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John Chapter 17

A Commentary by Rav Sha’ul


Verses 1-5: Yahusha lifts up his eyes to the stars and expresses his faith in The Plan of Salvation written in The Heavenly Scroll which he came to fulfill and declares it is the Fullness of Time (time to be fulfilled)

Verses 6-8: The Groom gives the Family Name to his Bride who becomes ‘Children-in-Law of The Father’ through Marriage Covenant/adoption

Verses 9-12: We all are One Family (H3162 - yachad) with our Father the same way Yahusha is “One with the Father”

Verses 13-15: Yahusha goes to retake the Throne in Heaven and casts down The Dragon

Verses 16-19: Sanctify the Nazarenes with the Truth to defeat The Dragon with The Word of His Testimony

Verses 20-24: The Groom fulfills The Heavenly Scroll, marries the Bride, and they become One Family in Yahuah called The Mystery of the Ages

 Verses 25-26: The World has denied The Heavenly Scroll and does not know Yahuah! Yahuah is known by the Works of His Hands proclaimed in the stars, which Yahusha came to fulfill




Chapter 17 starts out with Yahusha lifting his eyes up to the stars and expressing his faith in The Heavenly Scroll where The Plan of Salvation is laid out in the stars. It foretells of a coming Messiah who dies at the end of The Age of ARIES the Lamb (when the age ends, or lamb dies metaphorically).

Yahusha came at what the Scriptures declare was “the fullness of time” or the “time when the Plan of Salvation is fulfilled”. Our Salvation was promised in the 4,000th year or 4th Prophetic Day as Daniel declared when he read The Heavenly Scroll. The Plan of Salvation plays out in The Heavenly Scroll over 7,000 years called The Sabbath covenant; the “Everlasting Covenant” that mankind denied and broke, Isaiah 24, resulting in a curse that destroys the Earth.


Mark 1:14,15
14 Yahusha went into Galilee and proclaimed the Gospel of Yahuah (
The Word of His Testimony). 15 “THE TIME (The Heavenly Scroll) IS FULFILLED", He said, “and the Kingdom (proclaimed) in The Heavenly Scroll is near. Repent (and be Mikveh’d/AQUARIUS i.e. follow The Way) and believe in the Good News (that Yahuah has fulfilled His Promise/LOGOS in Yahusha John 1:1-5)!”


Ephesians 1:10
as a plan (LOGOS/DABAR) for the fullness of time, to bring all things proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll and fulfilled on Earth in Yahusha.


1 Timothy 2:6
who (Yahusha/The Branch VIRGO) gave Himself as a ransom (dowry LIBRA) for all (his Bride AQUARIUS) -- The Testimony of Yahusha (The Heavenly Scroll) that was given at JUST THE RIGHT TIME (ARIES).


John 5:25
Very honestly, I say to you: The time is coming (when I will fulfill The Heavenly Scroll on Earth), and now is the fullness of time (end of the Age of ARIES).

In Chapter 17, Yahusha has given his Disciples all the information they can understand and much more. Now he turns his attention to his Father and cries out for Yahuah to honor His Promise and Glorify him through Resurrection.

Hebrews 5:7,8
7 During the days of Yahusha’s Earthly life, he offered up prayers and petitions with loud cries and tears to the One Who could save him from death (
CAPRICORNUS), and Yahuah heard his cries for Salvation because of Yahusha’s reverent obedience to The Heavenly Scroll (Zechariah Chapter 3). 8 Although he was a Son, he learned obedience from what he suffered (dying to pay the dowry in obedience to Yahuah’s Will and love for his Bride).

In his plea to the Father, Yahusha sums up his role defined in The Heavenly Scroll as the Groom. He has manifested the Father in a way no one had ever seen and gave Yahuah’s Family Name to his Bride in marriage. He praises the Nazarenes for accepting The Heavenly Scroll and his role to fulfill it. The Nazarenes are found innocent of “the two evils”.

Jeremiah 2:13
"For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken My Covenant of Peace (brought by The Son of Man ORION The Prince of Peace) and rejected The Fountain of Living Waters (poured out by AQUARIUS the Bearer of Living Water and Manna from The Heavenly Scroll), they hew for themselves cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water (cannot be filled with His Spirit).

Yahusha prays on behalf of the Nazarenes that they be enlightened by His Spirit to understand “the Light” that ORION shines and see him as “ORION The Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven” and that they come to understand The Mystery of the Ages, that Yahuah is begetting a Family.

Isaiah 60:1
“Arise (ORION and ride the clouds of heaven), shine; for your Light (ORION is ‘the Light Bearer) has come (been fulfilled in Yahusha), And the Glory of Yahuah (proclaimed by The Sun/stars/constellations Psalm 19 and Enoch 35:3) has risen upon you (like the Sun). 2 “For behold, darkness will cover the Earth and deep darkness the peoples; But Yahuah will rise (like the Sun) upon you (Luke 1:77-79) And His Glory (proclaimed by the Sun in The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 19) will appear upon you.

Luke 1:76-79
76 And you, my child, will be called a Prophet of the Most High (
for proclaiming The Heavenly Scroll/Plan of Salvation); for you will go on before The Messiah to prepare THE WAY for him (of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering Matthew 3:13-17), 77 to give his people the knowledge of salvation through the forgiveness of their sins (through MIKVEH called The Way), 78 because of the tender Mercy of our Elohim, BY WHICH THE RISING SUN WILL COME TO US FROM THE HEAVENLY SCROLL (to restore The Word of His Testimony written in the stars John Chapter 1:1-3)! 79 to (arise and) shine (ORION the Light Bearer Isaiah 60:1) on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death (John 1:5), to guide our feet into the path of peace (as The Prince of Peace Isaiah 6:9 to re-unite the two Houses constellation CANCER and brings The Covenant of Peace to the Nations Isaiah 42:5-7).

The Heavenly Scroll is a Divine Love Story, a Heavenly Wedding whereby Yahuah begets His First-born Son, chooses a new Bride for him in an arranged marriage, they get engaged, court, then marry, and the Bride is adopted into the Family of Yahuah as His Children-by-Law of Marriage. This is The Mystery that Yahusha came to reveal. Never before had The Creator been seen in such intimate light as a “Father” and never had anyone been in such close relationship with Yahuah as to cry out Abba Father!

Yahusha expresses the Family relationship that exists through The Spirit inside us as we are all begotten in Yahuah’s Image as His Divine Children. It is a Family through covenant (Yachad). Sha’ul the Apostle expressed the Mystery of the Ages in Hebrews below:

Hebrews 2:10-18
In bringing many sons and daughters to glory, it was fitting that Yahuah, for Whom and through Whom everything exists; (Yahuah) should make the Author of their Salvation (Yahusha) perfected (Hebrews 5:9 – ‘Having been perfected, he became to all of those who obey him the author of Eternal Salvation’) through what he suffered (a life and death on Earth by walking The Way). 11 Both the One Who makes people Holy (Yahuah) and those who are made Holy (Yahusha and all his brother/sisters) are of the same Family (John 17:19-23). So Yahusha is not ashamed to call them (Remnant Israel/Nazarenes) brothers and sisters (Yahusha is our elder brother, not our God).

12 He says, I (Yahusha) will declare/give Your Name (he gives us Yahuah’s Family name in Marriage) to my Bride; in the assembly I will sing Your praises. 13 And again, I (Yahusha) will put my trust in Him (Yahuah). And again, he says, Here am I, and the (rest of the) children Yahuah has given me (as my Bride).

14 Since the (future) children have flesh and blood (are trained by a life on Earth), he (Yahusha) too shared in their humanity (as a human trained and sanctified by a life on Earth John 17:19-23) so that by his death he, Yahusha, might break the power (by walking The Way, being perfected and dying innocent) of him who holds the power of death that is, The Dragon (we all defeat death by walking The Way, death cannot hold the innocent. Yahuah forgives our iniquity and remembers our sin no more in covenant with Yahuah and raises us from the dead as He did our elder brother, that is The Good News)— 15 and free those who all their lives were held in slavery by their fear of death (Yahusha freed us from The Law of Sin and Death by covering the Decrees in The Law that demand the death penalty. We are not held in slavery to The Law but fear of death for disobeying it).

16 For surely it is not angels Yahusha helps, but Abraham’s descendants (the bloodline of the Sons of Yahuah remains defined by the Abrahamic covenant). 17 For this reason he (Yahusha) had to be MADE ‘in the flesh’ by Yahuah just like them (g4561 – sarki / in the flesh – ‘born human to two human parents outside of any Divine Influence, prone to sin and opposed to Yahuah’), fully human in every way (he had to be Born-AGAIN) in order that he might become a merciful and faithful High Priest (Wonderful Counselor) in service to Yahuah (he is Our High Priest, not Yahuah in the flesh), and that he might make atonement (as the fulfillment of the promise to the House of Tsedek/Zadok) for his own sin and the sins of the people (Hebrews 9:7, 7:27, 5:3, 4:14). 18 Because he himself suffered discipline when he was tempted, he is able to help those (brothers and sisters in the family of Yahuah) who are being tempted.

Below, Paul continues describing this amazing Mystery of the Family of Yahuah. This “Family” is known as “Elohim” which means “Divine Rulers, Judges, Representatives of Yahuah’s Power and Majesty”. We now are human, Yahuah is not human He is “Elohim”. Upon Resurrection or the transposition of our bodies from physical to Spiritual we too will be “elohim”, begotten in Yahuah’s full image as children. We see that pro-creating a Family of “gods” was the very “purpose of Yahuah” and it was laid out before the foundation of the world in The Heavenly Scroll.

Ephesians 1:1-23
1 Paul, an Apostle of Messiah Yahusha by the Will of Yahuah, to the Bride which is at Ephesus, and to the faithful in (covenant with) Messiah Yahusha: 2 Grace be to you, and peace, from Yahuah our Father (of Elohim), and from the King Messiah Yahusha. 3 Blessed be the God (Paul declares The Shema or “Seal” of The Kingdom of Yahuah) and Father of our King Messiah Yahusha, Who (Yahuah) hath blessed us (His sons, Elohim) with all Spiritual blessings promised (LOGOS/DABAR) in The Heavenly Scroll in (Marriage Covenant with) Yahusha (we are co-heirs Romans 8:7): 4 According (to Yahuah’s purpose to beget a Family and adopt us as children in covenant with Yahusha John 1:12)) as He (Yahuah) has Chosen (predestined) us in Him(self), (we are in covenant with Yahuah through The Yahushaic Covenant which is a Marriage Covenant where we are adopted children Romans 8:15. It is in that way that Yahusha and all His sons are ONE FAMILY with Yahuah John 17:19-23) before the foundation of the world written in the stars (Psalm 119:89, Psalm 89:2 it was Yahuah’s purpose from the beginning before Creation to pro-create a Family), that we should walk The Way (example set by Yahusha) and be Holy and without blame before Him (Yahuah) in love (of Family):5 Having predestined us to be the adoption of children-by-Law (through Marriage to His Son) by (the life sacrifice of) Messiah Yahusha (who offered his life as a dowry to redeem his Bride and reconcile her back) to Himself (Yahuah), according to the Good Pleasure of His (Yahuah’s) Will (to pro-create a Family…  His Purpose), 6 To the praise of His Glory proclaimed by the stars (Psalm 19, Enoch 35:3) where we would be granted forgiveness (Yahuah will ‘forgive our iniquity and remember our sin no more’ for those who walk The Way in The Covenant of Peace), wherein Yahuah has made us (His Children through Yahusha whose blood covers the Death Decrees) accepted in the beloved (Family of Elohim).

7 In whom (Messiah Yahusha) we have redemption (from The Law of Sin and Death) through his blood (Yahusha is The Passover Lamb), (we have) the forgiveness of sins (Death Decrees in The Law for violating His Commands are covered by the blood), according to the riches of His (Yahuah’s) Grace (it is Yahuah who forgives sin and accepts Yahusha’s Sacrifice to satisfy the Decrees that demand our death for breaking His Law, that is the definition of Grace); 8 Wherein (The Yahushaic Covenant) He (Yahuah) hath abounded toward us (unlimited Grace) in all wisdom and prudence (having forgiven our iniquity and remembers our sin no more Jeremiah 31, Ezekiel 36);

9 Having made known unto us (in the stars/constellations Psalm 19) the mystery of His Will (to beget a Family), according to His (Yahuah’s) Good Pleasure which He hath purposed (predestined to create) in (the full image of) Himself (He is the Father of Elohim, the One True Living God, and we are recreated in His Spiritual Image upon Resurrection): 10 That in the dispensation of the fullness of times (at the end of The Age of ARIES/the Lamb as the Lamb/Age ends/dies) He (Yahuah) might gather together (CANCER) into One Family (through the covenant of Marriage, the two shall become One) all things in (covenant with Yahusha the) Messiah, both which are declared in The Heavenly Scroll, and which are fulfilled on Earth; even in Him(self, Yahuah will reconcile Creation through the sacrifice of His Son 2 Corinthians 5:11-21):

11 In whom (the First-born Son, Messiah Yahusha) also we (too) have obtained an inheritance (as sons of Yahuah, we inherit the Universe), being predestined according to the purpose of Yahuah Who worketh all things after The Divine Counsel (The Heavenly Scroll) which declares The Works of His Hands (Psalm 19, Enoch 35:3): 12 That we (sons of Yahuah) should be to the praise of His Glory, who first trusted in Messiah Yahusha (that he was the fulfillment of The Word of Yahuah’s Testimony/Divine Counsel/Heavenly Scroll/LOGOS).

13 In whom (Yahusha) you also trusted (was the OROIN The Branch and the Bearer of The Light of Life, AQUARIUS the Bearer of Living Water/Manna), after that you heard the Word of Truth (Psalm 89:2,119:89 eternally preserved in The Heavenly Scroll as Yahusha preached The Way because The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll is at hand Matthew 4:16,17), the Good News of your Salvation (proclaimed in the stars, fulfilled in the flesh by Yahusha, that Yahuah has provided The Way to perfection and The Messiah walked it and was raised from the dead): in whom (Yahusha) also after that you believed (and walked The Way in his footsteps), you were sealed with that Holy Spirit of Promise (the Spirit of Yahuah is the “blood of the Family of Yahuah” a Spiritual Parallel of a human bloodline or Family). 14 Which is the earnest (guarantee) of our (future) inheritance (as sons of Yahuah) until the Redemption (transposition of our bodies from the Physical Realm to the Spiritual Realm) of the purchased possession unto the praise of His Glory.  


17 That the God (Paul again declares the Shema) of our King Messiah Yahusha and the Father of His Glory (“my God and your God, my Father and your Father” – John 29:17), may give unto you the Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation (proclaimed by The Heavenly Scroll) in the knowledge (the stars/constellations proclaim Psalm 19:2) of Him(self - we know Yahuah by the Works of His Hands Romans 1 declared by the stars/constellation Psalm 19, Enoch 35:3): 18 The eyes of your understanding being enlightened (to His purpose to procreate a Family declared in the stars); that you may know what is the Hope of His (Yahuah) calling (you as a child), and what the riches of the Glory of His inheritance in the saints (we inherit and rule the Universe), 19 And what is the exceeding Greatness of Yahuah’s Power toward us (as children) who believe, according to the Working of His (Yahuah's) Mighty Power (declared in the stars Psalm 19, Enoch 35:3), 20 Which He (Yahuah) demonstrated in The Messiah, when Yahuah raised Yahusha from the dead (to prove The Way works and confirming Yahusha’s sonship fulfilling the Promise in CAPRICORNUS), and Yahuah set Yahusha at Yahuah’s Own Right Hand (of the Throne of Creation. Yahusha is Yahuah’s proxy King fulfilling LEO) in The Kingdom of Yahuah (The Heavenly Scroll/Throne in Heaven Daniel 7, Revelation 5), 21 Far above all principality, and power, and might, and dominion, and every name that is named, not only in this world, but also in that which is to come (LEO): 2 And (Yahuah) hath put all things under his (Yahusha’s) feet, and Yahuah gave Yahusha (the First-born Son) to be the head (of His Family as King LEO) over all things to the assembly (of His Sons), 23 Which is His (Yahuah’s Temple) body, the fullness of Him (Yahuah) that fills all in all (in The Yahushaic Covenant we are all filled with the fullness of His Deity (Ephesians 3:19).

Sha’ul the Nazarene is reading The Heavenly Scroll and teaching The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll is fulfilled in Yahusha The Messiah as he is describing The Mystery of the Ages, which is the revelation of the Eternal Family of Yahuah predestined and purchased through the Blood of the Lamb. That Yahuah’s Family is His Glory proclaimed by the stars. The head of the body (Yahuah’s Spiritual Temple) is The Messiah, the First-born Son, and the rest of His sons are the body. This body of sons of Yahuah (head and all) will liberate Creation and rule over it within a Divine System of Government. All laid out in The Heavenly Scroll!

This is the Mission and Message Yahusha brought in his ministry as I have shown so far! Yahusha continues declaring this Message in Chapter 17 and bearing witness to Yahuah as a “Father” and the Nazarenes as His Children through Marriage. For more information on the Covenant that Bears His Name… Please read my book The Yahushaic Covenant.


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