Yahuchanan Chapter 1

A commentary by Rav Sha’ul



Verse 1-10: The declaration of The Plan of Salvation written in the stars called The Heavenly Scroll or The Word (LOGOS / DABAR) of His Testimony.

Verse 11-14: Change of context from The Heavenly Scroll to the Fulfillment of it. Now John bears witness that Yahusha is the Fulfillment of the “Light of the Sun proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll”.

Verse 15-18: Yahusha is The Eternal High Priest who showed us The Way/Doctrine of Righteousness: how we fulfill The Law, are adopted by Yahuah, and filled with the Fullness of Deity in our bodies through Mikveh fulfilling The Heavenly Scroll (constellation AQUARUIS).

Verse 19-28: The Testimony of John the Immerser the Prophet Crying Out in the Wilderness Luke 1:76 and Isaiah 40:3

Verse 35 – 42: Andrew testifies that Yahusha is the Fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll, a Light to the Nations

Verse 43-50: Philip confirms that Yahusha is written About in The Heavenly Scroll, The Law, and The Prophets

Verse 51: Yahusha confirms he is the Fulfillment of The Word of Yahuah’s Testimony written in The Heavenly Scroll




The Testimony of John Chapter 1 begins with the fulfillment of Zacharyahu’s/Zechariah’s (the Immerser’s Priestly Father who served in The Temple) prophecy concerning John the Immerser’s role as a Prophet of Yahuah. John the Immerser was to restore The Heavenly Scroll and show Yahuah’s People The Way of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering laid out in the stars at Creation. He was to “set the Path of The Messiah straight” by Mikveh’ing The Messiah clean of his sin by walking The Way so that he could be consecrated High Priest by Yahuah (Zacharyahu/Zechariah Chapter 3).

Let us review the prophecy spoken over John the Immerser by his father Zacharyahu/Zechariah.

Luke 1:76-79
76 And you, my child, will be called a Prophet of the Most High (
for proclaiming The Heavenly Scroll/Plan of Salvation); for you will go on before The Messiah to prepare THE WAY for him (of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering Matthew 3:13-17), 77 to give his people the Knowledge of Salvation through the forgiveness of their sins (through MIKVEH called The Way), 78 because of the tender Mercy of our Elohim, BY WHICH THE RISING SUN WILL COME TO US FROM THE HEAVENLY SCROLL (to restore The Word of His Testimony written in the stars John Chapter 1:1-3)! 79 to (arise and) shine (ORION the Bearer of the Light of Life Isaiah 60:1) on those living in darkness and in the shadow of death (John 1:5), to guide our feet into the Path of Peace (as the Prince of Peace Isaiah 6:9 to re-unite the two houses constellation Cancer and brings The covenant of Peace to the Nations Isaiah 42:5-7).

This is the Scriptural context of John 1:1-28 and must be understood within the context of what John the Immerser was sent to accomplish, what he taught, and the role he played in The Plan of Salvation. He did not come to bear witness to “God coming to Earth in the flesh” but rather to testify and bear witness to The Heavenly Scroll and that it would be fulfilled in the flesh by Yahusha.

John the Immerser was the founder of The Nazarenes and taught The Heavenly Scroll’s fulfillment to his followers. Nazarene means “follower of The Branch” as The Messiah is called in The Heavenly Scroll.

Betulah (VIRGO/Mercury) - H1330 - בְּתוּלָה (bĕthuwlah) – the Virtuous Bride
A young maiden will give a virgin birth to a beautiful Glorious and Righteous Branch (who will be the First-Born Son, open her womb, and be heir to High Priest and King of Yisrael). The seed (star Spica) of the woman (idiom for human being) will be a man of humiliation (Suffering Servant/Spring Feasts) to rise to be the Desire of Nations (King of Kings) and will become exalted first as Shepherd (High Priest) then as Harvester (Conquering King/Fall Feasts).  

The Messiah is represented in The Heavenly Scroll by ORION Bearer of the Light of Life “coming in the clouds of heaven” as we see Yahusha declare that he is the Fulfillment of ORION and AQUARIUS the Bearer of Living Water.

ORION the Bearer of the Light of Life
The coming Prince of Peace, the Light (of the World), the One who holds the double-edged sword in his hand (the Word of Yahuah), he is the coming of The Branch, the One wounded by the serpent, the foot that crushes the head of the serpent.”

D'li (AQUARIUS/Saturn) - 7627. שְׁבָט (Shebat) -- to cease, rest, or desist
He pours out “Living Water from on High, humanity drinks of the Heavenly River and the faithful Live again, he is the Deliverer of The Good News (Gospel), Carrying the wood of the Sacrifice over the Earth (as the Sun/stars/constellation proclaim The Good News to all mankind day after day, night after night Psalm 19).

Chapter 1 is the Testimony of John, Philip, Andrew, and Nathanael that Yahusha came to fulfill the LOGOS (The Heavenly Scroll) in the flesh and is The King (Messiah) promised before the Foundation of the world. The Chapter ends with Yahusha confirming he is The Branch and came to fulfill The Heavenly Scroll. Chapter 1 sets the stage for the remaining chapters where Yahusha sets out to fulfill Yahuah’s Will on Earth as it is written in The Heavenly Scroll. Yahusha demonstrates with Acts of Power (miracles) that he came with the full backing of the witness in the stars (The Word of His Testimony) and the Power and Authority of The Creator of those stars and Author of The Heavenly Scroll whom Yahusha introduces as his (and our) Father.

The words spoken by The Messiah astonished those who heard him speak, no man in history has ever came and declared he was the fulfillment of the stars and backed it up with Acts of such Power. Yahusha then orchestrates his own execution by taunting the High Priest by riding in ahead of him on a donkey, disrupting the money flow in the Temple, and then recruits Judas the Scicarii in a covert mission to fool everyone including his own Disciples, the High Priest, and the world for 2000 years and have him “betrayed” at the perfect timing so that he could give his life willingly on Passover to fulfill The Heavenly Scroll.

In this chapter we see the intimate relationship between The Messiah (Yahusha) and his wife Miriam, his miracle at his own wedding to begin his ministry, and Miriam’s complete dedication to her beloved to Anoint him for his task, stick by his side when all others ran, mourn at her beloved’s tomb, and then Yahusha come to the Disciple he loved most before all others to comfort his beloved.

We see Pilate bear Official witness on behalf of the Gentiles that Yahusha is truly The King of the Jews in Fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll. Pilate becomes very scared at the prospect of killing the future Divine Elohim and tries everything he can to set Yahusha free. Yahusha comforts Pilate telling Pilate it is outside his control and it is Yahusha’s destiny not to Rule as King now, but to die. Finally, against his will, Pilate turns Yahusha over to his destiny to die at the hands of the children of The Dragon. Yahusha is executed as The Dragon strikes the heel of ORION. Then Yahusha defeats death and is declared Divine by the Power of the Resurrection, ascends to The Father to receive his Glory as King of Kings as ORION crushes the head of the serpent. Throughout this book we see the Battle of the Ages between ORION and The Dragon materialize in the physical life of Yahusha The Messiah.

I will explain more as we go in the introduction to each chapter. Before we get into the actual text, I want to establish Spiritual, Historical, Scriptural, and finally Textual context. Vital information we are going to need to discern the Testimony of John properly and restore The Word of Yahuah’s Testimony to the Scripture.

The Gospel of John has been twisted in translation by The Spirit of the False Messiah to proclaim “another Gospel” message which is blaspheme against the Spirit of Yahuah. We will overcome that blaspheme and properly render the Testimony of Yahuchanan (Gospel of John) to bring Glory to Yahuah and Yahusha.



The Word was God false doctrine exposed

The Word WAS God? … No!  “The Divinely Spoken Promise exists Eternally in The Heavenly Scroll!” John 1:1-5.

The doctrine of pre-existence and Incarnation lives and dies on the first few verses in John Chapter 1 that seem to say Yahusha was literally ‘the Word and he was with God and he was God’. This is blasphemy and I am going to introduce us to the effects of Greek Hellenism and “the Lying pen of the Scribe”. 

We are going to learn that the concept/doctrine surrounding the word “logos” being the physical manifestation of God is a pagan Greek Philosophy taught by every Greek Philosopher before The Messiah came and afterward. The translators who gave us our English Bibles were all Hellenized Greeks who poured into the Hebrew texts all the implications of these Greek Philosophies. They denied The Heavenly Scroll where His Word exists Divinely written for all Eternity proclaiming The Coming Messiah called The Word of His Testimony.


Psalm 89:2
I will declare that Your Love Stands Firm forever, that you have established Your Faithful Promise (LOGOS) of Salvation in The Heavenly Scroll itself.


Psalm 119:89
Your Word (LOGOS / DABAR), Yahuah, is Eternal; it Stands Firm written in The Heavenly Scroll.


Psalm 19:1-6
1The Heavenly Scroll (Shamayim - stars, Sun, and constellations) are telling of the Glory of Elohim (John 1:14); And their expanse is (The Divine Counsel) declaring the Work of His Hands (Enoch 35:3, John 1:3). 2 Day to day The Heavenly Scroll pours forth speech, And night to night the Sun/stars/constellations reveal Knowledge. 3 There is no speech, nor are there words; Their voice is not heard. 4 Their line (Zodiac means ‘line/path/way the Sun takes travels through the constellations’) has gone out through all the Earth (the ecliptic plane), And their utterances to the end of the world (John 1:9). In the stars/constellations Yahuah has placed a tabernacle for the Sun (Luke 1:78-79, Matthew 4:16-17), 5 Which (the Sun) is as a Bridegroom (John 3:19) coming out of his chamber (to marry the Bride John 3:29); It Rejoices as a Strong Man (ORION) to run (riding the clouds of heaven)his course (of a wedding as the Groom… the Feast Cycle/The Heavenly wedding). 6 The Sun’s rising (Luke 1:78, Matthew 4:16-17) is from one end of the heavens (Shamayim/stars), And its circuit (Zodiac) to the other end of them; And there is nothing hidden from its Light/Revelation.

The Greeks then twisted the Scriptures under The Spirit of the False Messiah to blaspheme The Creator and deny His Spirit which testifies Yahuah is Immortal Invisible Spirit NOT “a mortal sinful man who died” Romans 1.

Yahuah gave us advanced warning that we would “think we have His Word” but what we would be given is a twisted lie through translation, and those seeking Wisdom from Yahuah in the stars would be caught up into idolatry.

Jeremiah 8:7-9
7 But My People do not know The Ordinance of Yahuah (Eternally Preserved in the stars Psalm 119:89, Psalm 89:2). 8 "How can you say, 'We are wise men (h2450 chakam - 'astrologers' and know ‘the Secrets Preserved in The Heavenly Scroll which men were striving to learnEnoch 6:9), And The Word of Yahuah's Testimony (that Yahusha is The Branch foretold in The Heavenly Scroll) is with us'? But behold, the ‘lying pen of the scribes’ Has made My Word (LOGOS / DABAR - 'Spoken Promise in the beginning' Eternally preserved in The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 119:89, Psalm 89:2) into a lie (by removing The Word of His Testimony). 9 "The wise men (h2450 chakam – ‘astrologers’ ) are put to shame (for twisting The Heavenly Scroll into Incarnation the 'Mystery' of the Babylonian Zodiac), They are dismayed (by the constellations/stars/Sun to worship them Jeremiah 10:2 – "Do not learn the way of the nations (corrupted Babylonian Zodiac), and do not be dismayed at the Signs/constellations/stars of The Heavenly Scroll”) and caught (in idolatry Deuteronomy 4:19 – “When you look to the heavens and see the Sun, moon, and stars—all the stars in the sky—do not be led astray to bow in ‘worship’ to them and serve them.); Behold, they have rejected the Word of My Testimony (The Heavenly Scroll), And what kind of wisdom (Spiritual Understanding of The Plan of Salvation written in the stars which proclaim The Glory of Yahuah Psalm 19:1, which is Yahusha Hebrews 1:3, and declare His Handiwork Psalm 19 and Enoch 35:3 and many more Scriptures) do they have (because the Scriptures are literally based on The Heavenly Scroll/Plan of Salvation/LOGOS written in the stars at Creation which is what Yahusha came to fulfill Hebrews 10:7 and Matthew 6:10)?

In Jeremiah 8:8, we see that the wise men are dismayed and caught... what is this saying exactly? Well, let us put it into context. We know in the NT wise men are astrologers. They were the only ones to locate The Messiah (because they were skilled in reading The Heavenly Scroll) even though every living person in Yisrael was searching for The Messiah as Daniyahel/Daniel had given the timing of his coming. In Hebrew (Jeremiah 8:8) as in Greek the word is H2450 and it means "men skilled as in Astrologers"... see Definition #4.

We see in Jeremiah that Yahuah warned us not to learn The Way of the Nations which is the corrupted Zodiac spread to all cultures at the tower of Babel called Mystery Babylon. As Enoch told us, The Heavenly Scroll was corrupted into witchcraft, fortune telling, magic, and the worship of the Sun, stars, and constellations. This is what we think of today when we hear the word Zodiac.

We are never taught the Truth that there is an Original meaning to the Sun passing through the constellations that is The Word of His Testimony, so we reject the foundation of His Word outright just as The Dragon planned. The Dragon has taken The Throne in heaven by force and corrupted The Plan of Salvation and polluted the Scriptures with “another gospel”.

Isaiah 14:13-14
13 “But you said in your heart, ‘I will ascend to The Heavenly Scroll; I will raise my throne above the stars of God (to take The Throne in Heaven), And I will sit (on The Throne in The Heavenly Scroll) on the Mount of Assembly with the stars as my abode. 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds of heaven (the Milky Way to defeat ORION, per book of Revelation); I will make myself like an IMAGE of the Most High.’

The Dragon (the Son of Perdition/Jesus Christ) now sits on The Throne, making the hand sign of 666, with 666 (Chi, Xi, Sigma) written all over this false image… that is the God of this world worshipped by the vast majority of humanity in various forms who do not even realize they have fallen for the corrupted Zodiac!

Hesus (Jesus) Horus (H.) Krishna (Christ) with the corrupted Zodiac behind his head, the mark of the beast on every painting while making the symbol of the beast Chi, Psi, Sigma (666) identified in Revelation Chapter 13. See my book The Antichrist Revealed!

The Antichrist Revealed! by Rav Sha'ul click here.

The Son of Perdition seated on The Throne in Heaven, Christianity is literally based on The Babylonian Zodiac of Sun worship, Incarnation, the Trinity, and so forth. See my book Christianity and The Great Deception click here.

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Ba'al Shmayim has taken The Throne in Heaven by Force

We have fallen for Ba’al Shamayim (The Lord of Heaven), the Trinity of Babylon, and mankind is guilty as charged. This is what Daniyahel/Daniel told us to look for when he said Ba’al Shamayim (the corruption of The Heavenly Scroll) which was then mistranslated as “Abomination of Desolation”.

We see in Jeremiah 8:8 we are told the WISE MEN who looked into the heavens and were dismayed by the magnificence of His Creation were then CAUGHT up in idolatry! We see this confirmed in context:

Jeremiah 10:2
Thus says Yahuah: Learn not the way of the nations (the corrupted Zodiac), nor be dismayed at the signs/Starry Hosts/Divine Counsel/constellations of The Heavenly Scroll because the nations are dismayed (Jeremiah 8:8) at them (and caught up in idolatry).

We are not to worship the Sun, stars, and constellations because they are not gods, they are ‘Divine Pictographs’ with meaning given to all mankind called The Divine Counsel.

Deuteronomy 4:19
And beware not to lift up your eyes to heaven and see the Sun and the moon and the stars, all the Starry Host (constellations) of The Heavenly Scroll and be drawn away (from the True Way proclaimed in the stars) and worship them and serve them (the Way of the Gentiles), those which Yahuah your God has allotted to all the peoples under the whole heaven.

The Nazarene followers of The Branch issued a stern warning that the Truth was being twisted by the Greeks into a pagan lie, another Gospel, and another Messiah:

1 Corinthians 1:20-25
20 Where is the wise men (h2450 chakam - 'astrologers' and know ‘the Secrets Preserved in The Heavenly Scroll which men were striving to learnEnoch 6:9)? Where is the scribe? Where is the disputer of this Age of PISCES? Has not Yahuah made foolish the wisdom (philosophy) of this world? 21 For since, in the Wisdom of Yahuah, the world (the Roman Empire) through wisdom (philosophy) did not know Yahuah (they rejected The Heavenly Scroll), it pleased Yahuah through the foolishness of the Message preached (The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll is at hand) to Save those who believe (that Yahusha is the Fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll/LOGOS in the flesh). 22 For Jews request a sign, and Greeks seek after wisdom (through philosophy); 23 but we preach the Passover Sacrifice of Yahusha (foretold in the stars as ‘a Lamb that is slaughtered’ at the end of the Age of ARIES/Lamb), to the Jews a stumbling block and to the Greeks foolishness, 24 but to those who are called, both Jews and Greeks, The Messiah is the Power of Yahuah and the Wisdom of Yahuah. 25 Because the foolishness of Yahuah is Wiser than men, and the weakness of Yahuah (if there is such a thing) is Stronger than men.


2 Peter 3:14-16
14 Therefore, beloved, looking forward to these things, be diligent to be found by him in peace, without spot and blameless (by walking The Way); 15 and consider that the longsuffering of our King (to show us The Way through The Narrow Gate on Passover) is Salvation (his way is the True Way that leads to Eternal Life) —as also our beloved brother Sha’ul, according to the Wisdom given to him, has written to you, 16 as also in all his letters, speaking in them of these things, in which are some things hard to understand, which untaught and unstable people (Greeks) twist to their own destruction, as they do also the rest of the Scriptures.

I will explain in this book what The Way through The Narrow Gate truly is; and the example Yahusha came to show us as he fulfilled The Heavenly Scroll. For an in-depth study of The Way, please read my book The Narrow Gate click here.

There is so much knowledge we must know to understand what has been hidden from us, too much to put into this book. I have written a very in-depth book series that walks us out of Babylon and into the Truth of The Yahushaic Covenant in detail. This book series covers The Battle of the Ages from Creation to the return of The Messiah.




Pagan Philosophy of LOGOS

Let's look closer at how the doctrine evolved that Yahusha is literally the "Word" or “Divine LOGOS” of Yahuah that became flesh used to justify Incarnation. Is Yahusha literally the "Word" or is Yahusha the Fulfillment of Yahuah's Word from The Beginning? There is a big difference. As I will show, the doctrine of Incarnation that lead to the acceptance of the pagan Babylonian Trinity through syncretism, did not come about until 4 centuries after Yahusha lived and died. The false doctrine that Yahusha is literally "LOGOS", and not the Fulfillment of Yahuah's Predestined Plan, evolved in the 4th Century through the tradition and reasoning under the influence of pagan Greek philosophers such as Plato...

The Abingdon Dictionary of Living Religions, page 767

TRINITY (Ch). The Dogma, formulated authoritatively in fourth century church Councils, that Christians worship one God in three persons (Father, Son, Holy Spirit) and one substance. Under pressure to explain to a hostile Roman world how Christians counted themselves monotheists, Christian apologists (notably Justin Martyr, d. 165) combined Johannine and Stoic-Platonic philosophy of the term “LOGOS” ("Reason," or "Word") in order to maintain that the Son was both God's own self-expression and a being distinct from him.

We read above The Trinity was justified not through The Word of Yahuah (because it cannot be) it was justified using Hellenism or the ‘combined Johannine and Stoic Platonic pagan philosophy of the term LOGOS’. We read below the term LOGOS was defined by Christians according to the interpretations of pagan influenced philosophers in order to promote a false pagan God-savior:

Encyclopedia Britannica, Volume 7, page 449: 

LOGOS (Greek: “word”, "reason, or plan"), plural logoi, in Greek philosophy and theology, the divine reason implicit in the cosmos, ordering it and giving it form and meaning. Though the concept defined by the term logos is found in Greek, Indian, Egyptian, and Persian philosophical and theological systems, it became particularly significant in Christian writings and doctrines to describe or define the role of Jesus Christ as the principle of God active in the creation and the continuation structuring of the cosmos and in revealing the divine plan of salvation to man. It thus underlies the basic Christian doctrine of the pre-existence of Jesus… The identification of Jesus with the logos was further developed in the early church but more on the basis of Greek philosophical ideas than on Old Testament motifs.

The Religions of Ancient Greece and Babylonia clearly tells us the Greek philosophical ideas were developed in Alexandria, Egypt from the pagan Babylonian mystery religions. These ideas, pertaining to the meaning of LOGOS, penetrated as a result of modern religious thought through the philosophy of Greece and Egypt. It was through syncretism (the blending of pagan religions with the Truth) that we have the word “LOGOS” or “Word” written in our English Bibles instead of the Hebrew word "dabar or The Plan of Yahuah” which is The Heavenly Scroll:

The Religions of Ancient Greece and Babylonia, by A. H. Sayce. pages 229-230

Many of the theories of Egyptian religion, modified and transformed no doubt, have penetrated into the theology of Christian Europe, and form, as it were, part of the woof in the web of modern religious thought. Christian theology was largely organized and nurtured in the schools of Alexandria, and Alexandria was not only the meeting place of East and West, it was also the place where the decrepit theology of Egypt was revivified by contact with the speculative philosophy of Greece. Perhaps, however, the indebtedness of Christian theological theory to ancient Egyptian dogma is nowhere more striking than in the doctrine of the Trinity. The very terms used of it by Christian theologians meet us again in the inscriptions and papyri of Egypt. Originally the trinity was a triad like those we find in Babylonian mythology. The triad consisted of a divine father, wife, and son. The father became the son and the son the father through all time, and of both alike the mother was but another form.

It is from the pagan MYSTERY religions that the Greek philosophers developed the idea of LOGOS. Incarnation is the “Mystery” in Mystery Babylon!

The New International Dictionary of New Testament Theology, Volume 3, page 1085

Among the systems offering an explanation of the world in terms of the logos, there are the Mystery Religions. These cultic communities did not see their task as lying in the communication of knowledge of a scientific nature, but of mysteries to their initiates who strove for purification in the recurrent enactment of sacred actions. The Foundation for these cultic actions was Sacred Text. Among them were the cults of Dionysus, the Pytha-goreans, and the Orphic Mysteries. By means of these cults, non-Greek thought, such as in the Isis-Osiris Mysteries, which Osiris the logos created by Isis is the spiritual image of the world. Similarly, in the cult of Hermes, Hermes informed his son Tat in the Sacred Text belonging to the cult, how by God's mercy, he became logos, and thus a son of God. As such, he (Hermes) brought regulation and form into world, but himself remained a mediating being between God and matter, on one side, and God and man on the other. The logos can also, however, appear as the son of Hermes, resulting in a triple (trinity) gradation: God (who is Zeus), Son (Hermes), and LOGOS.

We read in The New World Encyclopedia the concept of LOGOS being the ‘intermediary between God and the Universe by which the Universe was created’ was first conceived by Heraclitus then every pagan Greek Philosopher after him including Stoic, Philo, Socrates, Plato, Johannine, and Aristotle!

We also read from that same source here that is the foundation of just about every pagan religion that evolved out of Babylon.

In fact, The Catholic Church admits the Hebrew Originals were ALTERED by pagan scribes on purpose to promote their existing pagan beliefs. The Roman Catholic Church herself admits to the forgery of the Holy Scriptures.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6, page 136

"Substitution of false documents and tampering with genuine ones was quite a trade in the Middle Ages. Innocent III (1198) points out nine species of forgery [of ecclesiastical records] which had come under his notice. But such frauds of the Church were not confined to the Middle Ages; they begin even with the beginning of the Church and infest every period of its history for fifteen hundred years and defile nearly every document, both of "Scriptures" and of Church aggrandizement. As truly said by Collins, in his celebrated Discourse of Free Thinking: "In Short, these frauds are very common in all books which are published by priests or priestly men... For it is certain they may plead the authority of the Fathers for Forgery, Corruption and mangling of Authors, with more reason than for any of their Articles of faith..."(p.96.)"

I am going to show that the Testimony of Yahuchanan (Gospel of John) was not written in Greek but Hebrew, so he never used the word 'logos' to begin with! The evidence is overwhelming that John was a Hebrew Nazarene and rejected Incarnation outright (as all Nazarenes did) and never intended for his words to be twisted to conform to Greek Philosophy!

I am going to take us into the Greek language and we are going to look at what these words mean in the first few verses of John Chapter 1 and I am going to prove every English translation of the Bible is in grave ERROR! This "error" has led us all to literally blaspheme The Creator and worship a mortal man who died. Sha'ul warned us this was already going on in Rome in his day.

Romans 1:18-23 & 28
18 The wrath of Yahuah is being revealed from (The) Heaven(ly Scroll) against all the godlessness and wickedness of people (battle between Orion the Son of Man and the Dragon, the bowl of wrath is poured out over The Dragon), who suppress the Truth (of the One and Only Elohim, Yahuah John 17:3) by their wickedness (denying Yahuah’s Immortality claiming He came to Earth and died!), 19 since what may be known about Yahuah (that He is Invisible, Col. 1:15 and John 1:18 and 1 John 4:12 and Hebrews 11:27 and 1 Timothy 6:16 and Ex. 33:20 and Yahshub/Job 9:11 and 1 Timothy 1:17 and Romans 1:20 and not a man, Numbers 23:19 and Hosea 11:9) is plain to them, because Yahuah has made it plain to them (through Creation, The Heavenly Scroll, and His Word of His Testimony/LOGOS). 20 For since the Creation of the world (LOGOS / DABAR – ‘Spoken Promise from the beginning’ written into the stars on Day 4 of Creation when the stars were Created as SIGNS called The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 19) Yahuah’s Invisible qualities—His Eternal Power and Divine Nature (Immortality)—have been clearly seen (in The Word of His Testimony), being understood from what has been made (Creation, the stars Isaiah 48:11-17, Psalm 19, Enoch 35:3), so that people are without excuse (for denying The Messiah, Coming Conquering King ORION/LEO and in Galatians 1 and 3, he is portrayed in The Heavenly Scroll as crucified, a Lamb slaughtered at the end of the Age of ARIES when “the Lamb dies). 21 For although they knew Yahuah created The Heavenly Scroll, they neither Glorified Him as the Invisible, Immortal Elohim nor gave Thanks to Him for His Handiwork, but their thinking became futile (believing in Incarnation) and their foolish hearts were darkened (believing in The Way of the Gentiles and lived in ‘the shadow of darkness’ cast by the corrupted Babylonian Zodiac so the Light of the Sun no longer shined on them Luke 1:77-79). 22 Although they claimed to be wise men (h2450 chakam - 'astrologers' and know ‘the Secrets preserved in The Heavenly Scroll which men were striving to learnEnoch 6:9 Jeremiah 8:7-8), they were fooled by The Dragon and put their faith in the corrupted Babylonian Zodiac (Incarnation) 23 and exchanged the Glory of the Immortal Elohim for images made to look like a mortal man who died! (they were full of The Spirit of the False Messiah and idolized The Messiah who died, and blasphemed The Creator) … 28 Furthermore, just as they did not think it worthwhile to retain the Knowledge of Yahuah (that He is IMMMORTAL and INVISIBLE and SPIRIT), so Yahuah gave them over to a depraved mind (they do not understand the Scriptures and deny The Heavenly Scroll), so that they do what ought not to be done (put their faith in the corrupted Babylonian Zodiac and blaspheme the Holy Spirit/Ruach which declares Yahuah is an Immortal Invisible Spirit NOT a mortal man who died).”

The Greeks worshiped demi-gods men who were all "god in the flesh" as did every pagan religion dating back to Babylon! I am going to show scholarly references that admit the concept of Incarnation is based on Babylonian doctrines.

The Greeks twisted the Holy Scriptures out of Hebrew into Greek to promote their pagan idolatry of mortal men and elevated the Hebrew Messiah into Tammuz/Jesus the Incarnated demi-god and FALSE MESSIAH. Then burned the Original Hebrew texts to hide this blasphemy and deception as I show in my book Christianity and The Great Deception.




Lying Pen of the Scribe
“The Word was God” ... or "the Spoken Promise exists Divinely Preserved in the Heavens"?

John Chapter 1 has been mistranslated by pagan scribes to incorporate pagan doctrines and philosophies into what John actually wrote. We have been misled to literally blaspheme Yahuah by our English Bibles! We must correct this grave error in translation and restore The Truth. Yahusha was not a pre-existing member of a triune deity, he was not a god, and the Word is not a “person” it is an “it”! 

So, let us correct the “Lying Pen of the Scribes” and restore the Truth and “come out of Babylon”.

Let's begin with John 1:1… Below is the twisted version we find in every modern translation:

John 1:1
In the Beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.

I am going to prove that is a gross mistranslation of the text, a violation of the rules of the languages, and built on Greek Philosophy not the Hebraic Mindset. Remember, John was written in HEBREW by a Nazarene as I will show and use the word "dabar" not "logos" which means "God's Predestined Plan or Spoken Promise" referring to The Heavenly Scroll, not a pre-existing demi-god!

It should read:

John 1:1
In the Beginning was the SPOKEN PROMISE (The Word of His Testimony), and the SPOKEN PROMISE (to send a Messiah) was with Yahuah (in The Beginning Gen. 1:2 and Yahuah SAID "let there be light"), and the Spoken Promise exists Divinely written in heaven (in the stars at Creation called The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 19).

Below I am going to address each word in that phrase "Word was God" and prove it is a mistranslation and twisting of the text under The Spirit of the False Messiah to elevate The Messiah into a Greek demigod in idolatry (see Romans 1).



The "WORD" was God

LOGOS (Greek for ‘word') and Dabar (Hebrew for 'word') mean a “thing (word/promise) spoken by a living being” or rather a “word” as in plan, proposal, or promise. LOGOS / DABAR is a THING not a person by the very definition. So right away that rules out the translation “and the word was God” as it is the THING/Promise Spoken BY God, it is not a god or god.




The Word "WAS" God

The word the translators used to translate g1510 'was' is in error as well. The Word/LOGOS / DABAR/Spoken Promise called The Heavenly Scroll exists Eternally... not in past tense 'was'.

1 Peter 1:25
but the Word of Yahuah stands forever (written in The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 119:89, Psalm 89:2). And this is the Word (of His Testimony) that was proclaimed to you (The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll is at hand).


Psalm 119:89
Your Word (Dabar/LOGOS/Spoken Promise), Yahuah, is Eternal; it stands firm (written) in The Heavenly Scroll.


Psalm 89:2
For I have said, "Lovingkindness will be built up forever; In The Heavenly Scroll You will establish Your Faithfulness."

The true translation of g1510 is not 'was' it is EXISTS!



The Word was "GOD"

The word translated ‘God’ is also out of context in this case. Since ‘Word’ is not a god, it is a thing, then we must choose the definition of g2316 that harmonizes with the Scriptures not the word that conforms to Greek Philosophy. Strong's g2316 can mean "divinely" or "godly" as in something from Yahuah such as His Spoken Promise is a "Divine Promise" in proper context.

The Spoken Promise (LOGOS - g3056) exists ( en - g1510) Divinely (Theos - g2316)! 

Now that we have examined the actual Greek words translated "Word was God", we find the actual translation (outside of pagan Greek Philosophical influence) is that Yahuah's Spoken Promise in Gen. 1:2 "let there be light/Revelation" was then Authored into Creation on Day 4 with the Creation of The Heavenly Scroll as SIGNS... that tell of The Coming Messiah Psalm 19 as I will prove without a doubt in this book.


This is what all the Prophets proclaimed and what the Nazarenes taught... The Word/LOGOS / DABAR is called The Heavenly Scroll; written into Creation as an Eternal witness to all mankind and IT (the Word of His Testimony/LOGOS / DABAR) exists as Yahuah's stamp over His Creation and Promise to reconcile all things back to Himself through a human mediating Royal High Priest. It was that "Word" that Yahusha came to fulfill he did not come to Earth from some mythical place called Heaven located in the stars where he lived with “God”! That is 100% pagan... and we all fell for it because of The Lying Pen of the Scribes made The Word of His Testimony into a lie.

Hebrews 10:7
Then I said, 'Here I am--it is written about me in the Heavenly Scroll-- I have come to do Your Will, my God! (Matthew 6:10)


Matthew 6:10
Your Kingdom come, Your Will be done, on Earth as it is (written) in (the) Heaven(ly Scroll).

This Message is The Gospel that John the Immerser was Anointed to bring as the Greatest Prophet of all.

Matthew 3:1-3
1 In those days John the Immerser came teaching The Way/Doctrine of Righteousness of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering The Way to forgiveness of sin (Luke 1:77-79), preaching in the wilderness of Yahdah/Judea 2 and saying, Repent, for The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll is near (The Branch/Messiah/King foretold in the stars was at hand). 3 This is he who was spoken of through the Prophet Isaiah: A voice of one calling in the wilderness (restoring The Heavenly Scroll – ‘the rising Sun will come to us from The Heavenly Scroll), Prepare The Way for The King (Luke 1:77-79), making his Path straight through Mikveh (forgiveness of his sin through Living Water/Mikveh Matthew 3:13-17 the foundation of The New Covenant Jeremiah 31, Ezekiel 36).

This is the Message that Yahusha the Nazarene came to teach and reveal.

Matthew 4:16-17
the people living in darkness (
following The Way of the Gentiles, the corrupted Zodiac Romans 1) have seen a great Light (as ‘the Sun has come to us from The Heavenly Scroll’ to show us The Way/Doctrine of Righteousness of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering Luke 1:77-78, Malachi 4:2); on those living in the land of (the Gentiles who live in) the shadow of death (of the corrupted Babylonian Zodiac Romans 1. ‘I will make you a covenant to the Nations, I will also give you for a Light, fulfillment of The Light of the Sun, to the GentilesIsaiah 42:7-9), a Light has dawned (been fulfilled on Earth in the flesh John 1:1-4, Luke 1:77-79).17 From that time on Yahusha began to teach The Way of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering saying, Repent (Circumcision of Heart) and be Mikveh’d (washed clean of your sin Jeremiah 31 and Ezekiel 36), for The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll (Shamayim – ‘the stars) is within your reach (he has come to fulfill it).

And this is the Gospel Message we all, as Nazarenes, are to take to the Nations:

Matthew 10:6-7
6 Go rather to the Lost Sheep of Yisrael. 7 As you go, preach this Message: ‘- The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll has been fulfilled (at hand)”

We have turned our backs on The Word of His Testimony.

John 12:39-41
39 For this reason (turning their back on The Heavenly Scroll and following The Way of the Gentiles) they were unable to believe. For again, Isaiah says: 40 He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts, so that they cannot see with their eyes (what the stars proclaim Psalm 19), and understand with their hearts (the meaning of the Light of the Sun Isaiah 6:9-10), and turn, and I would heal them (as 'the Sun coming with healing in its wings' Malachi 4:2). 41 Isaiah said these things because he saw Yahusha’s Glory (as he witnessed The Heavenly Scroll which declare the Glory of Yahuah Psalm 19 and Enoch 35:3) and spoke about Yahusha (revealed the contents of The Heavenly Scroll Isaiah 48)


Isaiah 6:9-10
9 He said, Go, and tell this people: 'Keep on listening (to what the stars proclaim to all mankind day after day Psalm
19), but do not perceive (the meaning of the constellations); Keep on looking (for the Secrets Preserved in the heavens which men were striving to learnEnoch 9:6), but do not comprehend the Secret.' 10 "Render the hearts of this people insensitive, Their ears dull, And their eyes blind, Otherwise they might see with their eyes (The Heavenly Scroll), Hear with their ears (what the stars proclaim), Understand with their hearts (the Plan of Salvation which is the meaning of the Light of the Sun as traveling the ecliptic Psalm 19), And return and be healed."


2 Corinthians 4:4
The god of this Age has blinded the minds of unbelievers so they cannot see the Light of the Gospel of the Glory of Yahusha (The Heavenly Scroll), who is the image of Elohim (the risen Son, Divine Representative of Yahuah’s Power and Majesty h430elohim’ Thayer’s – “1 plural in number. a. rulers, judges, either as divine representatives at sacred places or as reflecting the divine majesty and power of God).


Jeremiah 8:7-9
7 But My People do not know The Ordinance of Yahuah (Eternally preserved in the stars Psalm 119:89, Psalm 89:2). 8 How can you say, We are wise men (h2450 chakam - 'astrologers' and know ‘the Secrets preserved in The Heavenly Scroll which men were striving to learnEnoch 6:9), And the Word of Yahuah's Testimony (that Yahusha is The Branch foretold in The Heavenly Scroll) is with us? But behold, the ‘lying pen of the scribes’ has made My Word (LOGOS / DABAR - 'Spoken Promise in the beginning' Eternally preserved in The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 119:89, Psalm 89:2) into a lie (by removing The Word of His Testimony). 9 The wise men (h2450 chakam – ‘astrologers’) are put to shame (for twisting The Heavenly Scroll into Incarnation the 'Mystery' of the Babylonian Zodiac), They are dismayed (by the constellations/stars/Sun to worship them Jeremiah 10:2 – "Do not learn the way of the nations (corrupted Babylonian Zodiac), and do not be dismayed at the Signs/constellations/stars of The Heavenly Scroll”) and caught (in idolatry Deuteronomy 4:19 – “When you look to the heavens and see the Sun, moon, and stars—all the stars in the sky—do not be led astray to bow in worship to them and serve them.); 9 Behold, they have rejected the Word of My Testimony (The Heavenly Scroll), And what kind of wisdom (Spiritual Understanding of The Plan of Salvation written in the stars which proclaim The Glory of Yahuah Psalm 19:1, which is Yahusha Hebrews 1:3, and declare His Handiwork Psalm 19 and Enoch 35:3 and many more Scriptures) do they have (because the Scriptures are literally based on The Heavenly Scroll/Plan of Salvation/LOGOS written in the stars at Creation which is what Yahusha came to fulfill Hebrews 10:7 and Matthew 6:10)?…


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