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Chapter 15

Messianic Solar Counterfeits


Many critics of the Hebrew Messiah Yahusha claim he never actually existed because it “appears” that his life is simply yet another “myth”. They make this claim because there have been many Solar Christ incarnate god-men myths and legends throughout history with the same basic life story. There are three reasons for these similarities between Christ myths and the true Messiah:

  1. The message proclaimed in the heavens concerning the Messiah in the Zodiac was taught to mankind at the beginning of civilization
  2. The Watchers taught the message in the Zodiac in a way to pervert the message into worshipping the stars
  3. “Jesus” as he is taught actually is a composite “god” invented at the council of Nicaea and is not a true picture of Yahusha the Messiah. I go into this in great detail in this book series. Jesus is a “solar counterfeit”

Every culture throughout history has attempted to fulfill the message in the Zodiac by creating for themselves mythical demi-gods. As a result of these factors we have a false solar deity name Jesus H. Christ that is identical to every other mythical solar messiah all called “Christs” and all their followers called “Christians).

For instance, the Eastern Krishna (which means Christ) is one such counterfeit. Both Jesus and Krishna are often depicted as one or brothers or in identical fashion…


Krishna is depicted with 12 disciples:



All “solar Christ” myths are easily identified because they are depicted in most images with the Sun blazing behind their heads making the same gestures. Notice Krishna even has a “red dot” on his hand where Jesus has nail wounds and both with the blazing Sun behind them. “Jesus” with the equidistant cross of equinoxes identifying him as the fulfillment of the Zodiac:

Krishna is just one example; there actually are many examples of false solar deities throughout history as humanity read the message in the Zodiac and personified that message into counterfeit god-men to worship. We are going to examine the claim that all of them (including the Roman demi-god Jesus H. Christ or “I.H.S.”) are all simply myths, one built upon the other.


As I mentioned earlier in this book, the “message” of the Zodiac was perverted into sun worship. Every culture had its own counterfeit messiah or Solar Christ based on the same message found written in the heavens (the Zodiac). Thus we find glaring examples of Yahuah’s "revelation" plagiarized for demonic purposes. Research uncovered dozens of such examples and summarized them in the book “The Gods Who Walk Among Us.”

The worship of the Greek god Helios (the sun) by ancient Jews, for example, refers back to a time when Original Revelation was splintered and truth was fractured. Men "changed the truth of Yahuah into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed for ever." (Romans 1:25). We see this evident in the Bible:

2 Kings 23

4 The king ordered Hilkiah the high priest, the priests next in rank and the doorkeepers to remove from the temple of Yahuah all the articles made for Baal (the Babylonian Sun God Nimrod) and Asherah (The Babylonian Queen of Heaven Ishtar/Semaramis) and all the starry hosts. He burned them outside Jerusalem in the fields of the Kidron Valley and took the ashes to Bethel. 5 He did away with the idolatrous priests appointed by the kings of Judah to burn incense on the high places of the towns of Judah and on those around Jerusalem—those who burned incense to Baal, to the sun and moon, to the constellations and to all the starry hosts…. He removed from the entrance to the temple of Yahuah the horses that the kings of Judah had dedicated to the sun. They were in the court near the room of an official named Nathan-Melek. Josiah then burned the chariots dedicated to the sun.

Let us look at some of these “Solar Messiahs” that were myths made up by mankind as humanity tried to understand the message in the Zodiac and seek to fulfill that message. Mankind did not have “faith” in this message that it pointed to a coming Messiah so they created false messiahs along the way to worship. Humanity was intended to look to Yahuah for further revelation as to who this messiah would be and when that messiah would come. Instead, the ancients made up mythical messiah to worship, gave them names, made idols in their image and worshipped them. Not knowing Yahuah, the ancient civilizations were led astray by The Watchers to worship counterfeits.

Yahuah did, however, reveal to His prophets who the true Messiah would be. That Messiah was Yahusha; who did come exactly as foretold by His prophets who understood the Zodiac, and fulfilled exactly the message found written in the stars of him.

The Battle of the Ages

Humanity has been divided from the beginning in a battle to find Truth through the creation that surrounds them. That Truth of a creator is obviously found in creation in its mathematical complexity and precision alone. However, mankind has found it difficult to separate The Creator from His Creation and as a result has consistently fallen in idol worship of the creature above The Creator.

the Bible declares that the story of redemption is told in the Stars in the Heavens and that these celestial bodies were designed by The Creator to be used for signs, season, etc. From the very beginning of humanity, we have attempted to personify The Invisible Creator in the Stars above and in nature here on Earth creating “idols” to worship that represent Yahuah. Early in our development, humanity was clearly given advanced information concerning the workings of our solar system and as a result fell into idolatry by worshipping the Sun and the planets in our solar system. We then personified these “false deities” into Solar Messiahs giving them names and life stories found in the Zodiac.

Humanity has passed down this Sun Worship through many cultures and incorporated it into every religion including Christianity as I will demonstrate in this book series. Many of the very proofs we have that Yahuah exists and that Yahusha is truly the savior have been buried because the Zodiac has been corrupted for use in idolatry as this book has demonstrated. In fact, the Zodiac is not pagan idolatry in itself; it is only USED for purposes that are idolatrous in nature. It is used in ways it was not designed to be used as the message was corrupted by fallen angels as The Book of Enoch documents.


Attributes of all god-men throughout history

Most people know what “their” religion claims about “their” messiah or Christ, but few people realize one startling fact: they all have the same “life” story! Every significant “savior” or “messiah” or “Christ” has many things in common about the myths surrounding their lives. So much so; the question must be asked “are any of these saviors even real or are all of them simply based on the same myth?” Many college students raised “Christian” think they are solid in their faith until they take a course on comparative religions. They come out of this class on comparative religions as atheists because Christianity is a carbon copy of all pagan religions. How do we unravel this historical mystery? The earth has been deceived by Christianity thinking that the religion of Christianity is what is taught in the Bible. This is far from the truth. Christianity has no foundation at all in Biblical Truth as I will prove in this book series.

When looking back throughout history and cultures we see many of the “saviors” have the same basic life story:

  • Born of a virgin
  • Born on Dec. 25th
  • Star in the east heralded their birth
  • 3 Kings followed the Eastern Star to adorn “the son of God”
  • They had 12 Disciples
  • Teacher at 12
  • Baptized at 30
  • Hung on a cross
  • Resurrected after 3 days

We must decipher this mystery once and for all because these traits are written in the stars and are the foundation of every culture’s messiah or savior. This “story in the stars” was either written by an invisible Creator who wrote His Plan of Salvation through His handiwork… or ancient pagan civilizations literally combed the stars (with no telescope or technology or mathematical genius) and created an incredibly detailed scientific model of the workings of our solar system and applied that to a fantastically intricate mythical savior and then passed that down through all generations misleading the entire modern population 5,000 years later!

In other words, there is either a creator behind the story written in the stars (and that story was manipulated by fallen angels to lead humanity astray) or; there is no god and ancient man was clever and intelligent enough to understand advanced science and describe our solar system in such a way as to craft a solar messiah that to this day, is the foundation of every religion on earth.

God’s Sun or the Sun of God

The race called The Nephilim ruled mankind and (together with The Watchers) provided humanity with advanced knowledge of how our solar system worked. Teaching “worthless knowledge” they promoted a “religion” around this knowledge that instead of giving The Creator glory for His handi-work, taught humanity to worship The Sun. That false religion survives today as Christianity which is a carbon copy of The Mystery Religion created in Babylon. Creating a false religion around the sun was not difficult for the fallen angels (if we put ourselves in the mindset of a culture living 5,000 years ago). The Sun was this amazing object that rose and fell every day. It was seen as a life giving entity and rightfully so. It was the Sun that Yahuah created or The Sun of God  that was “the light of the world” and the “savior of mankind” as it rose and fell each day saving humanity from the predator filled darkness bringing life giving light to the world. It wasn’t taught by The Watchers as a metaphor for the coming Messiah as it was created to be by Yahuah. 

With the help of this advanced race that ruled over humanity, the Zodiac Chart was created to illustrate the movement of “the Sun of God” through the heavenly bodies. Mankind created all kinds of allegories of “how the sun traveled through the Zodiac”. The constellations were anthropomorphized or “personified” into having human/creature traits and names that help associate them with the characteristics of the seasons on Earth when the sun passed through them. Humanity was “taught” by this advanced race Yahuah’s Plan of Salvation but not in such a way as to point toward the True Messiah or even in a way that gave credit to Yahuah as The Creator. Rather, this plan written in the stars was taught to mankind in such a way as to dilute the significance of the events in the Messiah’s Life as false god-men myths were created with these same attributes written of Yahusha in the stars. 

The Watchers taught “solar messiahs”. These “false Messiahs” have evolved into The False Messiah that is the “god” of the largest religion on Earth. They gave this pre-ordained plan to humanity outside of the will of Yahuah in order to confuse and distort this knowledge and corrupt the Zodiac. Mankind was taught the first “solar messiah” in Nimrod and his son Tammuz. Every messiah or Christ across time and various cultures share the exact same life experiences because they were in fact “written in the stars” concerning the true Messiah Yahusha.  

While none of these solar messiahs actually lived as an actual human messiah, they were developed as myths passed on from culture to culture to dilute the importance of this heavenly prophecy concerning Yahusha. So humanity was taught false messiahs from the beginning and led to associate them with The Sun. Humanity personified “God” in the Sky as the Sun and the solar messiah his incarnate on Earth through myth. 

The creation of these myths based on the message in the Zodiac is why all religions have the basic message and life story for their own false messiah.

These are the topics of my next two books in this series ‘Mystery Babylon the Religion of the Beast’ and ‘Christianity and the Great Deception’. Available on Amazon books world-wide or at www.sabbathcovenant.com.  


Why the cross is the universal symbol of ancient religions

The picture of the Zodiac was not just an artistic expression or tool to track the sun’s movement; it was THE SYMBOL of sun worship and all “solar messiahs”. The shorthand symbol of the cross was a cut-out of the center of the Zodiac or a cross with a sunburst behind it.




This short hand symbol of the Zodiac identifies the religions of sun worshippers adorned with its sign. Throughout each and every culture we find this symbol as THE symbol of their faith. For instance, the ancient Babylonian “messiah” Tammuz (Jesus is the later incarnation of Tammuz). We see the cross was worn by his priests and was a symbol of the “T” or Tau the first letter of his name. These priests wore the cross around their neck and on their garments.



Tammuz was the second member of the Babylonian Trinity and regarded as the re-incarnated Nimrod or Ba’al the Sun god. He was “God in the flesh” or the incarnate god.

We also see this exact symbol, the center of the Zodiac, on Christian Churches around the world:



We see this cross and its association to sun worship many times as the cross is laid over “the sun”:





Solar Messiahs

Below are a few of the “myths” of Solar Messiahs that were personified based on the message contained in the Zodiac.

Horus – 3000 bc in Egypt. Horus had an enemy named Set. Horus, representing the Sun or Light, battled Set who represented the darkness, it was a metaphoric daily battle of Good vs. Evil as the sun rose and defeated Set then Set returned to defeat Horus/Sun and send the sun to the underworld.

Krishna of India – 900 bc. Born of a virgin on December 25th, miracles, star in the east, resurrected

Dionysus – Greek 500 bc, hung on a cross, the crucifix is his symbol, performed miracles such as turning water into wine, born of a virgin on Dec 25th, called The King of Kings, God’s only begotten son, The Alpha and Omega, resurrected

Mithra of Persia – 1200 bc – born of a virgin on December 25th, 12 disciples, miracles, the truth/light, Sunday worship, dead for 3 days, resurrected.

There are many “solar messiahs” in different cultures all subscribing to the same general characteristics because they are based on the message found in the Zodiac of Yahusha:

  • Chrishna of Hindostan
  • Buddha Sakai of India
  • Salivahana of Bermuda
  • Osiris and Orus of Egypt
  • Odin of Scandinavia
  • Crite of Chaldea
  • Zoraster and Mithra of Persia
  • Baal and Taut his only begotten son of God from Phoenecia
  • Indra of Tibet
  • Bali of Afghanistan
  • Joa of Nepal
  • Wittoba of Bilingonese
  • Thammuz of Syria
  • Atys of Phrygia
  • Alcides of Thebes
  • Beddru of Japan
  • Hesus of the Druids
  • Thor, son of Odin, of the Gauls
  • And finally… Jesus H. Christ

All born of a virgin on December 25th, heralded by an eastern Star followed by 3 kings, child teacher at 12, at 30 baptized, hung on a cross, dead for 3 days, resurrected. The reason they all have these attributes is because this is the Gospel Message found written in the heavens concerning The Messiah. It is the message of the Zodiac which these ancient cultures were taught by The Watchers.

This is exactly why we must reclaim the Zodiac and its message because these Solar Messiah Myths are constantly used to discredit the true Messiah. We are told that Yahusha is just another myth based on these other mythical Solar Messiah’s when it is the other way around. Yahusha was the fulfillment of the Message in the Stars and these other Solar Messiah’s were myths based on the Message in the Stars. This was the purpose of corrupting the message so that when Yahusha came mankind would have already been indoctrinated into his life message as it was associated with all pagan god-men. Not realizing what happened we would think Yahusha is just another myth.

The birth sequence of The Messiah is written in the heavens. The star in the East is Sirius, the brightest star in the sky and on December 24th it aligns with the 3 brightest stars in Orion’s Belt. These 3 stars are called the same thing today as they were in ancient times, the 3 Kings. These 3 Kings and Sirius all point or form a line directly to the sunrise on December 25th. That is “why” the 3 Kings “follow” the Star in the East to “locate” the rising sun or “birth of God’s Sun”. The “virgin Mary” is the constellation “Virgo” which in Latin means “Virgin”. The ancient glif of Virgo is the altered “M”. This is where we get the names for the virgin mothers such as Mary or Odonisis’ mother Myrra, or Budha’s mother Maya, all beginning with the letter “M”. This constellation Virgo is also referred to as “The House of Bread” and the image is that of a virgin girl carrying a sheaf of wheat. This House of Bread represents August or September or the “time of harvest” which is the actual birth season of Yahusha the Messiah (not December 25th). In turn, the name Bethlehem literally translates into “House of Bread”.


The Sun foretells of the death and resurrection

There is another very interesting phenomenon that occurs around December 25th or The Winter Solstice. From the Summer Solstice to the Winter Solstice the days become shorter and colder. From the perspective of the Northern Hemisphere the Sun appears to move further south and becomes smaller and smaller as it arcs shorter and shorter over the Southern Horizon. The shortening of the days and the death of the crops as it gets colder symbolize the process of death. It was the death of The Sun.

The sun rises above the horizon less each day as it “dies” until its demise is fully realized as it makes its lowest point in the sky after 6 months of moving south. The sun then STOPS MOVING SOUTH for 3 days. During these 3 days the Sun resides in the vicinity of the Southern Cross or Crux Constellation. After these 3 days on December 25th the Sun moves 1 degree North up from the horizon and thus “rises from the dead” foreshadowing longer days and the coming spring. Thus it is said “the Sun dies on the cross for 3 days and then rises again”. This is why Jesus H. Christ and many other sun gods share the crucifixion, 3 day death, and resurrection concept with the true Messiah Yahusha. It is the transition period before the progression of the sun back up from the Southern Hemisphere bringing warmth, longer lasting days, and salvation.

The Sun was a physical metaphor for The Son and foreshadowed his sacrifice. However, they did not celebrate the “resurrection” of the sun until the Spring Equinox or Easter when the sun officially overpowers the darkness (the light side of the Earth gets larger than the dark side) and daytime become longer in duration than nighttime. This led to the pagans celebrating Easter in honor of Tammuz. I explain all of this in this book series in great detail.

All these solar messiahs were “the sun of God”, the “light of the world”, who “comes again (daily) in the clouds”, the Glory of God who defends against and casts off the “darkness” as he is born again every morning and can be seen again coming in the clouds up in heaven with his “crown of thorns” or sun rays. However, these mythical messiahs in ancient cultures were nothing more than man trying to fulfill the message foretold in the heavens before its time!

That message was fulfilled in The Messiah Yahusha in great detail.


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