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The Kingdom of Yahuah

The Central Theme of Scripture… the ‘Kingdom’


The central theme of The Bible is the Kingdom of Yahuah and that message is called The Gospel.

Matthew 10:5-6

These twelve Yahusha sent out after instructing them: “Do not go in the way of the Gentiles, and do not enter any city of the Samaritans; 6 but rather go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel. 7 And as you go, preach, saying, ‘the Kingdom of Yahuah is at hand.’

Most of us have probably sat in the pews of our Christian Church our entire life listening to our preacher and have come away thinking The Bible’s central theme is

“The Revelation of God on Earth in the incarnation of Jesus H. Christ”

Not only is the Messiah’s name not Jesus H. Christ but the true Messiah Yahusha was not Yahuah in the flesh! Moreover, that is not at all the central theme of The Bible.  We all need to go back to the drawing board here and start over or we are going to miss entrance into the Kingdom of Yahuah! Granted, one of the most important aspects of the Kingdom of Yahuah is the High Priest and King (Melchizedek) who rules over it.  Melchizedek was the topic of my book Melchizedek and The Passover Lamb.  While Melchizedek (The Ruling Zadok) may be paramount in Yahuah’s Kingdom (as Kings tend to be in all kingdoms), it is not all that is revealed concerning the Kingdom of Yahuah.  In fact, it is the Kingdom of Yahuah that Yahusha came to reveal… 

The Kingdom of Yahuah is not of this World

John 18

36 Yahusha answered, “My kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world, My servants would fight, so that I should not be delivered to the Jews; but now My kingdom is not from here.”

The Kingdom of Yahuah is not “of this physical world” but rather a spiritual kingdom.  You see, this physical creation that surrounds us; which we interact in… that which we can see, feel, touch, and taste is but a “veil” pulled over our eyes to hide true existence.  True existence is in the realm of the spirit.  Yahuah’s Kingdom is… a spiritual kingdom and Yahuah is a spiritual being (the Creator) whom we cannot “see, feel, hear, smell, or taste” in this physical realm.  Therein is the challenge!  How can we learn of such a kingdom that is outside our realm of existence?  The challenge for Yahuah (if there is such a thing) was:

“How to reveal a spiritual kingdom to His sons effectively, so that it could be fully understood BEFORE giving His sons access to it?”

Why do we need to understand this spiritual kingdom before we have access to it?  Simple: the promises that Yahuah makes to His sons are literally unbelievable.  Yahuah simply cannot risk granting us full son ship and access without training because we could not handle it.  Once we are begotten in His Image through resurrection, we then are His literal sons with all His attributes and we are eternal! 

Think about that statement and try and comprehend it if you can.


We Must Be Qualified to Enter the Kingdom of Yahuah

 If Yahuah is not careful to train us properly BEFORE giving us that power and eternal nature… well He might end up with the same situation that exists now with the Angelic Realm… the Angels were created directly into that spiritual kingdom and given authority to rule and they later rebelled and they are eternal!  Even Yahuah cannot destroy that which He has created eternal.  So now the rebellious Angels are an eternal problem.

No… Yahuah made sure when procreating His literal family (which will be even higher in power and authority than the Angels) that only those qualified and trustworthy would be granted that power, authority, and eternal nature.  Yahuah promises to beget those qualified and trustworthy in His spiritual image as “gods”; His literal offspring with all the power, authority, and omnipotence that implies.  Then He would organize those chosen sons of His into a government and set them over His Creation to rule it.  Before He fulfills that promise to those so chosen, He has determined to ensure those chosen are very well

trained, disciplines, and qualified to have such power and can be trusted with it


This life is the training ground and we must meet the qualifications


So instead of just building His spiritual family from the start in the spiritual realm and placing them directly in the position of power and authority, He has wisely chosen to first put His future sons through a physical life on Earth.  It is through this physical life that He then introduces us to His spiritual kingdom through what is called physical shadows, physical portraits, and physical rehearsals contained in covenants.  Together, these physical training aids teach us of spiritual counterparts or Truths

This is called teaching through physical to spiritual parallels.  Then over an extended period of time (6,000 years per the Sabbath Covenant) Yahuah gradually introduces each aspect of His kingdom little by little and establishes it in the physical realm over 6 Covenants.  This process is called progressive revelation.  Each covenant building on the one before until His kingdom is fully defined physically. Then in the final 7th Covenant, Yahuah transposes that kingdom to its final spiritual reality.  This is called Transposition.

Training Aids

Remember these terms as they are “keys” or training aids in studying the Kingdom of Yahuah:

  • Physical to spiritual parallels
  • Progressive Revelation/Disclosure
  • Transposition

I will clearly define each one of these “keys” in this book and employ them to define the Kingdom of Yahuah

The Text Book

Yahuah has delivered into our hands the “text book” in the study of His kingdom.  All 7 Covenants each progressively disclosing Truth over time and teaching us through physical to spiritual parallels His kingdom in detail.  That text book is The Bible and we must understand how to read it!

The Course

The Kingdom of Yahuah has always existed, in eternity past and in the eternal future.  Yahuah revealing that kingdom to humanity (His sons specifically) is a process that takes time in context of a physical realm.  It also requires physical bodies with which to interact with that physical realm. 

Time, if fact, is just another part of that great “veil” and exists only within the context of this physical realm.  There is, however, a very specific “timeframe” allotted within this physical realm whereby to teach and then transpose the Kingdom of Yahuah.  That timeframe was revealed in the very first covenant… the Sabbath Covenant.

We should understand the spiritual kingdom of Yahuah at this time as we are at the end of the allotted timeframe.  If we do not, we have failed in our responsibility to seek His kingdom.  That is the purpose of this book, to clearly define that kingdom so we can move forward and understand our role in it.  Then we can set about to achieve His purpose in us in this life.  We can also truly fulfill The Great Commission and spread the true Gospel that the Kingdom of Yahuah is within our reach.

The Obstacle

We are all trapped in some way in the “religious system” that evolved out of Babylon that is specifically designed to:

  • Hide His Holy Name “Yahuah” behind the title LORD which is English for Ba’al the Babylonian sun god.
  • Keep us from keeping His Sabbath, the very SIGN we are His son and destroy us through keeping the Babylonian day of the sun god Ba’al.  That day is Sunday worship.
  • Keep us from righteousness by teaching us disobedience to His Law and that His Righteousness (defined in the Law) has been abolished.
  • Prevent us from our atonement through the true Messiah by having us put our faith in the Babylonian celebration of “Easter” instead of putting our faith in Passover.
  • Keep us in the highest form of idolatry by elevating an image of a man in the form of Jesus H. Christ (Hesus Horus Krishna) as “God” in our hearts.  Causing us to commit both The Transgression of Desolation and The Abomination of Desolation.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend (rather I insist) that you first read the first two books in this series The Mystery Religion of Babylon and Christianity the Religion of the Beast.  You will need a solid foundation in The False Religion in order to even stomach what I say in this book. In this book I am going to do my best to shed the blinders so that we can overcome this false religious lie.  We need to transcend our past, our traditions, and our teaching.  We must develop the Spiritual Eyes required to see the Kingdom of Yahuah because the Kingdom of Yahuah has now been fully defined.  Moreover, that Kingdom even now has been elevated (transposed) to its final spiritual state!  But have we been properly prepared for it by the Christian Church?  No. Have we been properly instructed in each element of it?  No…

We have been completely misled by another gospel, and we have followed The False Messiah Jesus Christ who came in his own name, not the name of Yahuah.


The Urgency

We are on the verge of the second coming of Yahuah’s chosen King who will rule by proxy over that Kingdom that has been revealed.  Will you partake in it?  You may if you finish this book series!  You will have the tools to effectively overcome The Great Deception and the opportunity to accept the Truth and act on it.  What you then do with this information will determine if you are a chosen son destined to rule in the Kingdom of Yahuah.


What is the Kingdom of Yahuah?

The Kingdom of Yahuah is no different than the physical kingdoms on Earth as they are but “imperfect physical shadows” of the perfect spiritual kingdom.  Like all kingdoms, Yahuah’s kingdom:

  • was established by Yahuah with a purpose
  • has a defined “realm” over which it exercises authority and dominion
  • is ruled by a sovereign king
  • has a capital city
  • has a “castle” or “temple” in this case
  • has an altar
  • has a seal
  • has a standard or sign carried by Ensigns
  • contains citizens and requirements for citizenship:
    • must display the sign or raise “the standard of the kingdom”
    • must bear the seal or “mark of the kingdom”
    • must be delivered from the Law of Sin and Death, and live by the Law of the Spirit of Life
    • must pledge allegiance to The King and enter into covenant with him to serve the Kingdom of Yahuah
    • must be awarded The Gifts of Yahuah as a son… one of which is eternal life
  • has various hierarchical positions under The King:
    • councilors
    • judges
    • priests
    • governors
    • an army
  • is governed by a defined set of laws which clearly define:
    • what is right i.e. Righteousness
    • what is wrong i.e. Sin
    • penalties for breaking the law
    • mercy
    • justice
    • atonement
  • has days set aside for celebration (Holidays or rather Holy Days)
  • has seasons in which to “plant or sow” and then to “reap the harvest”

His Kingdom is a fully functional kingdom in every respect!  All of these aspects of the Kingdom of Yahuah are clearly laid out in The Bible.  This book could be the “Cliff Notes” to that text book (the Bible) on the Kingdom of Yahuah.


The Outline of this Book

In this book I am going to clearly define:

  • The Keys to study – Covenants, Progressive Revelation, Physical to spiritual parallels, and Transposition
  • The Purpose of Yahuah in creating the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Realm governed by the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Sovereign King of the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Capital City of thee Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Castle or Temple of the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Altar of the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Seal of the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Standard or Sign of the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Citizens of the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Constitution of the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Holy Days in the Kingdom of Yahuah
  • The Abomination of Desolation that denies entrance into the Kingdom of Yahuah

Let us begin our journey and may Yahuah give us “eyes to see” into that spiritual kingdom.


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