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Chapter 8

Good Friday Sacrifice of Tammuz and “Venus Worship”

Semaramis, (the wife and mother of Nimrod) who was also called Venus in Rome, has a day of the week named after her. That day in Italian or Latin is “Venerdi” for Venus. This word “Venerdi” is where we get the word “venerate” which means “to worship.” In the 3rd Century, Constantine named the statue of Venus “The Virgin Mary.”  As I demonstrated before, the days of our “week” are pagan in origin as they worshipped the heavenly bodies:

Stellar Object → Day

Saturn → Saturday

Sun → Sunday

Moon → Monday

Mars → Tuesday

Mercury → Wednesday

Jupiter → Thursday

Venus → Friday

Hence “Friday” is meant to signify her participation with the crucifixion of the Messiah! The Roman Catholic Church states in their Catechism that Mary is the “co-mediator, co-redeemer, & mediatrix” with the Messiah! And of course, this is utter blasphemy and completely unscriptural! They teach that she participated in the crucifixion and that she is the co-redeemer with our Messiah! Now certainly, we can see that as his mother, she would’ve suffered, and she was grief stricken over watching her son be tortured to death. But never-the-less, the idea of calling her a “co-mediator” is idolatry, and blasphemy. This treats her as a “goddess” worthy of worship instead of the mortal human being that she was. The Catholic Church has now deified Mary and proclaimed her “Mother of God” and “Queen of Heaven” all titles of Semaramis.


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