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Chapter 18




So let me quickly summarize what has been revealed in this book. 


The Spring Feasts

The Spring Feasts are a portrait of the Bride preparing herself through Mikveh to wash herself clean, then sacrificing her old life (leavened bread at the rehearsal dinner and entering into the Renewed Covenant), and then offering her future life as a living sacrifice to her future husband (the Messiah not Yahuah) on the Altar of Yahuah every Passover.  Making her acceptable to the Father of the Groom, her future Father by Covenant Law when she weds His firstborn Son on The Day of Atonement.

Then after entering into covenant to become the Bride of the Messiah, washing herself clean, and giving herself to her husband; she then meets her future husband (the Messiah) at the altar to commit to the wedding vows before Yahuah on Shav’uot.  The Wedding Vows (the Law) is transposed from written in stone to written on her heart as she is given a “heart of flesh” and a Spirit of Loving Obedience to the intent of the vows (not ritualistic adherence to the letter).


The Fall Feasts

The Fall Feasts are where the Bride is revealed (Trumpets), the Bride and Groom are married (Day of Atonement) and the marriage is celebrated publically which is known as The Marriage Supper of the Lamb (Tabernacles). 

In this way, all the appointed times of Yahuah in both the Spring and Fall Festivals are a celebration of The Heavenly Wedding written in the stars at creation.  They celebrate how we enter into marriage with our Messiah, Yahusha.  Only those who show up properly prepared to meet Yahusha on his appointed times are accepted as his Bride.  Only those who Mikveh themselves clean, sacrifice their prior lives, and offer their lives to Yahuah as living sacrifices are qualified Brides.  We must follow the example Yahusha set that is The Way through The Narrow Gate.  That is why keeping his appointed times properly are so important, and why Satan changed them to pagan holidays to prevent those deceived from entering into this marriage covenant.

On Shav’uot, Let us celebrate the giving of the vows progressively over time as they were transposed from the mind of Yahuah into our hearts.  Remembering how they were given orally to Abraham, then written down with Moses, and finally transposed into the kingdom of Yahuah with Yahusha on Shav’uot.

Let us celebrate the beginning of the Renewed Marriage Covenant and go to all the world and preach this gospel to all creation.

We are to proclaim this covenant of marriage to all nations, believe in the example of Mikveh, circumcision, and offering set by the Messiah and follow his example and those who do are Mikveh’d clean and shall be saved.  I leave you all with this:

15 And Yahusha said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the “gospel to all creation” . 16 "He who has believed (circumcised of heart and entered into the Renewed Covenant and offered their lives as living sacrifices following in Yahusha’s example) and have been Mikveh’d shall be saved.

Let us now begin to look forward to and plan for the Fall Festivals of the Marriage Supper of the Lamb, the celebration of this wedding.

HalleluYahuah and worthy is Yahusha who set the example that we are all to follow during the Spring Festivals… of Mikveh, circumcision, and bringing and offering.


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