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Chapter 9

Name Changes throughout Cultures

Name changes throughout language and culture



The violent death of Nimrod can be seen in the death of Osiris, which is the central focus of all pagan religions of ancient Egypt.

1. EGYPT= Osiris
2. Greece= Bacchus- God of wine- refiner of souls.
3. The horned One= Kronos-Saturn
4 The Man - Bull in Assyria
5. The winged Bull =Babylon Marduk- In the decor of the halls of Berlin.
6. The Centaur = half horse - half man Greek Mythology
7. Bel - Belus - Satan comes in many ways to deceive
8. Krishna in India

9. Jupiter and Zeus in Rome.



In death, she would have him worshipped as "The Woman’s Seed" (Zero-Ashta): The seed of Ashta or Ashtoreth who was destined to bruise the serpents head and in so doing had his own heel bruised. 

The death of Nimrod brings the resurrected Tammuz as child in his mother’s arms. Semaramis (Nimrod’s wife) is made a goddess and worshipped as Madonna and child.  Later as Mary became the mother of Jesus, carrying Jesus, which started in Ephesus. They worshipped Tammuz as resurrected King.

Tammuz throughout cultures:

1.      Horus – Egypt

2.      Mithra - Persian

3.      Krishna - Eastern

4.      Thor - Viking

5.      Apollo – Greek

6.      Hesus – Druids

7.      Jesus - Modern



At the death of Nimrod, his wife Semaramis was elevated to goddess and as co-builder of Babylon.  She was also the wife of Nimrod and wife/mother of Tammuz.

Semaramis took the image of the "Mother of Nimrod" rather than his wife. Mother and son worship was then renamed Jesus and Mary and the abomination was complete. Little child in mother’s arms became the image of the god of confusion.


1.      Queen of Heaven

2.      Virgin Mother

3.      Beltis- female of Baal

4.      Madonna and child- Council of Ephesus condoned the worship of Mary and the spirit of the harlotry came into the church doctrine in 431 A.D.

5.      Athena in Greece birthed out of the head of Zeus. (Jupiter Acts 19). Apis Bull cult golden calf at the foot of Mt. Sinai (obedience).

6.      Cybil

7.      Rhea

8.      Ashtoreth in Palestine ( 1Sam. 7:3).

9.      Ishtar (Easter) decorates the gate of Babylon

10.  Diana of the Ephesians

11.  Venus (goddess of love)

12.  Artemis

13.  Astarte

14.  Holy Mother

15.  Isi and son Iswara

16.  She shares with Nimrod the goddess of fortifications (strongholds).


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