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Yahuchanon Chapter 2

A commentary by Rav Sha’ul from The Testimony of Yahuchanon


Verses 1-5: Yahusha’s ministry begins with his marriage to Miriam of Bethany (also known as Miriam Magdalene) as “the Groom Comes out of his Chambers to Run the course of the Strong Man/Messiah” Psalm 19.

Verses 6-12: Yahusha begins ushering in The Spiritual Kingdom through Physical Parallels (miracles). Turning Living Water into “New Wine/The Spirit” as Yahusha is the Bearer of Living Water and Manna (AQUARIUS) in The Heavenly Scroll.

Verses 13-22: Yahusha cleanses the Outer Courts with Zeal for Yahuah's House

Verses 23-25: Miracles are not proof, they are deceiving!

Yahusha came to fulfill on Earth what is written in The Heavenly Scroll. The Heavenly Scroll lays out The Plan of Salvation through a Marriage Covenant (The Messiah is the Groom and the rest of the Children of Yahuah are his Bride). Yahusha was then put through a life on Earth, as we all are, to be trained for his role as the Groom, King, and High Priest. It is through this life on Earth, our training ground, that we mature in Spiritual Things through physical examples, rehearsals, trials, and tribulations through a process called Sanctification.

John 17:19-21
And for their sakes (as a Light to the Nations/example to follow) I Sanctify myself (in this life), that they also might be Sanctified by following my example the True Way that leads to eternal life.

It is within the most basic of all Biblical covenants (and Commandment of The Father) that we marry and be fruitful. The importance of entering into human marriage cannot be understated; that is where Yahusha would have been trained as The Groom, and where he would come to understand his role as High Priest and King of his own household. The same purpose marriage represents in all our lives. We learn through that most vital covenant the intimate relationship we have with our Father and what it means for “the two to become One” in Mind, Will, Purpose, and Spirit by sharing our lives with another in a Loving covenant. These vital principles required for Yahusha to function for all Eternity as the Groom, High Priest, and King could not have been learned any other way than through his human marriage. He learned first-hand what it means to Love someone so much that he would give his life for her… his wife Miriam Magdalene.


The human tradition that has won humanity over is that Yahusha was a “God” and for that reason he could not have been married or have children. If he was a “God” (so the false teaching goes) he would have had a line of demigod descendants. This is where we get fiction such as The Davinci Code and the belief that Kings of Earth are descended from Yahusha with a Divine right to rule. Even today, The House of Windsor the Royal Family of England believe they are his physical descendants of “Jesus” and therefore have a Divine Right to rule this Earth.


Yahusha was not a “god” but was born in the flesh to two human parents outside any Divine Influence! He, as a unique individual in human history, was anointed by The Father. If he had children, which he most likely did as I will prove, they would be normal children with no Divine Rights as Yahusha is the Eternal High Priest and King there is no more inheritance through bloodline after Yahusha as he lives and will never die, and Yahuah’s Spiritual Inheritance is given to all HIS CHILDREN through covenant as we are co-heirs. The Kingdom is Spiritual based on the Ruach not based on physical human blood.


The Greeks believed in and worshiped demigods. They worshiped the Babylonian Mystery Religion of a trinitarian god, divine wife, and divine son who came to Earth in the fleshly garments of Ba’al. There was no room in their beliefs for The Messiah to be human and married with a wife, that would create conflict with their belief in the Divine Mother of God and Queen of Heaven which they associated with Miriam (Mary) the mother of Yahusha. The Greek culture was predominantly a “gay culture” and the false image they created of Yahusha (Jesus) was patterned after a very effeminate, gay, long haired, unmarried, lawless Greek demi-god with “no desire for women”. That is the false image of The Messiah we were warned about in Scripture.


Yet, we still buy into that image today! See my book Christianity and The Great Deception.

Everything Yahusha did in the Gospels, are Physical to Spiritual Parallel as he manifested that Plan of Salvation in his own life in a very real way. His ministry begins as he fulfills The Heavenly wedding laid out in the stars on Earth by marrying Miriam of Bethany/Magdala and then pours out Living Water/New Wine at his own wedding supper. His ministry begins as it will end, with Yahusha pouring out Living Water/New Wine/The Spirit over His Bride at the Wedding Supper of the Lamb at the turn of the Age of AQUARIUS (Feast of Tabernacles). The Greeks, downplayed this event, changed the wording in translation, and left out the context required for us to understand the events taking place. We are never taught the historical context of Miriam (Yahusha’s mother) watching over the wine then coming to Yahusha to replenish the wine for his guests.


On the pages of the Gospels we see a very intimate relationship with his loved one Miriam Magdalene (the Disciple Yahusha Loved most or in a different way than the rest). A Love described as “long for, to desire”. Properly translated today, we say she was his loved one as that is our expression in English for family members. Miriam Magdalene traveled with Yahusha everywhere he went and never left his side. Women did not travel with their Rabbis and sit at the feet of their male teachers in that culture, only a wife would travel alone and spend nights with a group of men. We see Miriam Magdalene lie in Yahusha’s lap, recline on his shoulder, whisper in his ear, wash his feet in fine oils with her hair!


These are very intimate encounters in public that simply would never have occurred if they were not husband and wife in the first century Hebrew Language/Cultural Matrix. They probably would have been stoned to death!


Miriam Magdalene had access to The Messiah unparalleled by the others. In every way, Miriam of Bethany/Magdalene performed in the role of his wife before our eyes on the pages of Scripture and we simply deny it in favor of a Greek Gay Demi-god.


The Scriptures generally respect the private lives of those Yahuah has called. It doesn't talk about any of the men’s wives in the NT, yet we know they were married as it is assumed. We do not deny them that fundamental relationship whereby Yahuah trains them for His Kingdom, because we do not worship them as a God. That is the only reason we believe Yahusha was not married; because the Scriptures never make the claim he was unmarried. Yet we ignore all ‘facts and evidence’ that says otherwise in our Greek mindset.


Yahusha was 100% human and as an effective Eternal High Priest he lived a life as a normal man and went through everything we do. He obeyed Yahuah's Commands (marry and be fruitful) he did not come here to break them and be the exception to every rule!


He is not the exception, he IS the rule and he lived his life for that purpose as an example.


For Yahusha to be trained in the covenant he was entering into with Yahuah where the two shall become One in Mind, Will, Purpose, and Spirit; it would have been necessary for him to learn that through human marriage for him to be qualified in the next life as The Groom, High Priest, and King.


Marriage is the key to human society and many joys, critical learning experiences, trials, and tribulation are found in that covenant that cannot be experienced in any other way. For Yahusha to "sympathize with our weakness" as High Priest, he had to experience human life exactly as those whom he mediates on their behalf. Especially human marriage; the most significant human experience! If he did not experience marriage, he would be an ineffective High Priest.

Hebrews 4:15
For we do not have a High Priest who is unable to empathize with our weaknesses, but we have a High Priest who has been tempted in every way (and the most important human experience is Marriage), just as we are--yet he did not sin in the office of High Priest.

Hebrews 2:16-18
16 For surely it is not the angels he helps, but the descendants of Abraham. 17 So he had to be made like his brothers FULLY HUMAN IN EVERY WAY, that (because he was tempted in all human experiences) he might become (after a life of training) a merciful and faithful High Priest in service to Yahuah, in order to make atonement for the sins of the people. 18 Because he himself suffered when he was tempted (in his human experiences), he is able to help those who are being tempted (in theirs)

This denial of Yahusha’s humanity and rights to marriage and human experiences is yet another lie that robs Yahusha of his role as Messiah, just like The Virgin Birth, and Incarnation, etc. It makes Yahusha out to be the exception not the rule and denies him the most fundamental covenant of all in human life, and the pleasures that Yahuah desires for all His Sons... "It is not good for a man to be alone"... says Yahuah and that applies to all men including Yahusha The Messiah! Yahuah does not say one thing and mean another. These things should be assumed and if Yahusha is the exception that is to be explicitly stated.


Yahuah does not have one set of Laws for Yahusha and another set for the rest of His Children


We have two competing positions:


Position #1: The Spirit of the False Messiah - He was not married because he was a God.... deny deny deny the evidence. Yahusha cherry picked which Commandments to obey, abolished The Law and had no obligation to fulfill the Marriage Covenant and bear children… he was God and could do whatever he so pleased and nothing that applies to us mere humans applies to him.


Position #2: The Spirit of Yahuah (Yahusha came in the flesh) - He was human in every way, and all the evidence clearly tell us he was married, even Isaiah foretold he would see his offspring and so forth. His role was to come and be trained just like every other man, and then take the Office of High Priest and serve in that position with empathy because (for that reason) he had to be made just like the rest of us. Yahusha obeyed Yahuah’s Commandments including marriage and reproduction and that is assumed and needs not be specifically stated.


The question should have never been "was he married" that is assumed as all men in that language/cultural matrix and Children of Yahuah entered into that most vital basic covenant relationship. It should have been "how can he serve as High Priest and sympathize with our weakness if he was not!"


We deny Yahusha that training in Righteousness only to be found in a married relationship because we have elevated him as a God incarnate (blasphemy and The Spirit of the False Messiah and the “Mystery” in Mystery Babylon). So, let us put this issue in perspective! Let’s shine the blinding light of Historical Context on Yahusha’s life and relationship with Miriam of Bethany/Magdalene.  

The Greeks ignored all aspect of the Hebrew Language/Cultural Matrix. They HATED the Jews and set about to turn the Hebrew Messiah from an anointed Servant of Yahuah who was fully human in every way (and had every right and even obligation to marry) … into a Lawless Gay Greek Demigod!


The Lying pen of the Greek Scribes twisted the Scriptures in every place that should have showed us clearly that Yahusha was married to Miriam Magdalene! They intentionally did not identify “his loved one” and downplayed her role as his wife. They even invented the story of the harlot at the well and then associated Yahusha’s wife with a prostitute! This was admitted in recent history by the Pope as these lies are becoming very difficult to defend at the End of the Age. We have more knowledge and better resources and so forth to expose them. The Greeks went so far as to add to the Gospel of Mark 16:9 that says Yahusha cleansed Miriam Magdalene of "seven demons". The statement in Mark is part of the "longer ending" of that Gospel, not found in the earliest manuscripts, and which was a second-century addition to the original text to discredit his marriage among other things.


The goal of The Dragon was to elevate Miriam, the mother of Yahusha, as The Queen of Heaven in the image of Ishtar/Tammuz or Madonna/Child. To that false religion, “Jesus” simply could not have been married or that coveted role would have gone to his wife (IF he was truly God in the flesh which he was NOT)! So, they destroyed his marriage, bore false witness against Miriam Magdalene, and twisted the Scriptures so we would be none the wiser.


Today our translators all fail us miserably and do not put the Scriptures into historical context of the Hebrew Culture. Our modern translators are filled with The Spirit of the False Messiah and are not qualified to handle His Word and they pass down the Lying pen of the Scribes in our modern translations.


I will show clear evidence that the modern translators twisted the Scriptures speaking of Yahusha’s Wedding and his wife into a lie! I will prove the way it is translated is the exact opposite of what it really says in the original Greek. As the Scriptures declared, we have turned away from sound doctrine to doctrines taught by demons, and human fables (traditions).

2 Timothy 4:1-4
1 Now the Spirit expressly states that in later times some will abandon the faith to follow deceitful spirits and the teachings of demons, 2 influenced by the hypocrisy of liars, whose consciences are seared with a hot iron 3 For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires. 4 So they will turn their ears away from the Truth and turn aside to myths.



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