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Chapter 1

How the Mystery Religion was formulated

nimrodThe Legacy of Nimrod – The Sun God Ba’al


Nimrod worshipped the pagan sungod named Moloch.  The title “Great Hunter before (in the face of) Yahuah” was ascribed to him because he literally hunted human beings to murder as sacrifices to his pagan god.  In the book of Jasher (the book of Jasher is mentioned in the Bible in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18 and was conveniently left out by The Catholic Church for obvious reasons), we learn that Nimrod received instruction from the priests of Moloch to marry his mother in an act of incest in order to acquire “the third eye” or the “all seeing eye”.  The exact same knowledge sought by those today who call themselves the “illuminati” or “illuminated ones” who consider Nimrod the first High Mason.  This form of “dark knowledge” is a counterfeit of The Spirit of Yahuah with a Promise to “see” into the spiritual realm.  The universal sign of this “dark knowledge” is the “Eye of Ra” floating above the unfinished tower of Babel making the shape of an Egyptian Pyramid.

eye pyramid 1
All-seeing-eye of Lucifer (Light Bearer)

Yes, this is “the god” of our so-called Christian Nation found on the back of the dollar bill.  Once I explain the origins of Christianity it will become obvious in which “God we trust” and it is not and has never been Yahuah.  Today, the USA is by far the greatest abomination the Earth has ever seen.  Waging unjust “crusades” across the globe and dumping filth into the minds of humanity through its entertainment system.  This country is built upon everything that is unholy to Yahuah.  It’s leaders participating in Moloch worship and human sacrifice at Bohemian Grove, CA annually.  Google it! 

grove 1

The legacy of Nimrod is human sacrifice to Moloch which was the image of a “bull” that the Israelites constructed at the foot of Mt. Sinai (the reason for Yahuah’s furry).


This ritual sacrifice continues today as our highest level world leaders, business leaders, and entertainment moguls participate each year in what is called “The Cremation of Care”.  In this ritual they sacrifice a human on the altar of Moloch.  In doing so, these world leaders sacrifice their compassion/conscience and “care” for humanity as they carry out the Illuminati agenda of world depopulation through wars, starvation, weather control, and more. 

The list of “known” participants in this abomination reads like a “who’s who” of famous world leaders throughout history.

grove 3

All coming to the US (the spiritual seat of Babylon) to sacrifice their conscience on the altar of Moloch!  I digress; that is another book all together, it is outside the scope of this book.  Let’s get back to the topic at hand.

The abomination of the Trinity is born in Babylon

Nimrod the King, took a wife.  The wife Nimrod chose was his mother.  So the “son” became both the husband and son of the mother.  In effect this marriage created a “trinity” union in as much as the “husband” was the same person as the “son” united as “one” with the wife/mother through marriage.  So Nimrod married his mother, Semaramis, and she became the Queen of Babylon also known as The Queen of Heaven (a title for the Virgin Mary).  It was Semaramis from which the “religion” surrounding Nimrod and the planets (astrology) evolved.  Nimrod the mighty and ruthless murderer was killed for his crimes against humanity.  His body cut into pieces and distributed all over his kingdom by his enemies. 




The rise of the Queen of Heaven - Semaramis


After Nimrod’s death, Semaramis his mother/wife/queen had to maintain her grip and power over the people.  In order to solidify her power she invented a religion for the people that would keep Nimrod’s control over them even after his death.  She then gave birth to a son named Tammuz whom she claimed was the reincarnation of Nimrod or the son of the sungod, the incarnation of God, God in the flesh.  So Tammuz was “Nimrod in the flesh” and “one” with his father who was “one” with his wife/mother through marriage. Semaramis was the mother of God… the Trinity is born.

The Babylonian Empire was the first attempt at a “One World Government” or “New World Order”.  This human attempt at global governance through the use of “dark knowledge”, astrology, and pagan god worship was an abomination to Yahuah.  The Tower of Babel was a tower built not to literally “reach up to Yahuah”, but rather as a massive structure from which to consult the stars through the use of astrology and communicate with “The Sun” The LORD god Baal.  Yahuah intervened and confused the speech of the people of Earth and scattered them abroad.   With the migration of the people coming out of Babylon, the sun-worshipping religion of Babylon was scattered throughout the Earth, the names changed but the religion remained the same to the smallest detail.

Since the languages now were “confused” the names of Nimrod, Semaramis, and Tammuz were changed and continued to change over time based on culture and language.  Although the names changed, the religion remained exactly the same.  Semaramis, however, became known as “The Queen of Heaven” among all cultures and worshipped as the primary head of this false religion.  The Pope of Rome has even dedicated the 7th Millennium (which is prophetically The Sabbath Millennium when Yahusha reigns on Earth) to… The Queen of Heaven:


Mary (Isis/Ishtar/Semaramis) standing in mediation between mankind and Yahusha the Messiah... the Co-Redemptix idolatry of Catholicism. http://www.nytimes.com/1987/01/02/world/pope-proclaims-a-year-dedicated-to-virgin-mary.html


Even the children of Israel fell into the worship of Semaramis, The Queen of Heaven, and Yahuah sent them the Prophet Jeremiah with the following warning:

Jeremiah 44:17-18

“But we will certainly do whatsoever thing goes forth out of our own mouth, to burn incense unto the QUEEN OF HEAVEN, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, as we have done, we, and our fathers, our kings, and our princes, in the cities of Judah, and in the streets of Jerusalem: for then had we plenty of victuals, and were well, and saw no evil. But since we left off to burn incense to the QUEEN OF HEAVEN, and to pour out drink offerings unto her, we have wanted all things, and have been consumed by the sword and by the famine.”  

madonna child 1The statue to the left was originally a statue of Semaramis holding Tammuz in Babylon then renamed Isis holding Horus in Egypt.  Later, the Roman idol became the Madonna/Child.  Finally, the religion of Christianity renamed this idol Mary/Jesus

This statue was literally renamed by the Roman Emperor Constantine to “Mary and Baby Jesus” in the 3rd Century as the names continued to evolve and change while the religion remained the same.  We will discuss these name changes later in this book series and prove that Jesus H. Christ was created in the image of 3 pagan incarnated god-men, the Druid god Hesus, the Egyptian god Horus, and the Eastern god Krishna, each one just Tammuz in another cutler.  The name given to the new god of Christianity by Constantine of “Hesus Horus Krishna” evolved over the last 1,500 years.  The I in the Greek Iesus grew a tail and became a J, Horus was abbreviated to H., and Krishna went from Sanskrit to English as Christ… “Jesus H. Christ”.  The true Messiah’s name in Hebrew was Yahusha.  The English translation is Joshua.  We will cover more of this abomination in my next book, Christianity: The Great Deception.  Available on www.sabbathcovenant.com.


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Together, Semaramis and Nimrod (her son/husband) started this occult religion of sacrificing babies to Moloch, aka Satan or the false pagan sun-god. Nimrod means “tyrant,” as he led the Babylonians to pay tribute to the skies (the sun, moon, stars, and planets) with the sacrifices of their children. The Tower of Babel, which was built for this purpose among others, was echoed in other cultures such as the Egyptians, Aztecs, Mayans, and Incas in the form of Pyramid structures all aligned with the Sun and all built for the same purposes as The Tower of Babel.  The same image of the Pyramid with the detached all Seeing Eye adorns our dollar bill clearly identifying the “god in whom we trust”.  They are pagan Temples dedicated to sun worship that evolved from Babylon.


The picture above is a depiction of children being sacrificed to the two horned god Moloch (Satan), even today this practice is “simulated” by our world leaders at Bohemian Grove in California each year as I mentioned.




The Obelisk

Obelisks were constructed as part of this “religion” as phallic or male fertility symbols interpreted as sun rays.




These exact same pagan structures are echoed throughout our “Christian” nations.  A massive obelisk sits in the very center of St. Peter’s Square of The Vatican (birthplace and capital city of Christianity) in Rome surrounded by Occult symbols and figures and idols of pagan gods.



Notice above the obelisk is in the center of The Zodiac.  The Vatican is THE pagan Temple of sun worship.  And we have an obelisk constructed in the heart of our own “Christian” nation we call The Washington Monument.  This is a monument to the The Mystery Religion of Babylon.

steepleThese obelisks, to this day, grace the tops of Christian Churches, we just call them “steeples” adorned with the “Cross of Tammuz” (I will cover this too, in this book series) as we worship The Trinity on Sun-god-Day. 

Christians are still 100% Catholic in doctrine they are just “protesting Catholics” called “Protestants”.

This religion created in Babylon by Nimrod and Semaramis was making them rich as the people had to pay money to come into the temple to sacrifice their babies at the Winter Solstice i.e. Christmas (December 21st-25th) and also at “Easter (Ishtar) Sunrise Services,” at the spring or Vernal Equinox (March 21st-25th). 


Every year on March 25th & December 25th, there would be wild drunken parties and orgies where virgins were impregnated by pagan priests. Since there are 9 months to a pregnancy, and there are also 9 months between March 25th and December 25th, the pagan priests of Ba’al would impregnate these virgins on Easter Sunday in ritual dedicated to Ba’al to commemorate the impregnation of Semaramis with Tammuz.  Then by December 25th when these infants were newly born, the priests of Ba’al would offer up these new born babies on the altar to “Moloch” (Nimrod).  A few months later, on Ishtar Day which in English is Easter “Sun-day”, they would offer up more infants to the goddess named “Easter” or “Ishtar” the fertility moon goddess Semaramis.  They would then take the blood of these sacrificed infants and dip “eggs” in them (called Ishtar Eggs).  Let’s take a closer look at this religion as it is beginning to sound familiar.




Religion of Semaramis
The Moon Goddess Ishtar


As I was saying… Nimrod was killed by his enemies and his body parts distributed all over his kingdom.  Semaramis attempted to gather the body parts of Nimrod.  Semaramis accomplished retrieving all parts of his dismembered body except his “private parts”.   It was from the private parts of Nimrod that Semaramis created the fertility religion known as The Mystery Religion of Babylon.  These private parts were commemorated by the construction of Obelisks which, as I mentioned, are one of the most prevalent of Christian symbols.  Semaramis is described by ancient Greek historians this way:

Herodotus (about 484-420 B.C.) describes her as a queen who ruled the whole of Asia. Diodorus (first century A.D.) says she was the daughter of the Syrian goddess Derketo of Askalon and describes her celebrated construction of the splendid city of Babylon with its hanging gardens, which since modern times have been counted as one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. He also portrays her as a man-eating queen and powerful warrior, who defeated the powerful army of the Medes. Athenagoras of Athens (second century A.D.), one of the Apologists, calls Semaramis, in his work Legatio pro Christianis, "an immoral and murderous woman."

After the death of her son/husband King Nimrod, Semaramis began to formulate what we now know as The Mystery Religion of Babylon to secure her reign of power.  In her new religion, she proclaimed that Nimrod had defeated death and elevated himself above all that is called “god” and literally became The Sun.  This was easily accepted by mankind because The Zodiac message had already been corrupted by the fallen angels and man had been indoctrinated since the Sumerian Culture to worship the sun.  I covered that in my last book, Creation Cries Out!.

Semaramis instituted a day of worship dedicated to the sun that even today, we call “Sun-day”.  Sunday is English for the Latin ‘Dies Solis’ which means “Day of the Invincible Sun”.  This pagan day of worship later replaced The Day of Rest, the 7th Day Sabbath by order of the sun worshipping Emperor Constantine (I will go into this in great detail later).

Semaramis, being the mother of Nimrod in addition to his queen, elevated herself up as “The Mother of God” and “Queen of Heaven” and called herself the goddess Ishtar.  Semaramis later became pregnant, not wanting to destroy her “image” as the Queen/Mother of God, declaring Nimrod (the Sun God now called Ba’al later known as Zeus by the Greeks then The LORD in Christianity) had impregnated her through the “rays of the sun”.   She had given a “virgin birth” to her new son named Tammuz who she claimed was the “reincarnated Nimrod”, the incarnation of God in the flesh, and The Son of “God”.  Tammuz became the second member of The Trinity. So Tammuz was believed to be the sungod Baal (Nimrod) in the flesh and at the same time The Son of God.  The two, Semaramis and Tammuz, became worshipped as what we now know as “Madonna and Child” then later Mary/Jesus as all the idols were simply renamed by different cultures.



Legend of Tammuz

Tammuz was a great hunter like his (supposed) father Nimrod.  Tammuz was killed by a wild pig in a hunting accident.  Semaramis then expanded on her new religion explaining that her “immortal god-son” who “died” was “resurrected” and became “one with his father”, the Sungod Baal.  The Trinity was further defined.  Nimrod, Semaramis, and Tammuz became worshipped as the Divine Godhead, a triune god in opposition to Yahuah (the one and only true living God).  This is the origin of the Christian Trinity.  The “son” was the “father”, the father the “son”, and both “one” with the mother through marriage. 

This is documented by many authoritative sources:

The Religions of Ancient Greece and Babylonia, by A. H. Sayce. pages 229-230, clearly tells us that the Greek philosophical ideas were developed in Alexandria, Egypt from the pagan mystery religions.

Many of the theories of Egyptian religion, modified and transformed no doubt, have penetrated into the theology of Christian Europe, and form, as it were, part of the woof in the web of modern religious thought. Christian theology was largely organized and nurtured in the schools of Alexandria, and Alexandria was not only the meeting place of East and West, it was also the place where the decrepit theology of Egypt was revivified by contact with the speculative philosophy of Greece. Perhaps, however, the indebtedness of Christian theological theory to ancient Egyptian dogma is nowhere more striking than in the doctrine of the Trinity. The very terms used of it by Christian theologians meet us again in the inscriptions and papyri of Egypt. Originally the trinity was a triad like those we find in Babylonian mythology. The triad consisted of a divine father, wife, and son. The father became the son and the son the father through all time, and of both alike the mother was but another form.

The Outline of History, by H. G. Wells. page 307, tells us:

The trinity consisted of the god Serapis (=Osiris+Apis), the goddess Isis (=Hathor, the cow-moon goddess), and the child-god Horus. In one way or another almost every other god was identified with one or the other of these three aspects of the one god, even the sun god Mithras of the Persians. And they were each other; they were three, but they were also one.

I will go into great detail on The Trinity in later chapters and in my next book, ‘Christianity and The Great Deception’.

Armed with her new religion, Semaramis continued on conquering and expanding her “world government system” and was a very powerful effective ruler over much of Assyria.  In the interest of staying on point, I will not go into much more detail concerning the historical and legendary records of Nimrod and Semaramis.  I suggest the reader conduct independent study if necessary.  This chapter is only intended to define the religion created by Semaramis known as the Goddess Ishtar/Isis/Diana/Mary, among other names.  That religion has come to be known as The Mystery Religion of Babylon.  It must be fully defined so that we can identify how that religion evolved to this very day and has, as prophesied by Yahuah, deceived all humanity for 2000 years.

For more on the Mystery Religion of Babylon, please read:




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