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Chapter 3

Prophecy of Yahusha the High Priest


There are very few men (I searched the internet and found no one) who recognize the prophecy of the coming Messiah spoken of by the Prophet Zechariah in Zechariah Chapter 3. This one prophecy itself speaks volumes of “who” the coming Messiah would be, even down to his name, Mikveh, and promises. Why are there very few men (if any) who recognize this fact? Well, it may have something to do with the abomination that is the name Jesus H. Christ (a later derivative of Hesus Horus Krishna as I demonstrated clearly in my two books Mystery Babylon – The Religion of The Beast and Christianity – The Great Deception). By literally changing the name of the Messiah from the Hebrew name given him of "Yahusha" to the name of a pagan Roman demi-god "Jesus", we have all missed what is probably the most telling prophecy of the coming Messiah!

I don’t make this critical error in this book, so let us look at the prophesied coming High Priest Yahusha as spoken through the prophet Zachariah.

This prophecy is found in Zechariah Chapter 3!  There is only one prophesied “Branch” and there is only one “Eternal Judge”. There is only one Yahusha in recorded history to stand side by side with Satan in the presence of an Angel of Yahuah. That "Yahusha" is The Eternal High Priest Yahusha the Messiah.

While there are many High Priests named Yahusha, those words clearly identify only one… the Messiah Yahusha, the High Priest in the Order of Zadok. Yes, the one Yahusha who is the Ruling Zadok known as Melchizedek. Not to mention that all prophecies (in the Torah and Prophets), such as the one below, are all speaking of The Messiah except the one about John being Elijah. So why do we ignore this one? Because it says Yahusha was cleansed of sin and we do not understand it. We'd rather say it is speaking of some other High Priest Yahusha and hide behind the name "Jesus" and avoid the entire prophecy.

Let us examine the prophecy of that Branch and Eternal Judge called the High Priest Yahusha in a vision given to Zechariah by Yahuah. Let us learn more about our Messiah who is called the Ruling Zadok, Eternal High Priest, and Eternal Judge of the living and the dead:


Zechariah 3 - Clean Garments for the High Priest, Yahusha
1 Then he showed me Yahusha the High Priest standing before the Angel of Yahuah, and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him (this occurred in the life of Yahusha the Messiah exclusively.  No other High Priest was ever in this situation, and no other High Priest was consecrated directly by Yahuah! This prophecy tells us what happened when Yahusha fled into the desert for 40 days/nights seeking Yahuah’s blessing just after he was Mikveh’d clean of sin and anointed High Priest by John the Baptist.  See: Luke Chapter 4).


2 Yahuah (through His proxy The Angel of Yahuah, before whom stood Yahusha and Satan) said to Satan, “Yahuah rebuke you, Satan! Yahuah, who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you! Is not this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?” (Yahusha was starving and dehydrated lying in the burning hot sun after 40 days/nights with no food/water before being rescued by the Angel of Yahuah)


3 Now Yahusha was dressed in filthy clothes (metaphor of sin, as he had the sin of the world placed on him by John at Mikveh) as he stood before the Angel.


4 The Angel said to those who were standing before him, “Take off his filthy clothes (remove his sin).” Then Yahuah said to Yahusha, “See (after taking off his filthy rags), I have taken away your sin (filthy rags Isaiah 64:6), and I will put fine garments (of the Zadok High Priest) on you.”


5 Then I said, “Put a clean turban (of the Zadok High Priest) on his head.” So they put a clean turban on his head and clothed him (in the garments of the Zadok High Priest), while the Angel of Yahuah stood by.


6 The Angel of Yahuah gave this charge to Yahusha:


7 “This is what Yahuah Almighty says (again Yahuah speaking through His Proxy Angel): ‘If (Yahuah makes a conditional promise) you will walk in obedience to Me and keep My requirements (from this point forward after being perfected through Mikveh, sin forgiven, and brought to full compliance with The law), then (here is the promise if he keeps the Torah and obeys the Will of Yahuah) you will govern My House (i.e. King over creation) and have charge of My Courts (Eternal High Priest), and I will give you a place (right hand of Yahuah) among these standing here.


8 “‘Listen, High Priest Yahusha, you and your associates seated (who came) before you (probably Adam, Enoch, Moses, Elijah, etc.), who (those seated before Him) are men symbolic of things to come: I am going to bring (you) My servant (from this point forward), the Branch (he is The Messiah and received the confirmation he was seeking after being consecrated Eternal Zadok High Priest directly by Yahuah).


9 See, the stone I have set in front of Yahusha! There are seven streams of living water emenating from that one stone, and I will engrave an inscription on it,’ says Yahuah Almighty, ‘and I will remove the sin of this land in a single day (the day Yahusha, in obedience, dies as Passover Lamb).


10 “‘In that day each of you will invite your neighbor to sit under your vine and fig tree,’ declares Yahuah Almighty.”


This is uniquely speaking to and of High Priest Yahusha the Messiah "the Branch". It could not be any clearer. Almost every scholar believes this to be a prophecy of Yahusha III (the Messiah’s grandfather). I actually know of no one else that sees this as the Messiah.  I'm just giving someone out there the benefit of the doubt here. There is zero chance this could be speaking of anyone other than the Messiah Yahusha who is the Eternal High Priest. Let’s examine this prophecy in more detail in light of the life of Yahusha the Messiah.

In this one prophetic vision, Yahuah reveals clearly His Plan of Salvation through the High Priest Yahusha. We see Yahusha standing before "the Angel of Yahuah' who was acting as Yahuah's proxy speaking for Him. Yahusha is standing next to Satan who is accusing Yahusha vigorously saying probably something to the effect "look how dirty this lowly man is, covered in sin!" We know for a fact, Yahusha was not born perfect but had to be perfected through trials and tribulation. We know Yahusha did not live obedient to Yahuah his entire life because he had to “learn obedience through suffering”. So here is Yahusha standing before the Angel of Yahuah covered in "filthy rags" which is symbolic of "sin". Not only "possibly" his own but Yahusha is carrying the sin of the world on his shoulders as well:

Isaiah 64:6

6 All of us have become like one who is unclean, and all our Righteous acts are like filthy rags.

But, when did this vision occur in Yahusha’s life? It occurred just after John the High Priest consecrated (through Mikveh) Yahusha as High Priest in succession. The ritual of Mikveh had just washed away Yahusha’s prior life, and as Yahuah said "He had taken away his sin" and removed the sin of the world (dirty rags) from him. Yahusha then fled into the desert like the scapegoat. After spending 40 days/night in the desert sun starving to death, Yahusha literally looks like a "burning stick(branch) snatched from the fire" of the desert sun. Now, after just being cleansed of sin through Mikveh (baptism), Yahusha is stripped of his "filthy rags" or sin of the world, and clothed in the garments of a High Priest. Yahusha was literally, by blood, the successor to John the Baptist; who succeeded High Priest Yahusha III, who restored the House of Zadok to the Office of High Priest in the Second Temple.

Yahuah then declares "See (as I promised you in the Torah concerning Mikveh), I have taken away your sin, and put fine garments on you". The prophecy then goes on to describe the garments of The High Priest that were put on Yahusha. We see Yahuah tell Yahusha to "listen", because Yahuah would bring about (in Yahusha) his servant, the Branch, which is an obvious reference to The Messiah. In other words, Yahuah would make THIS High Priest His Messiah! And if Yahusha "will walk in obedience to Me and keep My requirements (the Torah), then you will govern My House and have charge of My Courts, and I will give you a place among these standing here".

This is an "if... then..." statement. If Yahusha will keep the Torah, then Yahuah will engrave in stone that He (Yahuah) will “remove the sin of this land in a single day”. Yahuah promises to forgive sin, because of Yahusha's piety. The Apostle Sha’ul taught the exact same "conditional" role; that Yahuah heard Yahusha BECAUSE of his piety, not because Yahusha was the second member of a pagan Babylonian Trinity.

Hebrews 5:7

During the days of Yahusha's life on Earth (as a human), he offered up prayers and petitions with fervent cries and tears to the one (Yahuah) who could save him from death, and he was heard (by Yahuah as Yahuah promised in Zechariah 3) because of his reverent submission (to the covenant made in Zechariah Chapter 3 to walk with “no sin” as High Priest).

Looks like Sha’ul knew Zechariah Chapter 3, as well he should as a Nazarene and keeper of the Torah! So Yahusha through reverent obedience to the Torah would become qualified as The Ruling Zadok through inheritance just like I have shown so far. He then could offer himself up as the first born son and proper sacrifice for sin. Doing away with the yearly “substitute” of a physical lamb, and fulfilling the prophetic portrait of Abraham sacrificing Isaac but this time with no substitute!

In that one Passover Day of Yahusha’s obedience unto death, Yahuah fulfilled His promise in Zechariah to “remove the sin of this land in a single day”. Not because Yahusha was “God”, not because he was “perfect”, but simply because Yahusha was the heir, he was obedient, and because of his piety! Think about what this says! Think about the significance of it! This is an entirely different view of The Messiah Yahusha than is taught anywhere else that I know of. I needed to bring this prophecy to light for several reasons. We need to better understand who Yahusha was, as we move forward in this book. First let me explain what Zechariah was seeing.

Yahuah gave Zechariah a vision so that we would know the "conversation" that occurred after Yahusha was baptized by John and went in the desert for 40 days and fasted. Believing himself to be the Messiah, Yahusha fulfilled the metaphor of the Scapegoat covered in "dirty rags" as the sins of the world had just been placed on his shoulders by John laying hands on him. Yahusha then ran into the desert to seek confirmation from Yahuah that he was in fact “The Messiah”. Yahusha knew the prophecies concerning his birth, the Torah requirements to be The Messiah, the Zadokite requirements, and the bloodline to David needed and they fit him uniquely. But to actually live the role of The Messiah, Yahusha needed direct confirmation from Yahuah. He would rather die in that desert than emerge without the confirmation from Yahuah and become yet another “false Messiah” of that time.

Yahusha was brought to the point of death by starvation and dehydration in the desert after 40 days and nights. He simply was willing to die if he was not The Messiah and Yahuah had not confirmed it to him yet. At the point of near death, Satan came to Yahusha and tried to convince Yahusha that he wasn't the Messiah. Satan explained that Yahuah didn't answer him with confirmation that he was the Messiah and left him to die in the desert because, as Satan reasoned, Yahusha wasn’t the Messiah. Satan then proceeded to offer Yahusha the Kingdom of Israel by force if Yahusha would bow before him. Satan argued that since he wasn't the Messiah (after all he was on the verge of death with no confirmation), Satan would grant him everything promised the Messiah and save his life.

Yahuah was testing Yahusha's Faith that he was in fact the prophesied Messiah even to the point of death. It is understandable now why Yahuah waited until Yahusha was near death before confirming he was The Messiah. This was because death would be required of the Messiah, and only one who was willing to die was worthy of the calling. Once Yahusha proved he would rather die than face the reality he wasn't the Messiah, and would never take by force what Yahuah had given the Messiah by birth... Yahuah then sends The Angel of Yahuah to minister to Yahusha in the desert.  This is where the vision of Zechariah Chapter 3 begins. There with Satan at his side accusing him, Yahusha stood before the Angel of Yahuah. We see Yahusha covered in the sins of humanity (filthy rags) lying in the desert (looking like a burning stick taken out of the fire) and Satan so angry that Yahusha refused his offer, that Satan (knowing Yahusha is the Messiah) resorts to accusing Yahusha before Yahuah.  We see Yahuah confirm Yahusha's Mikveh by John.  Then cleansing him of his sin (that is what Mikveh is for), and confirming to Yahusha that he was in fact The Messiah (the Branch). Yahuah then takes away the sins of humanity (filthy rags) and Yahuah lays out what is required of Yahusha and the rewards if Yahusha obeys. This is where Yahuah and Yahusha enter into covenant and become “one” in mind, will, purpose, Spirit, and family as Father and son.

We all know the rest, Yahusha came out of the desert with the confirmation he was seeking and the rest is history. Yahusha emerged from that event with the full backing of Yahuah; that he was the prophesied Messiah, High Priest, and King of Israel. Zechariah Chapter 3 gives us a front row seat in what actually took place there in the desert. I’m sure this conversation with his Father was his source of strength when he was being beaten, tortured, and executed on that stake!

The so-called “scholars and teachers” of today, try to divert our attention away from this amazing look into the life of the Messiah Yahusha. They try changing his name (to Jesus), attributing the vision to be of his grandfather Yahusha III, or just avoiding it all together. Think about it, have you ever been taught this vision in Zechariah Chapter 3? I haven't. There is no chance this vision is of anyone other than The Messiah. The events in Yahusha’s life prove it, and the words of the vision prove it all the way down to his name. We know exactly when it occurred in his life. There is no other Eternal Judge and King of Creation and there is no other "Branch"... I know not one. No other “High Priest Yahusha” who encountered Satan in the desert, and was tempted and offered Jerusalem.  Only one… that is Yahusha the Messiah, THAT is the High Priest prophesied in Zechariah Chapter 3, no other.

Yahusha III (the favorite candidate for this vision by most, if not all, scholars) was a historical High Priest in Israel after this vision but his life was not significant enough to warrant such a "vision" from Yahuah to a Major Prophet. In every case of such a vision, the subject of the vision is a major player in the Plan of Salvation.  Almost all of these visions foreshadow or give us a glimpse of who Yahusha the Messiah will be. There is no mention of Yahusha III by the Messiah or his disciples and apostles. There is no event in Yahusha III’s life that coincides with this vision. Yahusha III was not “the Branch”, he was not “given charge of all of Yahuah estate” etc. This applies uniquely to The Messiah, no one else. The promises to rule over Yahuah's House (Kingdom) in that vision are Messianic (Isaiah 9:6) and they do not apply to Yahusha III.

The reason no one has the foresight (or nerve) to even try and understand the prophecy in Zechariah, is because the High Priest Yahusha is ritually cleansed of sin and consecrated High Priest through Mikveh. No one wants to be the one to have to explain why The Messiah had to be cleansed of sin, or why he is covered in sin (filthy rags)!

However, if we understand Mikveh, we can come to the understanding of Yahusha's state of Righteousness vs. Sin at his execution and it helps define the vision Zechariah had. All sin had been washed clean at his Mikveh. So from that point forward, he was sinless and spotless before Yahuah. We should properly put our faith in the promise Yahuah made through Mikveh and properly credit this vision of Zechariah to The Messiah.

Everyone else may want to deny this obvious prophecy of The Messiah, because they can’t explain it. But this book will do what others before me have failed to do, and demonstrate it was, in fact, The Messiah who Zechariah saw. "The Branch" referred to in Zechariah 3 is the same "Branch" in Isaiah:

Isaiah 11:1-2

“And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots: And the spirit of Yahuah shall rest upon him, the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of Knowledge and of the Fear of Yahuah”

Again here we see The Messiah is not Yahuah but a human from the "stem or Righteous Branch of Jesse" and this man will embody the fullness of deity or rather be FULL OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Fullness of deity does NOT mean Yahusha was God as is taught:

Colossians 2:9

For in Him all the fullness of Deity dwells in bodily form.

We too, like Yahusha, can achieve the "fullness of deity". This revelation is found in love that surpasses knowledge (at least that of the Christian Church):

Ephesians 3:19

19 and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you (like Yahusha) may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of deity.

Yahusha was not "God in the Flesh", and what Yahusha was is clearly defined as the "Spirit" of Yahuah resting fully on and anointing the Messiah in wisdom, Understanding, Council, Might, Knowledge, and the fear of Yahuah” as Isaiah prophesied. It does not define The Messiah as some demi-god (a half man/half god), a composite pagan deity of Rome (Jesus H. Christ)… The prophecies that Yahusha fulfilled never, not once, say anything like "Yahuah would come to Earth in the form of a man", or “Yahuah incarnate” as we all have been taught by the Christopagan Church. That Spirit of Incarnation is being brought out of Christianity into the Messianic movement, the Hebrew Roots movement, almost all teachers are filled with that false Spirit.

In fact, these prophesies foretell of the exact opposite, and Yahuah clearly denies this false doctrine of incarnation.

Numbers 23:19

19 Yahuah is not a man, that he should lie, neither the "son of Man" (Yahusha was called the son of man 87 times and was baptized for repentance by John), that he should repent (Yahusha was Mikveh'd by John for repentance): Has He said, and will He not do it? Or has He spoken, and will He not make it good?

So while Yahuah said He would make good on His declaration/vow that He is not a man or the "son of man"; we turn right around and declare the man "Yahusha, the son of man" to be Yahuah in the flesh, which is blasphemy.

This is extremely important if we are to understand The Plan of Salvation. Nowhere does it define that plan as Yahuah having to come to Earth to die.

That Plan was defined first in The Heavenly Scroll as a “strong MAN” as David declared in Psalms 119.  Then clearly, in His Word, the Plan is laid out as Yahuah would send a human High Priest in the order of Zadok, Yahuah would purify him, and anoint him as the Passover Lamb, and then that human High Priest would offer himself as a SIN OFFERING to Yahuah; thereby defeating the Law of Sin and Death. That man would become, through resurrection, Yahuah's firstborn son.  As first born son and heir to all things, Yahusha was made King to govern the House of Yahuah/Kingdom of Yahuah and Eternal Judge (of His courts) as promised in Zechariah Chapter 3.

We need to trust the prophetic words concerning the Messiah and have faith in Yahuah's ability to fulfill His promises found in the Torah even if we do not understand it. We do not need to "create for ourselves gods that are not gods” (Jeremiah 9). In fact, we need to package all these "false doctrines" back into the nice little pagan packages they came in, and ship them along with the pagan demi-god Constantine created (Hesus Horus Krishna aka Jesus H. Christ) back to Babylon from which they came! Once we finally do that then, with a clean slate, we can come to know Yahusha the Messiah and align our doctrine with Scripture not human tradition.

Mark 7

8 You have let go of the Commands of Yahuah and are holding on to human traditions ... 13 Thus you nullify the word of Yahuah by your tradition that you have handed down. And you do many things like that.

In short we need to come out of her (Mystery Babylon) and get back to the truth found in the Torah, Prophets, and the true Messiah. Now, let's look further at Yahusha the High Priest so that we understand fully who the Priest was that Zechariah saw in his vision.


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