over the past several Centuries, Jewish and Christian authorities have a very difficult time explaining “why” the Enoch Zodiac (with all its meaning and implication) was removed from their religious traditions. Yet, the fact that Astrology/Enoch Zodiac played a key and integral role in both religions is simply indisputable. To deny the importance of the Heavenly Scroll (Zodiac), we would have to turn a blind eye to countless references to the Zodiac in both testaments, declarations made by Yahuah and Yahusha, all the prophets, and ignore the archeological evidence that all loudly proclaim… Yahuah is the author!

Rabbi Joel C. Dobin, To Rule Both Day And Night:  Astrology in the Bible, Midrash, & Talmud explains:

The basic philosophy of the astrologer is religious, regardless of the religious direction from which he seeks the truth. The basic philosophical thrust of astrology derives from the conviction that the human being, God, and the universe are in some way a unity; that man and universe, if you will, both swim in the sea of space-time whose substance is God.” 

One of the most anointed and famous of all prophets of Yahuah, Daniel, was an astrologer! Daniel was “Chief Astrologer” under several kings and empires.

Daniel 5:11

“There is a man in your kingdom who is endowed with a spirit of the holy gods. In the days of your father he was found to have enlightenment, understanding, and wisdom like the wisdom of the gods. Your father, King Nebuchadnezzar, made him chief of the magicians, enchanters, Chaldeans, and diviners.”

The proper use of astrology (discerning the Will of Yahuah in ‘heaven’ as to make it so on Earth) is still practiced today by many Rabbis. Rabbi Joel C. Dobin explains:

“That all-in-existence is subject to God’s will is an essential beginning for the astrologer:  ‘One Creator, One Creation’ should be the mantra for every astrologer! For, combining this latest statement with its forerunner—then man, God, and universe are an essential unity—allows the astrologer to seek in the Heavens for the evidence of God’s will for mankind, which will help the individual person as well as the community realize and act on the basic religious statement:  ‘Make Thy will, my will.’”

Rabbi Joel C. Dobin continues…

“Astrology revealed to me His order and His beauty, and His place for me in the Divine balance that links God, man, and universe into One Balanced Process which never ends in this or on other planes of awareness of life.”

This was the same desire of Yahusha the Messiah. That there is one Creator, one creation, and that he, and all the sons are to be one with the Father, and not his will but “thine be done”.   Yahusha’s hope was that Yahuah’s Will, as laid out and defined by Yahuah at creation and written in the stars, be done on this Earth.

Matthew 6:10

"your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in ‘heaven/shamayim (where the stars are visible in the sky)"



We see in Psalms 11, King David proclaim that Yahuah’s throne is in “heaven”. What is David referring to? We already know in Psalms 19, David proclaimed the meaning of the Zodiac in great detail.

Psalms 11

4 Yahuah is in his holy temple; Yahuah’s throne is in heaven (shamayim/Zodiac). His eyes watch; his eyes examine all people.

We also see Isaiah proclaim:

Isaiah 66:1

This is what Yahuah says: "Heaven (shamarym/Zodiac) is my throne, and the earth is my footstool. Where is the house you will build for me? Where will my resting place be?

We see Isaiah declare the exact same reality below. Remember “heavens” is actually specifically referring to the place in the sky where the stars are… i.e. the Zodiac. “Starry hosts” are the constellations that hosts the stars …

Isaiah 40:26

Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens (the Zodiac): Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host (constellations) one by one and calls forth each (of the constellations) of them by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing (there are exactly 12 constellations in every culture dating back to the origin of man!).


Again we see David in Psalms 119 declare that Yahuah’s “instructions” endure, they stand secure in heaven i.e. shamarym/Zodiac. The Mazzaroth/Zodiac is Yahuah’s Original Revelation to all mankind, laying out His Plan for Man (the timeframe through 2000 year reverse Ages) and His Plan of Salvation through Yahusha the Messiah (as told by the 12 signs from Virgo-Leo). Let’s shed the light of “context” on this passage with Psalm 19:


Psalm 19

1 The heavens (stars and constellations) declare the glory of Yahuah; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. 2 Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they reveal knowledge. 3 They have no speech, they use no words; no sound is heard from them. 4 Yet their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the Age. In the heavens (among the Stars and Constellations) Yahuah has pitched a tent for the sun (the Zodiac). 5 It is like a bridegroom (Yahusha) coming out of his chamber (to wed the Bride, Remnant Israel), like a champion (Conquering King) rejoicing to run his course (through the ecliptic). 6 It rises at one end of the heavens and makes its circuit (Zodiac means circuit of circle or path) to the other; nothing is deprived of its warmth.


Rabbi Joel C. Dobin summarizes…


“Astrology helps man to understand God’s will and to put himself in balance with Divine and universal forces, thus enriching his life and experience.”


Historical Evidence

The fundamental role played by the Zodiac throughout the Hebrew journey cannot be denied, and is evident in mosaics found across the region over several centuries. We simply can no longer ignore this overwhelming evidence and just “rationalize it away” simply because it no longer fits into our modern views. We must reclaim what is Yahuah’s signature over His creation… the Zodiac … and restore the message found in the Heavenly Scroll.

The ruins of the Hammath-Tiberias synagogue

Hamat-Tiberias top section ark mannorah.jpg

The photos on the left reveal the ruins of the Hammath-Tiberias synagogue, used between the 3rd – 8th centuries. See that the floor of the synagogue was adorned with elaborate mosaics. The Ark of the Covenant, the Menorah, and other symbols sacred to the Hebrew religion in the top portion, the middle section containing the Enoch Zodiac in great detail, and the lower section a memorial to the founder of the synagogue. The Zodiac playing the most significant role in both size and as the centerpiece.

We see in this mosaic the Ark of the Covenant…


Hamat-Tiberias ark of the covenant.jpg


We see the Menorah along with the ‘Lulav and Etrog’ which are essential items for Sukkot, we see a Shofar and other items of the Hebrew faith:


Hammat Tiberias - menorah, lulav, etrog.jpg


And then, of course, even more prominently displayed as the centerpiece… Enoch’s Zodiac in tremendous detail as the Heavenly Scroll forms the foundation of the synagogue:


Hamat-Tiberias zodiac.jpg


This mosaic is one of the most elaborate with careful detail paid to each sign of the Zodiac. The effort, time, and craftsmanship to produce such a mosaic is truly impressive. I can only image how colorful and exotic the sight of this mosaic would have been over a thousand years ago. It is impressive even today:


Hamat-Tiberias zodiac pisces.jpg



Mosaic of Zodiac on the floor of the synagogue at Zippori

synagogue at Zippori2.jpg

In lower Galilee, there was discovered the ruins of the synagogue at Zippori (Sepphoris). Again, the Enoch Zodiac was the featured mosaic with the months of the Hebrew Lunar Calendar assigned to each sign of the Zodiac.

From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sepphoris

The remains of an ancient Tzippori Synagogue have been uncovered in the lower section of the city. It was built in the late 5th or early 6th century, at a time when the town's Christian population was increasing and the strength of the Jewish population was diminishing. Measuring 20.7 meters by 8 meters wide, it was located at the edge of the town.

The mosaic floor is divided into seven parts. Near the entrance there is a scene showing the angels visiting Sarah. The next section shows the binding of Isaac. There is a large Zodiac with the names of the months written in Hebrew as the centerpiece. The Messiah sits in the middle, in his sun chariot (Helios to the Greeks).


synagogue at Zippori3.jpg


The last section shows two lions flanking a wreath, their paws resting on the head of an ox. The most interesting are the central sections of the mosaic. One shows the "tamid" sacrifice, the showbread, and the basket of first fruits form the Temple in Jerusalem. Also shown are a building facade, probably representing the Temple, incense shovels, shofars, and the seven-branched menorah from the Temple. Another section shows Aaron dressed in priestly robes preparing to offer sacrifices of oil, flour, a bull and a lamb.


synagogue at Zippori4.jpg

Synagogue at Ein Gedi


synagogue at Ein Gedi.jpg

Mosaic Floor of Synagogue at Ein Gedi lists all the signs of the Zodiac and identifies their corresponding months of the Hebrew calendar. Ein Gedi is an oasis located west of the Dead Sea


Mosaic of Zodiac at the Synagogue at Ein Harod

On the floor of the synagogue at Ein Harod, there is a massive Enoch Zodiac mosaic in the Valley Jezreel near Mt. Gilboa.

synagogue at Ein Harod.jpg


Mosaic of Zodiac at Synagogue Floor at Beit Alpha

Mosaic of Zodiac signs on the Synagogue Floor at Beit Alpha dating to the Byzantine Period – 6th Century – located at the foot of the northern slopes of Mount Gilboa. Again the centerpiece with the Ark of the Covenant in the upper portion and various pictorials of Biblical characters and stories surrounding and at the bottom portion.


Beit Alpha, Mosaic floor in synagogue, IMG_4572.JPG


This synagogue has one of the best preserved mosaics of the Zodiac:

Rabbi Joel C. Dobin…

“Astrology was so much part of Jewish life and experience and so well respected in our tradition and law that the abandonment of Astrology to follow the chimera of scientific linearality was one of the greatest religious tragedies that ever befell our people. For in so doing, we abandoned as well the mystical realities of our faith, our abilities to balance our lives and attain Unity, and we have created of our synagogues and temples arenas of contention for power and concern for financial sufficiency…. I write as an astrologer, seeking to turn all those whose various faiths have seemed to abandon them back to their own faith.”


The Zodiac in the early Church

As the early church emerged out of Judaism, we see clear evidence that the Zodiac played a very key role. The early Popes (like all pagan kings/Queens) claimed the Zodiac as their Divine Right to Rule. Below we see the Pope enthroned under the banner of The Zodiac:




Not only did the Pope’s reign by the “authority of The Zodiac”, the image at the center of the Zodiac was drawn depicting by Jesus H. Christ. Now Christ sits on the throne surrounded by the four beasts described in Ezekiel’s and John’s visions.

The 4 wheels with a wheel are maintained. The underlying belief in the Zodiac as being the Original Revelation to all mankind was maintained going from Judaism to Christianity.



We see what appear to be a black rim, the Zodiac Signs, Angels, and then the center. Another mural image found in Catholicism:


Below we see Pope Gregory III attending a Zodiac lesson among his Bishops. Notice the subject being taught is the Zodiac as we see Scorpio and Libra.


We find Zodiac murals adorning ceilings in Catholic structures worldwide.



We see that Pisces became the symbol of “Christianity” and the Age of Pisces. Meeting places were adorned with the sign of Pisces…


If Astrology and the Zodiac was such a major factor in both Judaism and Christianity dating back to the Old Testament prophets, continuing through the first several centuries in the Common Era; what happened? Why are we deprived of the esoteric wisdom and knowledge contained within the very first revelation from Yahuah to humanity?

If the Zodiac was the source of inspiration used by Yahuah to witness the Gospel to Abraham, convey prophetic wisdom to Isaiah, Ezekiel, Daniel, John, and many others, what happened to this Original Revelation? The same thing that happened to the Law of Yahuah, the Feasts of Yahuah, the Name of Yahuah, and the Name of Yahusha!



More Abominations from the False Prophet


Daniel 7:25
He (the false prophet) shall speak words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and shall think to change the times and the law; and they shall be given into his hand for a time, times, and half a time.

The Pope is what happened. It was by Papal Decree that the Sabbath was done away with and Sunday worship was established. It was by Papal Decree that Yahuah became a Trinity. It was by Papal Decree that the Passover was changed to Easter. It was by Papal Decree that everything holy to Yahuah, all knowledge of the Creator was deemed “Old” and irrelevant and the original scriptures were labeled the Old Testament. It was by Papal Decree that the Law was deemed to be “done away with”. And yes, that same system, the Beastly system prophesied to do all these things, is at the source once again of yet another abomination… outlawing the Zodiac, the Heavenly Scroll.

In 1586, Pope Sixtus V issued papal bull Coeli et terras condemning judicial (mundane) astrology. This condemnation has deprived humanity (Catholic, Protestants, and all mankind) from the esoteric wisdom found in astrology to this day. Literally abolishing The Heavenly Scroll in the same way the Earthly Scroll (The Torah/Prophets) were abolished by the false prophet!


From this point forward humanity rushed headlong into a scientific dictatorship that denied the power and authority of The Creator. It is the age old battle that began with the “watchers” giving humanity advanced knowledge outside of the context of The Creator. Daniel Taylor in his article The Scientific Dictatorship Explained published in the Old Thinker News journal July, 26, 2011 made a very valid observation:

“The ideological roots of the Scientific Dictatorship can be traced to the works of Plato some 2,000 years ago. In truth, humanity has been battling the formation of this tyranny for much of known history.”

As humanity further distanced itself from the last Divine Correction over the past 2000 years we gradually moved toward a world defined by science outside of the knowledge of Yahuah. Yahuah was denied His Glory as Creator and theories such as the “Big Bang” and “Evolution” replace His creative acts. Humanity has fallen so far from Yahuah as the Creator, even Yahuah’s Original Revelation to all humanity, written in the stars as illustrated by the Zodiac has been outlawed by the very institutions that claim to represent Him!

As I said earlier in this book “No wonder there are no real prophets on this Earth in these last days! This act to abolish the Heavenly Scroll was one of the last and greatest abominations of the Whore of Babylon, the Christian Church. Add that to all the other abominations of the “one who holds a cup FULL of abomination” and the act of totally abolishing the true word of Yahuah was complete.”




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