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Andrew testifies Yahusha fulfilled The Heavenly Scroll

Verse 43-50: Andrew testifies that Yahusha is the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll, a Light to the Nations

35 The next day John the Immerser was there with two of his Nazarene Disciples, 36 watching Yahusha as he walked among the Nazarene followers of John, John said; Behold (the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll) the Lamb of Yahuah (ARIES - As Yahusha is portrayed as a Lamb slaughtered in the stars at Creation Galatians 3:6-8)! to direct his followers to the True Light (represented by the Sun in The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 19 fulfilled in Yahusha John 1:1-4).

37 Now the two Nazarene Disciples of John heard him say that, so they (and many other followers including the Disciple John) accepted Yahusha as the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll (their High Priest/King and Spiritual Light) and followed Yahusha. 38 Then Yahusha turned and saw them following, and said to them: What do you want? They said to him; Rabbi (Yahusha and many of his Disciples were called Rabbi and were not educated in the Rabbinical Schools nor did they sit and learn at the feet of any established Rabbi. This greatly angered the Pharisees), where are you staying? 39 He said to them: Come and see. They came and saw where Yahusha was staying and remained with him that day; this was about the tenth hour (about 4: 00 in the afternoon).

40 One of the two Nazarenes who heard John the Immerser announce Yahusha the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll (LOGOS/DABARSpoken Promise/Plan of Salvation in the beginning John 1:1-4), then followed Yahusha was Andrew, Simon Kepha's/Peter’s brother. 41 The first thing Andrew did, was find his brother Simon, and said to him; We have found The Messiah (Conquering King foretold in The Heavenly Scroll LEO/ORION, Isaiah 42:6)! He has come to Spiritually fulfill the physical light of the Sun (The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 19, Malachi 4:2, Isaiah 60:1, 2 Samuel 23:4, Proverbs 4:18, Isaiah 9:2, Isaiah 30:26, Isaiah 49:6, Isaiah 60:1, Matthew 4:15, Luke 1:78, Luke 2:32, John 8:12, John 12:40): He is the Anointed One a Spiritual Light to the Nations (Isaiah 42:6, Luke 2:32, Acts 13:47, Isaiah 49:6)! 42 Then Andrew brought Simon Peter to Yahusha. And when Yahusha looked at Simon Peter, Yahusha said: You are Simon son of Yahnah/Jonah. You will be called Kephah, (meaning: ‘Hollow Rock’).

Verse 43-50: Philip confirms that Yahusha is written about in The Heavenly Scroll, The Law, and The Prophets

43 The following day Yahusha set out for Galilee. He found Philip the Nazarene follower of John the Immerser and said to him: Follow me. 44 Now Philip was from Bethsaida, the city of Andrew and Peter.

45 Philip found Nathanael and said to him; We have found the one Mosheh/Moses spoke of in The Law (Deuteronomy 18:17, Luke 24:27), and the one the Prophets wrote of who would fulfill The Heavenly Scroll--Yahusha the Nazarene, the (physical) son of Yahceph/Joseph (the Spiritual Son of Yahuah)! 46 Then Nathanael said to him; Can any Righteous thing come out of Nazareth? Philip said to him; Come and see.

47 Yahusha saw Nathanael coming to him and said about him: Behold! A true (honest) Israylite, in whom is no cunning deceit (guile, a rare trait among the Jews)! 48 Nathanael said to him; How do you know me? Yahusha answered him: Before Philip called out to you, when you were under the fig tree, I saw (was given a vision of) you. 49 Nathanael answered, and said to him: Rabbi, you are The (Spiritual) Son of Yahuah! You are the (Conquering) King (Messiah) of Yisrael/Israel (fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll VIRGO, LEO, ORION, etc.)! 50 Yahusha answered, and said to him: Because I said to you: I saw you under the fig tree; you believe, do you? You will see greater things than these.


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