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Chapter 3

Faith comes from the message proclaimed in the stars

Sha’ul declared Faith comes from the message proclaimed by The Heavenly Scroll!


Isaiah 40:26

Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host (constellations) one by one (there are exactly 12 major constellations in every culture) and calls forth (in order) each of them by name (to proclaim a message Psalm 19). Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

The true children of Yahuah have ALWAYS been "Nazarenes!". Nazarene means "those who follow the Branch" and that term "Branch" came from The Heavenly Scroll.


A virgin will give birth to a beautiful glorious and righteous branch.

This is what Isaiah was prophesying when he said "Yahuah will give you a SIGN (human women are not for 'signs', the STARS ARE Genesis 1:14) Behold (in the stars) a young maiden shall give birth to king/son" which was also The Sign of the Son of Man in the sky, when Jupiter the King Planet is in Virgo with the Sun. We do not understand this and it is taught that Isaiah was speaking of Miriam and we force her to be a "virgin" when that is not what Isaiah said (he said young maiden) and Isaiah was not talking about Miriam. He was proclaiming the Plan of Salvation written by the hand of The Creator into the fabric of creation on Day 4.

This is also what Isaiah was prophesying in Isaiah:

Isaiah 9:6-7
"For to us a child is born (VIRGO), to us a son (of man) is given (ORION), and the government shall be on his shoulders (TAURUS) and he will be called Wonderful Counselor (AQUARIUS), (the perfect image of) Mighty God (CAPRICORNUS), (fore) Father of Everlasting (life) (CAPRICORNUS), and Prince of Peace (CANCER)."  There will be no end to the increase of His government or of peace, on the Throne of David and over His Kingdom, to establish it (SAGITTARIUS) and to uphold it with justice and righteousness from then on and forevermore (LEO).

Then all throughout The Heavenly Scroll, he is called a "seed" as in the seed that produces the Branch. The prophets read the Scroll and that is where they got the term "the Branch". This "seed" or "Branch" is, as Sha'ul declared to the Galatians, portrayed as crucified in the stars since the creation of the world. Below is the message that cries out daily (Psalm 19) to all the world that Sha'ul declared "humanity is without excuse" for not accepting Yahusha as the Messiah... and chastised the Romans for twisting it into Sun Worship!


VIRGO: A virgin will give birth to a beautiful glorious and righteous branch. The seed of the woman will be a man of humiliation to rise to be the desire of nations and will become exalted first as shepherd then as harvester. LIBRA: The scales demand a price to be paid of this seed, a cross to endure; the victim will be slain and purchase a crown. SCORPIO: There is a conflict between the seed and the serpent leading to a struggle with the enemy, the enemy is vanquished. SAGITTARIUS: The double-natured seed (servant/king) triumphs as a warrior and pleases the heavens, builds fires of punishment, casts down the dragon. CAPRICORNUS: Eternal life comes from his death, he's the Arrow of God, he is pierced, yet springs up again in abundant life. AQUARIUS: He pours out “living water” from on high, humanity drinks of the heavenly river and the faithful live again, he is the deliverer of the good news (Gospel), Carrying the Cross over the earth. PISCES: The Redeemer's people multiplied, supported and led by the Lamb, The Bride is exposed on earth, the Bridegroom is exalted. ARIES: The Lamb is found worthy, the Bride is made ready, Satan is bound, the strong man triumphs. TAURUS: The conquering Ruler comes, the sublime vanquisher, to execute the great judgment, he is the ruling Shepherd King. GEMINI: The Marriage of the Lamb, the enemy is trodden down, the Prince comes in great Glory. CANCER: The great Bride, the two Houses of Judah and Israel are united, they are brought safely into the kingdom. LEO: The Lion King is aroused for rending, the Serpent flees, the Bowl of Wrath is upon him, his Carcass is devoured. The Lion of the tribe of Judah rules as King.



We see in this message... The Spring and Fall Feasts foretold, the Suffering Servant revealed who must die to pay the dowry for his Bride, the Bride revealed, the wedding take place, the "strongman/messiah" defeat the dragon and reign as Conquering King. The Heavenly Scroll is literally the foundation of the Torah/Prophets/Holy Days/Messiah. This is why Sha'ul declares The Heavenly Scroll is the "source of our faith" pointing to Abraham witnessing the stars and quoting David in Psalm 19 declaring the meaning of the Zodiac in great detail.

We are going to show next, that Sha'ul said that Abraham was called "the father of faith" because he was the first not to fall for the corrupted version of Sun Worship, and even had so much faith in The Heavenly Scroll (and knew it was speaking of his own seed), that, thinking it was speaking of Isaac, marched Isaac atop Mt. Mariah to "fulfill the Scroll" which says his seed must die, and eternal life springs from his death:


Eternal life comes from his death, he's the Arrow of God, he is pierced, yet springs up again in abundant life.

So Abraham tried to sacrifice Isaac trying to fulfill The Heavenly Scroll himself! Much like Abraham tried to fulfill the promise of Yahuah that Sarah would bear him a son (with Hagar). Abraham was quite "motivated" and maybe a little impatient.... Yahuah stopped that sacrifice because the "seed" was not Isaac. That event was reckoned to Abraham as tremendous faith that he would offer his own "promised one" to Yahuah believing that Yahuah could and would raise Isaac as stated in the Scroll! So those who "have the faith of Abraham" i.e. believe in The Heavenly Scroll are his descendants! Sha'ul explains that faith in The Heavenly Scroll is "the faith of Abraham" that is why ALL true Nazarenes (which means followers of the Branch, foretold in The Heavenly Scroll) have the foundation of The Heavenly Scroll. Abraham was the first "Nazarene"...

Romans 10

17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about the Messiah (what "word" about Yahusha is heard throughout the world?). 18 But I ask: Did they not hear? Of course they did: “Their (constellations) voice has gone out into all the earth, their words (concerning Yahusha) to the ends of the world.” (Sha’ul quotes Psalms 19)

Sha'ul explains that Yahuah witnessed the coming Messiah using The Heavenly Scroll to Abraham and it was in that way that "Abraham saw Yahusha's day and rejoiced". This is what Yahusha was talking about, when the Jews twisted his words to imply that Yahusha saw Abraham. That is NOT what Yahusha said, he said Abraham saw his day Gen 15:5. Yahusha said "before Abraham was created, I am prophesied to come in The Heavenly Scroll"! The Jews had abandoned The Heavenly Scroll and had no clue what Yahusha was saying... (just like humanity today).

John 8

56 Your father Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day (Genesis 15:5); he saw it (written in the stars) and was glad." 57 "You are not yet fifty years old," the Jews said to him, "and you have seen Abraham! (that is NOT what he said!)" 58 "I tell you the truth," Yahusha answered, "before Abraham was born, I am (prophesied to come in the stars as he explained Genesis 15:5)!" 59 At this, they picked up stones to stone him, but Yahusha hid himself, slipping away from the temple grounds.

Genesis 15

5 And Yahuah brought Abraham forth abroad (outside), and said, Look now toward (the) heaven(ly Scroll), and (see if you can) tell (what) the stars (proclaim day after day, night after night Psalm 19), if thou be able to (discern the) number (and order of) them (the Starry Hosts i.e. constellations; there are 12 in every culture in human history): and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be.

This is the same point Sha'ul was making...

Galatians 3:8

8 Scripture (the eternal word written in The Heavenly Scroll Psalms 119:89) foresaw that Yahuah would justify the Gentiles by faith, and (THE STARS) announced the gospel in advance to Abraham (Gen. 15:5): “All nations will be blessed through you.”

You see, Yahuah authored The Heavenly Scroll, named all the stars and gave them their meaning, gathered them together into "starry hosts" (constellations host stars) gave the constellations "meaning" and He SUMMONS THEM TOGETHER to proclaim The Plan of Salvation!

Isaiah 48

13 My right hand has spanned (authored) the heaven(ly Scroll Psalm 19); when I summon them together (i.e. the stars and constellations conspire together to hold a secret a message Enoch 9:6), they will minister together (to proclaim the Messiah/Plan of Salvation Psalm 19). 14 All of you, gather yourselves together and hear (what the stars proclaim day after day, night after night Psalm 19)! Who among them has foretold these things (understood The Heavenly Scroll)? Yahuah has loved him (spoken of in The Heavenly Scroll; Yahusha); He will do His pleasure on Babylon, and His arm will be on the Chaldeans. 15 I, even I, have spoken; yes, I have called him (Yahusha Luke 4:18). I have brought him (forth as The Branch as My Eternal High Priest see Zechariah Chapter 3), and his way (example of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering) will succeed (in producing perfection and resurrection, called The Way).

Humanity has been "had" by tradition and religion. Lied to generation to generation, the Lying Pen of the Scribes have altered the meaning of the text, The Scriptures interpreted by unspiritual minds, outside of the context of The Plan of Salvation written in The Heavenly Scroll. I am going to show everyone what "tradition and religion" does not want you to "see" and "understand". I am going to show us how to have "eyes to see The Heavenly Scroll" and "ears to hear what the stars proclaim".

The Heavens Pour Forth Speech Day after Day

Sha’ul the Apostle asks of humanity below “did they not hear? Of course, they did, he exclaims!” and then Sha’ul quotes David in Psalms 19 that declares the heavens are pouring forth speech, day after day, to all mankind as David describes the Zodiac in great detail.

‘Hearing’ and ‘voice’ are used anthropomorphically as physical to spiritual parallels by Sha’ul as he clearly teaches that the source of “faith” comes from the message proclaimed in the stars at creation. The very means by which Yahuah witnessed the Gospel to Adam, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, and all the prophets. He used the Heavenly Scroll.

Romans 10
17 Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word about the Messiah (what "word" about Yahusha is heard throughout the world?). 18 But I ask: Did they not hear? Of course they did: “Their (constellations) voice has gone out into all the earth, their words (concerning Yahusha) to the ends of the world.” (Sha’ul quotes Psalms 19)


The “message that is heard through the word about the Messiah”, Sha’ul says is… the Zodiac, the ‘Heavenly Scroll’; the Original Revelation to all mankind, the first and most complete Gospel of Yahusha the Messiah! After asking the question “did they not hear” the message of The Gospel, Paul literally quotes from Psalm 19, the most eloquent description of the Zodiac and its message I have ever read...it is a detailed account of the Zodiac proclaiming The Gospel Message to all mankind.

Yahuah witnessed the Gospel of Yahusha in advance (of Yahusha being created to fulfill it) to Abraham, and Abraham “saw Yahusha’s Day” written in the stars!

John 8
56 Your father Abraham was overjoyed to see My day. He saw it (
written in the stars Genesis 1:15) and was glad.”  57 Then the Jews said to Him, “You are not yet fifty years old, and You have seen Abraham?”


Notice that Yahusha did NOT say that he saw Abraham, he said Abraham saw his life story revealed in The Heavenly Scroll. Even today false teachers abound who preach incarnation saying that Yahusha “saw Abraham” and that is NOT what is said in this Scripture! Yahusha is “before Abraham” in preeminence, as Yahuah had given Yahusha “Glory” with Him at creation by writing his life in The Heavenly Scroll foretelling that He would glorify Yahusha through resurrection and crowning him King.

Genesis 15

5 And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven (the Zodiac), and (see if you can) tell (what) the stars (proclaim), if thou be able to number them (read them in order, there are 12): and he said unto him, So shall thy seed (Yahusha) be (they tell the story of his life).


Sha’ul understood this and this was the foundation of what Sha’ul told the Galatians! In Galatians Chapter 3, Sha’ul refers to Gen. 15:5 and explains that is how Abraham was considered the “father of our faith”. Abraham understood the message of The Heavenly Scroll, then tried to fulfill it by killing Isaac (because the “strong man” is foretold to die and eternal life springs from his death in The Heavenly scroll) thinking Isaac was “the seed” that The Heavenly Scroll was speaking of! The Heavenly Scroll declares this “seed” must die and be resurrected to earn the right to rule as “The Lion of the Tribe of Judah”.

Rav Sha’ul the Apostle made a significant statement in Galatians 3:8:

Galatians 3:8

8 Scripture foresaw that Yahuah would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance (of Yahusha being created) to Abraham: “All nations will be blessed through you.”


Galatians 3:16

The promises were spoken to Abraham and to his seed (Genesis 1:15). Scripture does not say "and to seeds," meaning many people, but "and to your seed," meaning one person, who is Yahusha the Messiah (the stars were speaking of Yahusha!).


Again in Galatians 3, Sha’ul declares that “before their very eyes Yahusha the Messiah was portrayed as crucified”. What does that mean?

The members of the church in Galatia (who once were pagans) were not present at the crucifixion some 50 years earlier. So, in what way was the messiah “portrayed as crucified before their very eyes?It was written in the stars! The same way it was preached to Abraham. We see Sha’ul make the point that “the seed” proclaimed in “the heavens” to Abraham was in fact Yahusha the Messiah not Isaac (so Abraham had misunderstood it that is why the Angel of Yahuah stopped that sacrifice). The same Messiah was “portrayed as crucified/A Lamb that was slaughtered before the world was” right before the very eyes of the Galatians as well… in The Zodiac as I will prove:

Galatians 3

3 You foolish Galatians! Who has bewitched you? Before your very eyes (in the stars) Yahusha the Messiah was clearly portrayed as crucified (A lamb that was slaughtered before the foundation of the world).


Sha’ul then goes on to point the Galatians back to Abraham making the point that “the seed” or The Messiah was prophesied by the stars of heaven…

Galatians 3

5 So again I ask, does Yahuah give you his Spirit and work miracles among you by the works of the law (alone James 2:14-26), or by your believing what you heard (the stars proclaim day after day Palms 19)? 6 So also Abraham “believed Yahuah (when he read The Heavenly Scroll Genesis 15:5), and it was credited to him as righteousness (when he tried to fulfill the message in the stars by sacrificing Isaac).” 7 Understand, then, that those who have faith (in the Plan of Salvation proclaimed in the stars) are children of Abraham. 8 Scripture (The Heavenly Scroll, the 'word' eternally preserved in the stars Psalms 199:89) foresaw that Yahuah would justify the Gentiles by faith, and announced the gospel in advance to Abraham (through the stars Genesis 15:5): “All nations will be blessed through you.” 9 So those who rely on faith (in The Heavenly Scroll) are blessed along with Abraham, the man of faith (in the message he witnessed in The Heavenly Scroll)…16 The promises (of eternal life and a mediator) were spoken to Abraham (via The Heavenly Scroll Genesis 15:5) and to his seed. Scripture does not say “and to seeds,” meaning many people, but “and to your seed,” meaning one person, who is the Messiah (is what the Stars proclaimed to Abraham, all the prophets, the Galatians, the Romans, and you and I today… Psalms 19!).


“How Yahuah preached the Gospel to Abraham”

 by Barry Setterfield

Star names and languages

“One important fact emerges here. Many star and constellation names in a variety of languages around the world have a similar meaning. For example, one constellation was known as Virgo to the Romans, Bethulah to the Hebrews, Parthenos to the Greeks, and Kanya to the Indians, but all mean "VIRGIN". Linguistically, this strongly implies there was a common origin for the names. It is accepted theory that the three main linguistic branches from which most languages diverged had a common origin in Anatolia (see Gamkrelidze and Ivanov in Scientific American March 1990, or Colin Renfrew in Scientific American October 1989). Scripturally, this division of languages occurred at Babel, which was near Anatolia. This would imply an origin of star and constellation names prior to the Babel event which suggests that they may have been known as far back as Noah and the Flood. Linguistically, that is as far back as we can go. However, the Isaiah 40:26 statement takes us right back to the Creation and Adam.

Isaiah 40:26

Lift up your eyes and look to the heavens: Who created all these? He who brings out the starry host one by one and calls forth each of them by name. Because of his great power and mighty strength, not one of them is missing.

In the mid to late 19th century, star names became fixed by astronomical convention. The name chosen for a given star was sometimes the Latin, or Hebrew, or Chaldean, or Arabic version of the original name. As a result of this process, some names have been lost. However, those who studied this topic in detail, namely Frances Rolleston, Joseph A. Seiss, and E. W. Bullinger wrote at a time when the star names in other languages were still extant. Some important information on these matters can also be found in Jamieson's Celestial Atlas of 1822 which appeared well before astronomical convention fixed the names.

Rolleston's work of 1862 comprised 221 pages of small typeface in four parts. The author died just prior to the completion of Part 4. In Part 2 there is an extensive study of star names in a variety of languages, and their primitive roots. Most give a concordant testimony. However, as noted by a number of recent commentators on the topic, modern Arabic interpretations are often discordant with the overall picture that emerges. However, Rolleston did point out the source of this problem on page 5 of Part 1. The difficulty arises because modern Arabic use of the basic roots of words gives meanings that are divergent from ancient Arabic. By reference to the ancient Arabic use of roots, corroboration of the story given by the other star names is usually obtained.”

Seasons and constellations

“The time or season of the year used to be known by the constellations passing overhead or the one that the Sun was in. In Job 38:32 Yahuah said to His upright servant "Can you bring forth Mazzaroth (the 12 signs) in their season?" These 12 signs form the path that the Sun appears to take in the heavens, namely the Zodiac. The word ZODIAC comes from the Greek word ZOAD meaning "a way, a step, a circuit, a circle". In Chaldean the word has similar associated meanings. Psalm 19:6 actually uses the Hebrew equivalent of this word where it states that "(the Sun) goes from one end of heaven, and his CIRCUIT (or path i.e. Zodiac) is unto the other end of it:"

There is evidence that the constellation patterns making up the Zodiac, and indeed the rest of the night sky, were formed and named by Yahuah. In Job 26:13 we find the statement "By His Spirit He has garnished and decorated the heavens; His hand has formed the FLEEING SERPENT."  Note that in Hebrew poetic style the heavens and the fleeing serpent are connected. So we ask "Is there a fleeing serpent in the heavens?" The answer is YES! The constellation of HYDRA. It is a particularly apt constellation to remark upon as it is the longest constellation in the sky. It takes 7 hours to pass overhead. This comment in Job implies that the Spirit of Yahuah Himself formed and decorated the heavens with the constellation patterns, and, as shown above, He gave them their names as well. Obviously, Abraham was familiar with the constellation patterns and star names because Yahuah used the message therein to instruct him. What is this message?”

The stars carry a gospel message

“In Romans 10, Rabbi Sha’ul gives us some key verses to help with this. Verse 15 states "and how shall they preach except they be sent? As it is written 'How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the GOSPEL OF PEACE, and bring GLAD TIDINGS of good things'." So the bringing of the GOOD NEWS, the GOSPEL OF PEACE is what Sha’ul is talking about here in this context. In verse 18, Sha’ul then goes on to say: "But have they (the heathen) not heard? YES! Truly they have heard! For 'their sound went into all the earth and their words unto the ends of the world'." What a fascinating statement! Sha’ul says here that the heathen have heard the Gospel of Peace, because "THEIR sound went into all the earth and THEIR words unto the ends of the world." The question is who are the "THEY" that are doing the preaching? Well, if you have a marginal reference, you find that Sha’ul is quoting directly from Psalm 19:4 where the stars are being spoken of. Indeed, Psalm 19:3 gives the additional information that "there is no speech or language where (the stars) voice is not heard." Therefore, the "THEY" in Psalm 19 and Romans 10:18 are the stars in the heavens. As a consequence, it can only be concluded that it is the stars that are preaching the Gospel - in a particular way by their names and the arrangement of the constellation patterns. 

The importance of the Sun

“The next point to note comes from Psalm 19:4-6. Dr. D. E. Spencer paraphrases verse 4 as "In amongst these starry witnesses, Yahuah has established a dwelling place for the Sun." The next verse goes on to describe the SUN as the Heavenly Bridegroom, who comes forth to run his race and returns to his place of origin. But in the Bible, John the baptizer speaks of the Messiah as coming down from heaven, and calls Him the "Bridegroom" (John 3:25-31). The beloved disciple John also refers to the relationship of the Messiah to His Called Out Ones (saints) as that of a heavenly bridegroom with an earthly bride, while Rabbi Sha’ul echoes the idea in Ephesians 5.

It is therefore apparent from Psalm 19 and the other passages that the Sun represents Yahusha, the heavenly Bridegroom.

This idea is accentuated by the prophet Malachi. He calls Israel's Messiah the SUN of Righteousness who will blaze forth for the sake of His people in the Last Day (Malachi 4:2). So the Sun represents the Messiah, the light of the world (John 8:12), who came from heaven, ran His race on earth, and returned to Heaven. The race that the Sun runs is given by the Zodiac constellations or star patterns, so all the strong-man figures along the Zodiac represent the Messiah, the SUN of Righteousness, and the work He was to do. Note further that Psalm 19 is in two parts: In Part 1 we have the message of the stars - In Part 2 we have the message of Yahuah’s word, the Bible being discussed. One is set against the other in such a way that David, who wrote this Psalm about 1000 BC, is implying that the message in the stars and the message in the Scriptures are one and the same.”

The strong man constellation figures

“The story told by the strong man figures of the sky has been corrupted by Greek and Roman mythology. This was recognized by Jamieson in his Celestial Atlas published in 1822. On page 40 he states that "The Lion does not seem to have been placed among the zodiacal symbols because Hercules was fabled to have slain the Nemean Lion. It would seem, to the contrary, that Hercules, who represented the Sun, was said to have slain the Nemean Lion, because Leo was ALREADY a zodiacal sign." Notice here that this nineteenth century astronomer actually states that the Sun (the light of the world) is symbolized by the strong man Hercules. This is in agreement with the Biblical interpretation which identifies the strong man who runs his race along the path of the Sun as Messiah Yahusha the victor.

Another point is also pertinent. The Greeks thought of each of these "strong man" figures as being a different deity. In the Biblical interpretation they represent different works of the same person, namely Messiah Yahusha. Even though it will pre-empt the discussion later, an example may be appropriate. To the Greeks, the Zodiac sign of Gemini the Twins represented Apollo and Hercules, the twin sons of Zeus, the chief deity. The Roman equivalent was Castor and Pollux which star names are retained today. It is shown later that these two pictures are of the same anointed one… the Messiah Yahusha in His twin role as the Son of Yahuah and also the Son of Man.”

The origin of mythology and tradition

“Interestingly enough, the skeptic Volney is recorded by Rolleston as saying that "Everywhere in antiquity is the existence of the tradition of the expected conqueror of the serpent, a divine person, born of a woman, who was to come." Rolleston noted that Volney "sees this tradition reflected in the constellations, but why it should be there he does not say."(Part 1 page 19). A very similar statement is made by Depuis in L'Origine des Cultes who admits that this tradition was prevalent in all nations. Greek, Roman and other pagan mythologies have been built around this message from the stars and as a result must be considered as a perversion of the original. Nevertheless as Dr. D. E. Spencer concluded "Pagan mythology still retains sufficient of the truth for you to recognize it." (Word Key "Mazzaroth," broadcast over radio HCJB 1972).

Rolleston (Part 1 p.23) elaborates on this: "Should the tradition of the Divine yet woman-born Conqueror of the serpent, crushing His foe, but suffering from its venom, be met with among all nations, it is only what might have been anticipated among the descendants of one common father. From the Grecian Hercules, half human and half divine, subduing the hydra and dying from its poison; from the Indian incarnation of the Divinity, the virgin-born Krishna, slaying a serpent and wounded by it in the heel; to the serpent-worship of Mexico, and that of the woman-born and unfathered deity Mexitli; this image is everywhere present, pointing to one origin of the tradition and the race."

Dr. Spencer gave a further example of interest. In mythology "Zeus, the supreme deity of the Greeks reigned on Mount Olympus 'in the midst' of the twelve lesser gods of the Greeks." He then points to the pre-existent truth that has been corrupted by this mythology and makes an important observation. "Is it not more than chance that just as the blazing fire of the Sun dwells in the midst of the twelve constellations of Mazzaroth, so the blazing pillar of fire was the dwelling place of Yahuah in the midst of the twelve tribes of Israel? Furthermore, can it be mere chance that Messiah Yahusha, 'the Light of the world', is the One who dwelt in a tabernacle of flesh in the midst of the twelve disciples?" (The Gospel in the Stars, pp. 20, 53).” 

God’s promise to Abraham

“As noted at the beginning, Galatians 3:8 says that Yahuah preached the Gospel unto Abraham. It is important that we know when He did this as the stars were mentioned by Yahuah to Abraham on two distinct occasions, once in Genesis 15, then again in Genesis 22. We must not confuse these two separate incidents. Galatians 3:6 gives us the answer to this question. Rabbi Sha’ul states that it was on the occasion when "Abraham believed Yahuah and it was counted to him for righteousness." Importantly as we search both Genesis passages, it becomes apparent that this quote comes directly from Genesis 15:6. The context was given by Genesis 15:5. Abraham was childless and had no heir. Then Yahuah "brought him forth abroad, and said, 'Look now towards heaven, and TELL the stars if you be able to list them'; and He said unto him, 'So shall your seed be'."

Several important points emerge from this interview that Abraham had with the Almighty. In the first place, the word "TELL" is the same census-taking word as used in Psalm 147:4 so the star names are in view here. The second point is vital. The Almighty made a key comment when Abraham had finished listing off the star names. He said: "So shall your seed be." Does this mean that Abraham was to have many children? We have Rabbi Sha’ul's exegesis of the original Hebrew on this. In Galatians 3:16, Sha’ul says: "Now to Abraham and his seed were the promises made. He said not, And to seeds (plural) as of many; but as of one, 'And to your seed (singular) WHICH IS THE MESSIAH!"

Here is an amazing statement! Abraham lists the star names in sequence from constellation to constellation telling the story of the stars from their names, and Yahuah says to him "So will your seed, the Messiah, be." Here was the promise to Abraham that the Messiah would come from his lineage. Furthermore, the Gospel was obviously associated with these star names as Galatians 3:8 states that Yahuah preached the Gospel to Abraham on that occasion - a Gospel associated with the coming of the Messiah, Yahusha.

It is important not to confuse this incident in Abraham's life with a later one. On the second occasion in Genesis 22:17, Abraham was promised seed like "the stars of heaven and the sand of the sea shore for multitude." This is a different interview with Yahuah when the Patriarch received a different promise. According to Sha’ul in Galatians 3, it was specifically on the first occasion in Genesis 15 that Messiah was promised from Abraham's lineage and Abraham believed Yahuah. Finally note that Yahuah preached the Gospel of Christ to Abraham by this method, and by faith Abraham accepted the message. The stars must therefore be preaching the same message in every language around the world, because Psalm 19 states that there is no speech or language where their voice is not heard.”

The significance of the Sphinx

“Well, if there is a message in the stars, where does the story begin since the Zodiac is a circle. An important clue is obtained from the Sphinx in Egypt. The word SPHINX comes from the Greek word SPHIGGO which means to "bind closely together". The significance of this meaning becomes apparent when ancient Egyptian Zodiacs are inspected. In those zodiacs such as one in the tombs of the kings at Karnak, the sphinx curiously linked the 12 signs together. Its woman-like face gazed upon the sign of Virgo, while its lion-like body and tail pointed to Leo. Dr Spencer notes that several other places in the Near East have similar inscriptions. Dr Spencer writes: "The sphinx is the key symbol which shows where the story in the stars begins and ends. It begins with Virgo the Virgin and the first coming of Yahusha as Messiah; and closes with Leo the Lion, marking the Return of Messiah as the King of Glory. It begins with the story of His coming in humility and seeming defeat, and climaxes with the story of His coming again in power and overwhelming victory."


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