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John Chapter 14

A Commentary by Rav Sha’ul


Verses 1-8: Yahusha’s example is the True Way through The Narrow Gate that leads to Eternal Life in The Kingdom

 Verses 9-11: He who Sees Yahusha the Son, Has Seen the Perfected Righteous Image of The Father

Verses 12-15: We are to bring in the harvest by doing the same works at a greater level than the Exalted Harvester

Verses 16-24: The Promise of The Holy Spirit-- The Spirit that reveals the Truth of The Heavenly Scroll to The Chosen Few called Nazarenes

Verses 25-26: Yahusha Loves and obeys The Father

Verses 27-31: We are Yahuah’s Ambassadors of The Covenant of Peace




In Chapter 14, Yahusha is wrapping up his ministry of fulfilling The Heavenly Scroll in the flesh and doing Yahuah’s Will on Earth as it is written in The Heavenly Scroll. He has begun to walk the Righteous Path of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering and is ready to lay down not only his life. He understands that these are ‘secrets’ contained in the stars that he is fulfilling, and no one understands what he is doing. The Heavenly Scroll must be revealed by Yahuah and our blind eyes must be opened by the Father. As Yahusha has said many times thus far, the time is coming when they will “see ORION The Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven” which is an idiom for understanding his role as laid out in The Heavenly Scroll. But that must be revealed by the Spirit of Yahuah and that day is yet future.

Yahusha encourages his followers as he teaches his role as the Groom, to leave the Bride for a time to go prepare a place in his Father’s Estate for her. Yahusha explains that he is just the Groom, it is the Father Who gives the inheritance and he must go to the Father to receive his inheritance in the “land/Kingdom” and receive his Glory as King promised before the foundation of the world in the stars. Then he will prepare a place for the rest of us who are co-heirs. But to obtain that inheritance, Yahusha must ascend to the Father, break the seals over The Heavenly Scroll and read the context proving they speak of him, then receive the inheritance so that he can return, marry the Bride during the Fall Feasts and then they will both receive their inheritance together as The Heavenly wedding/Plan of Salvation is fulfilled.

Yahusha instructs them to pay close attention to his actions, as they must walk “The Way” through The Narrow Gate as he is about to do. The Disciples simply do not “get it” just yet. They do not understand The Heavenly Scroll or why Yahusha must do what he is about to do. They do not understand the concept of “family” with Yahuah and that Yahusha is His Son and perfected “image” or Righteous Character of the invisible Father. So to “see the son” is like looking at Yahuah’s Righteous Character as he is the image of his Father. Just like in human life, the son is the biological and genetic “clone” of his father and to look at a son is the same thing as looking as his father as one begot the other in his image. Yahusha teaches his Disciples that they must walk The Way of adoption to follow him into the Kingdom as sons of Yahuah. His way is the True Way that leads to eternal life (the Truth, The Way, and the Life).

Yahusha comes as the “Exalted Harvester” as laid out in the constellation VIRGO. He has come to reclaim the lost sheep of the House of Israel and re-unite both Houses into on Remnant Bride as ORION The Prince of Peace. His example will be made a covenant to the Nations… Yahusha explains to his Disciples in previous chapters that that they are to “work” to bring in the harvest that others have labored to plant. And they are to take the Gospel Message to the Nations and gather the harvest and in doing so their works will be more productive than even his own.

Yahusha assures his Disciples that while they do not understand anything he has done or said, that Yahuah will pour out His Spirit and enlighten them after he is gone and give them a Spirit of Comfort. That “Spirit” is the Spiritual equivalent of human blood in a family. It binds the Family of Yahuah together and he will not leave them orphaned! But they will be begotten by the Spirit of Yahuah and cry out Abba Father as he did. Yahusha explains that soon they will understand The Plan of Salvation laid out in The Heavenly Scroll which is a Divine wedding between the Bride and Groom arranged by the Father. It is a covenant relationship where we are all One Family.

Yahusha leaves them with The covenant of Peace to take to the Nations as Ambassadors of Peace through which Yahuah will reconcile His Children scattered among the Gentile Nations back to Himself through The Yahushaic Covenant. At the end, Yahusha realizes he has said a lot and Yahuah has not given them the understanding just yet. It isn’t for him to force the understanding but to walk The Way and die for them, so he begins to prepare himself to face The Dragon and pay the dowry for his Bride and redeem her from death.


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