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Chapter 13


My intention in this book, is to help us understand the role The Law plays in the coming Kingdom. I wanted to illustrate that The Law is Eternal and defines the Righteousness of our Father. The Law is not something that was “given” with Moses and “taken away” with Yahusha; but existed in every covenant all the way back to Adam!

The “letter” of the Law was always designed to be a guide or a tutor unto true Righteousness, which is ‘Spiritual Intent’. Yahuah is training us during this life, to come to understand His Righteous Intent; so that when it is our turn to govern, we can do so, without a “set of instructions”! When we are governing His Creation “(The Universe”), there is no “list of instructions” to cover every mystery we will encounter. We must be trained to be “One” with our Father. We will truly be His Divine Representative and One with Him in Mind, Will, Purpose, and Spirit. We will not need “instructions”, we will be 100% qualified to govern without them. His “Righteousness” will literally be “written on our hearts” (in our Intent) and He will trust our judgments and trust that we will not rebel against Him.

Contrary to popular opinion and teaching, Yahusha IS NOT the “living Word”. That is a pagan concept derived from Plato using the pagan concept of “Logos”. Yahusha is the Predestined Plan, written in the stars at creation (The Heavenly Scroll), NOT “made flesh” but rather, ‘fulfilled IN the flesh’. He is the fulfillment of that prophesied one that would come and properly teach us the ‘Intent of The Law’; and show us (by example) The Way, whereby, we can fulfill The Law ourselves!

Yahusha laid out that path, through Mikveh (were his body was ritually cleansed and prepared through Living Water), then Fire (as Yahuah sent His Spirit to fully embody His Newborn Son), as Yahusha “fulfilled all Righteousness” through Obedience to that path Yahuah had established for all of us! Yahusha became the first “born again” human son. Later, he returned that earnest guarantee when he commended his Spirit back to his Father, and was then the First ‘resurrected’ son into the Eternal family of Yahuah. The “Firstborn of the dead”.

Yahuah's Intent to save, met Yahusha's Intent to Obey… the rest is His- Story.

True Righteousness is not found in Obedience to the letter, but in the highest form of Obedience…is to the ‘Intent’ behind the letter’. This is what The ‘Yahushaic’ Covenant is all about… I want to encourage everyone to go to The Law yourselves. Work out your OWN Salvation with fear and trembling, by studying and living by the letter; until you are able to discern Yahuah’s intentions. At the appointed time, Yahuah will then appoint you a mature son, and grant you Liberty.

This is the goal, to produce Liberated sons of Yahuah, qualified to govern in His place, without a written set of instructions, as they are one with Yahuah in Mind, Will, Purpose, and Spirit… i.e. INTENT! This is a process, so do not think Yahuah expects perfection. He covered that by providing us a “way” (Mikveh, Circumcision, Offering). Treat this life as your training in His Righteousness; using the letter of The Law as your guide to coming to the ‘Knowledge of Righteous Intent’.

Knowing that it is a PROCESS; and you are in a battle to the death with your flesh, as you renew your mind daily, and learn to defeat your fleshly desires. Do not get discouraged, stay the course, and the Righteous reward is waiting… those who endure this process of Sanctification, wage war with the flesh until the very end, the very same ones shall be saved. So do not give up, do not be condemned, be determined!

We see this is a battle of “intent”

Romans 7

14 For we know that The Law is Spiritual; but I was carnal, sold into the power of sin. 15 For what I “intended to do”, that I did not do; but what I hated, that is what I did (unintentionally). 16 And if I did what I did not intent to do, I agreed that The Law is Righteous (in showing me my error). 17 As it was, it was no longer I myself who did it, but it was sin living in me. 18 For I know that nothing Righteous dwelt within me, that is, in my flesh. For I had the will (intent) to do what was right, but I did not carry it out. 19 For the Righteousness that I wanted to do, I did not do; but the evil which I did not want to do, that I did. 20 Now if I did what I did not want to do, it was no longer I who did it, but it was sin living in me that did it. 21 So I found this Law at work: That evil was present with me--the very one who wanted to do Righteousness: 22 For I delight in The Law of Yahuah according to the inward man; 23 But I saw another Law at work in the members of my body, waging war against the Law in my mind, and bringing me into captivity of the Law of Sin, which is in my members. 24 O wretched man that I was! Who will deliver me from the body of death? 25 Thanks be to Yahuah, I have deliverance through Yahusha Messiah our King! So then, with this same mind (Spiritual Intent that was in Yahusha), I serve The Law of Yahuah (by Intent not the letter alone), while in the flesh that is yet subject to the Law of Sin.

And do not let those immature children, who condemn based on the letter (and not the ‘intent of the heart’) get you down. They are but babies sucking on the bottle! They appoint themselves "teachers and judges" and stand on a self-made pedestal. Beating others down with The Torah, abusing His Righteousness. Pray for them that they would wean themselves off of the milk (letter) and mature to the meat (intent).



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