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Chapter 11

Christianity is born with a new god… Jesus H. Christ (I.H.S)

Now that Constantine had his “god” for his universal religion which was literally 3 different incarnations of Nimrod and Tammuz. This new “god” came complete with the “sun and cross of Tammuz behind his head”. With this new Greek god in place, bringing all the different major factions together through syncretism was easy!

Paintings even began to emerge of this triple figured “god” named Jesus with the sun over his head, it was the new Sungod to be worshipped on Sungod Day called to this day Sunday.

hesus trinity

This “new Greek pagan god” was given the acronym “I.H.S” and represented with the “cross of Tammuz” that depicts the 4 equal points of the ecliptic or “equinoxes” of The Zodiac. The same religion of sun worship founded in Babylon.  Below you can easily see the “Cross of Tammuz” the acronym IHS (Isis, Horus, Seb) and a yellow sun behind the heads of the newly renamed versions of Semaramis and Tammuz now called Mary and Joseph. Even the Vatican was constructed with a large obelisk in the center of a massive astrological “cross of the equinoxes” in St. Peter’s Square as the Pope carries around a monstrous symbol of the sun god.

With the “new god” firmly in place now depicted as “crucified on the cross of Tammuz” in opposition to the Bible which clearly states he was “impaled on a stake”, the only items on the agenda of the Council of Nicaea was to now bring in all the pagan religious festivals associated with sun worship. Name these pagan rituals after the new “Chrestos” (X-mas, Good Friday, Easter, Sunday, Valentine’s Day, Halloween, etc.) and rename all the pagan idols to their new names where they remain today in The Vatican. Then, of course, change the capital city from Jerusalem to Rome.

After all, ROME had already executed The Messiah in pagan sacrificial ritual to Baal. Rome had already sacked Jerusalem and destroyed The Temple of Yahuah. The Roman Empire had already made their statement crystal clear; it hated every aspect of the Hebrew Faith and the Hebrew God. The only thing left at this point was to “change the times and Laws of Yahuah” and kill all the remaining Sabbath keeping sons of God. This was attempted by the Inquisition. Satan’s hands all over it all…

Christianity was born as I mentioned at the Council of Nicaea. The pagan doctrines of The Trinity, the Virgin Birth, Sunday Worship, Christmas, Easter, etc. were all formulated and the New Testament texts altered to “imply” these new doctrines in direct contradiction of explicit commandments from Yahuah. Throw in the obelisk (steeple) with the cross of Tammuz and the new religion was now complete and Constantine had his “Universal (Catholic) Church”. He then brought in all the pagan sun worshipping “fathers and nuns” from Mithraism and Brigit worship, altered the texts of the New Testament to fit his new religion, and began teaching the illiterate masses a lie that this “religion” was based on The Bible. He then killed any dissenters in the inquisition and banished all intellectual thought in The Dark Ages and 2,000 years later we have accepted every word of this lie as “Truth”.

Still to this very day, no one questions “why” the name Jesus gives glory to Zeus not Yahuah and “why” the name is not even in the Hebrew language.


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