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“The one (Yahusha) who enters by the narrow gate (of Passover) is the Shepherd (Bridegroom) of the sheep (Bride). The Gatekeeper (Father of the Bride/Groom, Yahuah) opens the gate for him (Yahusha), and the sheep listen to his voice. He calls his own sheep by name and leads them out (of bondage to sin and death, through The Narrow Gate). When he has brought out all his own (from among the nations), he goes on ahead of them (into The Kingdom as The Great Shephered), and his sheep follow him because they know his voice” ... John 10:1-4


How it all went wrong

There are two Messiahs prophesied in Scripture. There is only one, however, prophesied by Yahuah in the Heavenly Scroll. Over time, our descendants lost contact (coming out of Babylon) with the message contained in The Heavenly Scroll. The Plan of Salvation was foretold in the heavens, where00000. one man (the strong man) would run the course of a Wedding as the Bridegroom (Psalms 19). He would give his life for his Bride as a ransom/dowry, and he is portrayed as “a Lamb that has been slaughtered from the foundation of the world” in the stars. Eternal life would result from his death, and he would come back for his Bride, and ultimately be victorious over the dragon.

The Plan of Salvation in The Heavenly Scroll was further articulated by His Prophets, where this Heavenly Wedding in the stars was laid out, in more detail in the Earthly Scroll by the Feast Cycle. This Feast Cycle portrays the Engagement (the Spring Feasts) and the Wedding (the Fall Feasts). In this yearly rehearsal of The Heavenly Wedding, the Spring Feasts were designed to teach us about the Engagement, where the Bride and Groom are made ready on the ‘preparation day’, then the Groom would pay the “dowry” and redeem his Bride with his own life, shedding his own blood to consummate the Marriage covenant. They would then be Engaged and commit to the Wedding Vows on Shav’uot. Then the Fall Feasts are a rehearsal of the Wedding itself, whereas laid out in The Heavenly Scroll, the Father chooses a Bride for His son, and the Bride is revealed on Earth, then the Bride is risen to meet her Groom (Trumpets). Then the Bride and Groom are wed (on the Day of Atonement) and they atone for Creation together. Then the Wedding Supper of the Lamb takes place over a 7-day feast (Tabernacles).

All this knowledge was lost in Babylonian Captivity. The House of Judah began longing for their King to return and deliver them from bondage to the nations and establish his Kingdom. They didn’t want the Engagement, they wanted to jump directly to the Wedding, without the Groom fulfilling his responsibilities to the Father by paying the dowry to first redeem the Bride.

All of this is spoken in prophecy as The Messiah ben Joseph (suffering servant) and Messiah ben David (conquering King). There is an order proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll and fulfillment had to be in that order. We see that even John the Immerser, the fulfillment of Elijah, was unsure how these prophecies would be fulfilled.

Luke 7:19
19 And John, calling two of his disciples to him, sent them to Yahusha, saying, Are You the Coming One (who comes twice), or should we expect another (Messiah to come as King)?

By the time the Messiah came to redeem his Bride, the High Priesthood had fallen, and the Temple had come under the control of “Priests” appointed by Rome. They did not prepare the House of Judah for the reality of the Messiah’s role, they were only interested in the “business of The Temple” (sound familiar?). When the Messiah did come, he was the fulfillment, by bloodline, to both the Throne of David and the Office of Zadok High Priest. He was the long-awaited Melchi Tsedek. He was the one prophesied to restore both the Throne and the Priesthood (which had fallen into the hands of Rome), and Yahusha was a threat (as the true High Priest and King of Israel), therefore he had to die (as did all the other Zadok Priests and aspiring Davidian Princes under Herod’s pogroms).

The people of Israel heard, those threatened by Yahusha, teach them lies (in the Synagogues and Temple) about how Yahusha was an imposter and had not come to liberate them. Therefore, he was not the long-awaited Messiah. The people of Judah were led astray and did not recognize their Messiah because they did not understand The Heavenly Scroll, the prophecies of the two Messiahs, or the meaning of the Feast Cycle. Everything had become a burdensome “ritualistic task” with no meaning. The loving intent of the Glorious Wedding was replaced with enmity toward Yahuah and His instructions in Righteousness. They were just “going through the motions”.

Spiritually this was according to the Plan of Yahuah. The House of Judah had to be the ones to make the sacrifice of the Lamb, so Yahuah had set this plan in motion. He would blind their eyes so that Yahusha could pay the dowry and redeemed his Bride from the Law of Sin and Death (sin and you die by decree). If they had accepted him, they would never have allowed him to die on Passover. It is interesting, that even though they did not understand, they proclaimed the truth of “what” he was doing.

John 11
49 But one of them, Caiaphas, who was High Priest that year, said to them, "You know nothing at all, 50 nor do you take into account that it is expedient for you that one man die for the people, and that the whole nation not perish." 51 Now he did not say this on his own initiative, but being High Priest that year, he prophesied that Yahusha was going to die for the nation”


Initially, just after the Messiah came, there were true Nazarenes who knew the Scriptures and understood The Heavenly Scroll, such as Sha’ul. They taught in the synagogues, and the Jews came to their Messiah in drovers. The Nazarenes exploded on the scene and outnumbered every other sect in Israel (Pharisees, Sadducees, Essenes, Zealots, etc.). Soon, however, the Jews fell victim to Hellenism, and Judaism was overcome by Hellenism (this is admitted even by Jews today when Gamaliel, Sha’ul’s mentor, died). Gamaliel, the greatest Rabbi in Jewish history (outside of John the Immerser, Yahusha the Messiah, and Sha’ul the Apostle whom they deny), even accepted Yahusha as the Messiah (which Judaism denies today). Gamaliel maintained his position in the power elite of The Temple to use his influence to protect the Nazarenes. Once Judaism succumbed to Hellenism, they wrote lies in the Talmud about Yahusha, and literally outlawed Nazarenes from entering the Synagogues. The Nazarenes were forced into hiding and the House of Judah was at the mercy of Hellenized Rabbinical Judaism where it remains today.  For more information, see my book The Nazarene!

You can’t become part of Judaism without renouncing the Messiah, because they have been taught lies about their King for 2000 years. That is compounded by Christianity who presents the world with a total false Greek demi-god patterned after Tammuz and Antiochus (who abolished The Law). All the prophetic Scriptures pointing to the Messiah were “re-introduced” by Rabbinical Judaism. Now these Scriptures that plainly prove Yahusha is the Messiah are mistaught as though these Scriptures were about the nation of Israel, and not about the Messiah. The fact is… the people of Judah today are never properly introduced to their Messiah! For more information on this topic, please read my book Melchizedek and the Passover Lamb. You can learn more on my website www.sabbathcovenant.com.

There will come a day, when Yahuah will raise up true Nazarenes who are equipped to reason with the Jews from their own scriptures (as Sha’ul did), and explain to them everything I just said. They will introduce them to the true Messiah. They will begin to see Yahusha for who he really was: The High Priest of Israel, King of Israel, the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll, and the most influential man in history, was one of their own. They will reclaim the greatest “Jew” who ever lived back to themselves. Yahusha will return to receive them as their King at that time, and then come as the Messiah ben David and setup his Kingdom.

Yahusha is The Way to Yahuah

For 2000 years, we all have been misled on how to enter The Narrow Gate by Christianity and Judaism. We keep the baptized pagan rituals of Easter or the Seder. Instead of properly preparing ourselves as the Bride of the Messiah… we have fallen from The Way (which is the example Yahusha set on Passover):

John 13:15
15"For I gave you an example that you also should do as I did to you. 16 "Truly, truly, I say to you, a slave is not greater than his Master, nor is one who is sent greater than the One who sent him

He then proceeded to be Mikveh'd, Circumcised, and brought his life to the Altar as a living sacrificial Offering. By making the proper sacrifice, the Veil was torn, giving us all access to the Altar of Yahuah to bring our own lives as living sacrifices as The Law prescribes! Sadly, no one understands these Spiritual Truths laid out by the example Yahusha set. Only those who are prepared properly as His Bride will be risen to participate in The Wedding.

Ephesians 5
25 Husbands, love your wives, just as the Messiah (the Groom) loved the body (his Bride) and gave himself up for her (as the Passover Lamb) 26 to make her Holy, (ritually) cleansing her by the washing with living water (Mikveh) through The Commandments (Circumcision), 27 and to present her (properly) to himself as a radiant assembly, without spot or wrinkle or any other blemish (as spotless Passover Lambs of Yahuah, “offering”), but Holy and blameless.

Yahusha the Messiah came the first time to fulfill The Passover Season. Passover is The Narrow Gate that leads us out of bondage and into the Kingdom of Yahuah.

What this book will address

There are two issues facing the Nazarene followers of Yahusha today concerning Yahuah’s Appointed Times:

1.    When do we celebrate these Appointed Times?

2.    How do we properly fulfill our roles in these prophetic rehearsals?

I wrote this book to answer those two questions clearly, so that the Nazarene Assembly of true believers will be faithful to meet Yahuah on His Appointed Feasts and in a way that brings Glory to Him. We must know The Way that we can properly fulfill our role as the Bride of the Messiah (not Yahuah) by preparing ourselves through Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering.

For 2000 years, the traditions of Hellenized Rabbinical Judaism and the pagan false religion of Christianity has dominated the hearts and minds of the people. We were all brought up committing The Abomination of Desolation by keeping Easter over Passover (as I will explain later). We came out of Babylon, repented, and looked for answers as to “how” we keep His Appointed Times; we then began following the human traditions of the Pharisees, known today as Rabbinical Judaism. We literally went from one pagan ritual to another, remaining unfaithful in our attempts at obedience by not following the example set by Yahusha on Passover. This book will give us all clear instructions on how to properly enter The Narrow Gate by following the “true way that leads to Eternal life” ... The Truth, the Way, and the Life example of our Messiah.

The Narrow Gate is very narrow, and very few there are that find it! In this book, I am going to explain that Narrow Gate, and why it is so very narrow. I am going to develop The Narrow Gate Scripturally as follows:

Chapter 1 - The Scarlet Thread of Redemption
Chapter 2 - Introduction to the Passover Season
Chapter 3
- Human Sacrifice or Greatest Expression of Love
Chapter 4 - Physical to Spiritual Parallels
Chapter 5 - Yahusha’s Example on Passover
Chapter 6 -
First Passover Meal - The Chagigah
Chapter 7
- The Day of Passover
Chapter 8 - The Second Meal of Passover - The Feast of UnleavenedBread
Chapter 9 - The Wave Sheaf Offering
Chapter 10 - The Engagement - Shav’uot 
Chapter 11 -
The Heavenly Scroll and the Annual Wedding Celebration
Chapter 12 -
The Heavenly Scroll – Divine Calendar of Yahuah
Chapter 13 - The Annual Calendar of Yahuah
Chapter 14 - A Historical Account of the Fulfillment of Passover
Chapter 15
- The Jewish Seder – Baptized Paganism
Chapter 16 - Detailed look at Easter
Chapter 17 -
The Abomination of Desolation

My goal is to develop The Narrow Gate of Passover, which was prophesied in The Heavenly Scroll, saved Isaac from death, led the Israelites out of bondage and into the Promised Land, and has been rehearsed for thousands of years before the Messiah came to fulfill it. It is “The Way” to Yahuah, through Passover, that Yahusha came to show us. It is the same requirements that have always joined us to the Commonwealth of Israel. Yahusha came to transpose these requirements, and we, now, are instructed to follow his example of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering. HalleluYahuah! And Worthy is the Lamb, Yahusha the Messiah!

After reading this book, we will all know how we are to meet on the first night of Passover to eat leavened bread, drink wine, and Mikveh ourselves clean of sin. How we enter into The Yahushaic  Covenant by our word, and “remember” the meaning of Passover; discussing our role in the upcoming days. How we then are to “prepare” ourselves on the day of preparation, offering our lives to Yahuah as living sacrifices on His Altar. How we all should celebrate the coming Kingdom for 1 week eating lamb and unleavened bread. Finally, how we all meet with our Father on

Shav’uot to Circumcise our hearts, and agree to the Wedding Vows, becoming Engaged to be married to Yahusha our Bridegroom in the Fall Wedding



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