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John Chapter 18

A Commentary by Rav Sha’ul


Verses 1-14: Betrayal and arrest of Yahusha

Verses 15-18: Kephah’s/Peter’s first denial, Yahusha’s beloved accompanies him at the trial

Verses 19-24: The High Priest Questions Yahusha and Yahusha witnesses The Plan of Salvation to High Priests

Verses 25-27: Kephah’s/Peter’s second and third denials

Verses 28-32: The children of The Dragon bear false witness against Yahusha

Verses 33-37: Yahusha witnesses The Plan of Salvation written in The Heavenly Scroll to Pilate and declares he is The King foretold in the stars

Verses 38-40: Pilate finds Yahusha innocent of all charges, the Children of The Dragon (the murders) cry out in bloodlust for the death of The Branch as The Dragon strikes ORION’s heel.



In Chapter 18, Yahusha is arrested and tried with Miriam Magdalene by his side. Yahusha witnesses to the High Priest and to Pilate that he is the fulfillment of The Plan of Salvation written in the stars. Yahusha is not executed by Rome because Yahusha explained that the King proclaimed in the stars must die then ascend to assume the Throne in Heaven therefore he is no threat to Caesar.


Pilate finds Yahusha innocent of all the false charges brought by the blood thirsty children of The Dragon. Yahusha is turned over to the children of The Dragon by Pilate for two reasons:


1.        It is a custom to release a prisoner and the children of The Dragon cry out for the blood of the innocent and chose the guilty.

2.        Yahusha has explained to Pilate that he must die at the hands of his brothers to inherit the Throne in Heaven.



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