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John Chapter 7

A commentary by Rav Sha’ul


Verses 1-5: The Pharisees mock Yahusha and set a trap to have him killed

Verses 6-13: Yahusha did not come first as Conquering King to be served (The Fall Feasts) but to serve as The Suffering Servant (The Spring Feasts) as foretold in The Heavenly Scroll Mark 20:28

Verses 14-24: You must acknowledge The Heavenly Scroll to understand Yahusha’s teachings

Verses 25-36: The people are beginning to believe

Verses 37-44: Yahusha publicly declares he is the fulfillment of AQUARIUS the Bearer of Living Water and Manna

Verses 45-53: No man has ever taught they are the fulfillment of The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll



In the first few Chapters of John, we witnessed Yahusha declare and fulfill his role laid out in the constellation AQUARIUS as the Bearer of Living Water and Manna. In the next Chapters, Yahusha begins to proclaim The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll is at hand, as he is the fulfillment of the constellation ORION The Son of Man/Light Bearer.

ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life
below are the Star names that tell the story of ORION:
•Star name: Betelgeuse = The coming of The Branch.
•Star name Rigol = the Foot that crushes the Serpent.
•Star name Al Nitak = the wounded one (wounded by The Dragon/Serpent).

Story behind the pictograph of ORION:
“The coming Prince of Peace, the Light (of the World), the one who holds the double-edged sword in his hand (the Word of Yahuah), he is the Coming of The Branch, the one wounded by the serpent, the Foot that crushes the head of the Serpent.”


We see the people were astonished at his words and teaching. However, when we read his words in our twisted English Bibles taken from corrupted Greek texts, his words are anything but “astonishing”. They are quite simple, nothing really special, and very vague and almost sound like the ramblings of an incoherent simpleton.

Yahusha came and taught that he was the fulfillment of The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll which is The Word of His Testimony eternally preserved in the stars at Creation. That Message was taken out by the pagan scribes and watered down into what we have in our English Bibles today. The scribes/translators did not accept The Heavenly Scroll, they did not understand Yahusha’s teachings, and left out the vital context, implied meaning, and common knowledge shared between Yahusha and the Nazarenes who followed him. When that Message is restored, it becomes clear why the people were literally astonished at his teaching! Never before had a man spoken with the authority of The Creator, the backing of the witness of the stars, and proclaimed he came to fulfill The Heavenly Scroll.

The Son of Man/ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life in the Scriptures:

1 Corinthians 15:23,24:
23 But each in turn: The Messiah, the Firstfruits (
from the grave to receive his Spiritual Body); then, when he (ORION) comes (riding on the clouds of heaven), those (the Bride) who belong to him (AQUARIUS). 24 Then the end of the Age of PISCES (The Messianic Age) will come (and the Age of AQUARIUS/ The Kingdom Age will begin), when he (ORION the Conquering King) hands over The Kingdom (TAURUS) to Yahuah The Father after he has destroyed all dominion, authority, and power (LEO).

Psalm 68:32-34
32 “Sing to Elohim, O kingdoms of the Earth, Sing Praises to Yahuah, Selah.” 33 To him (
ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life) who rides upon the highest (clouds of) heaven, which declared from ancient times (in The Heavenly Scroll on Day 4) “Behold The Heavenly Scroll”, Yahuah Speaks forth with His Voice, a Mighty Voice (as His Creation Cries Out! The stars/constellation proclaim the Plan of Salvation ‘day after day, night after night to all mankind’ - Psalm 19). 34 Ascribe strength to Elohim; His Glory is proclaimed over (the heads of) Yisrael/Israel (by the stars Psalm 19) and His strength is revealed in The Heavenly Scroll (Sun/stars/constellations Shamayim as SIGNS of the Zodiac Enoch 35:3, Psalm 19, Genesis 1:14).…”

Revelation 1:12-17
12 “And I turned to see (
in The Heavenly Scroll) the Voice that Spoke with me (Yahuah had Spoken, identified Himself as Aleph/Tav, The Father). “And having turned (he didn’t see Yahuah), I saw (in The Heavenly Scroll) a golden seven lamp lampstand (the Heavenly Menorah which are the 7 classical planets also seen as the seals over The Heavenly Scroll); 13 And in the midst of the seven lamp lampstand (in The Heavenly Scroll/stars) One like The Son of Man (constellation ORION represents The Son of Man in The Heavenly Scroll)… “16 And in his (ORION’s) right hand he had seven stars (PLEIADES); and out of his mouth went a sharp, two-edged sword (the sword of ORION, a metaphor of the Word of Yahuah); and his face was like the Sun (ORION is ‘the Bearer of The Light of Life’ as the Sun is a metaphor of The Messiah see Psalm 19) shining in its strength. 17 And when I saw him (ORION), I fell at his feet as though dead (literally “scared to death” so to speak).”

Daniel 7:11-13
11 “I beheld (
The Heavenly Scroll), then, because of the Voice of the Great Words which ‘the horn’ (Strong’s H7162 - should be ‘Shofar’, Yahuah’s Voice sounds like a loud Shofar blast Hebrews 12:19, do not confuse this with the other ‘horns’ in Daniel, this one is a musical instrument, the Shofar) Spoke; I beheld (what is written in The Heavenly Scroll) until The Dragon was slain and his body destroyed (ORION The Son of Man defeats The Dragon SCORPIO/SAGITTARIUS), and given to the burning flame (The Heavenly Menorah Revelation 1:12). 12 As concerning the rest of the beasts, they had their governments taken away; yet their lives were prolonged for a season and time (Message behind the pictograph of TAURUS). 13 I saw in the night (sky) visions (of The Heavenly Scroll, he was laying down at night looking at the stars), and behold (the constellation ORION), one like the Son of man riding on the clouds of heaven (the Milky Way).

Deuteronomy 33:26
“There is none like the Elohim of Yahshurun, Who (ORION) rides the clouds of heaven to your help, And (the Works of His Hands) are proclaimed through The Heavenly Scroll in His Majesty/Glory (Psalm 19, Enoch 35:3).

Psalm 104:3
He lays the beams of His upper chambers in the waters; He makes the clouds of heaven (the Milky Way) His chariot (as ORION rides on the clouds of heaven); He walks upon the wings of the wind;

Matthew 16:28
“Truly I tell you, some who are standing here will not taste death before they see (a vision of ORION) The Son of Man coming in his Kingdom (riding the clouds of heaven)."

John 1:51
Then Yahusha said to Nathanael: “Very honestly, I say to you: You will see (in a vision) The Heavenly Scroll open, and the malakim of Yahuah ascending and descending upon The Son of Man (ORION. This is Yahuah’s witness that Yahusha is The Branch/Messiah to all mankind written in the stars “The Word of His Testimony” to confirm this to Nathanael as Yahuah did to many others).

John 8:28
Then Yahusha said to them: “When you have (admitted The Heavenly Scroll Isaiah 48:3-6) and lifted up your eyes to the stars (shamayim/The Heavenly Scroll) to see (perceive) The Son of Man riding on the clouds of heaven, then you will know that I am The Son of Man (ORION – ‘the coming of The Branch, the Bearer of The Light of Life), and that I do not do my own will, but the Will of The Father written in The Heavenly Scroll (Hebrews 10:7, Matthew 6:10).”

Acts 7:55,56
55 But being full of the Holy Spirit, Steven gazed intently into the stars and saw the Glory of Yahuah (
Psalm 19:1 – ‘the stars/constellations tell of the Glory of Yahuah), and Yahusha standing at the Right Hand of Yahuah; 56 and he said, “Behold, I see a vision of The Heavenly Scroll open up and The Son of Man (ORION) standing at the Right Hand of Yahuah coming in the clouds of heaven (Matthew 26:64).”

Luke 21:27,28
27 At that time they will see (in a vision OROIN) The Son of Man coming in the clouds of heaven with Power and Great Glory. 28 When these things begin to happen (The Sign of The Son of Man appears in The Heavenly Scroll Matthew 24, Revelation 12), stand up and lift up your heads (to the stars and read The Heavenly Scroll), because your redemption (proclaimed in the stars Psalm 19, AQUARIUS) is drawing near.

Matthew 26:64
“You have said it yourself”, Yahusha answered. “But I say to all of you, from now on you will see (understand The Heavenly Scroll) The Son of Man (ORION) sitting at the Right Hand of the Mighty One and coming on the clouds of heaven.”

Mark 13:26
Then they will see (in a vision ORION) The Son of Man coming in the clouds with Great Power and Glory.

Revelation 1:7
Behold The Heavenly Scroll, He (ORION) is coming with the clouds of heaven, and every eye will see him (proclaimed in the stars Psalm 19) --even those who pierced him. And all the tribes of the Earth will mourn because of him (Revelation 12). So shall it be! Amen.

Malachi 4:2
the Sun of Righteousness will rise (
like a Bridegroom coming out of his chambers to run the course of a wedding Psalm 19) with healing in its wings.

Isaiah 60:1
“Arise (
ORION and ride the clouds of heaven), shine; for your Light (ORION is ‘the Bearer of The Light of Life) has come (been fulfilled in Yahusha), And the Glory of Yahuah (proclaimed by The Sun/stars/constellations Psalm 19 and Enoch 35:3) has risen upon you (like the Sun).”

2 Shamahuel/2 Samuel 23:4
He dawns on them like the morning Light, like the Sun shining forth on a cloudless morning.

Psalm 67:1,2
1 Yahuah be Gracious to us and bless us and cause His Face to shine upon us (like the Sun) -- Selah. 2 That Your Way (The Way proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll) may be known on the Earth (by the witness of the stars to all mankind Psalm 19), Your Salvation among all Nations (Luke 1:78,79 this is what John the Immerser was commissioned to bring as a Prophet of the Most High).

Proverbs 4:18
The path (The Way foretold in The Heavenly Scroll) of the Righteous is like (metaphor) the morning Sun, shining ever brighter till the full Light of day.

Isaiah 9:2
The people walking in darkness have seen a Great Light (ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life has come to fulfill The Heavenly Scroll as the Sun/stars witness to all mankind Psalm 19); on those living in the land of deep darkness a Light (the Sun/Son) has dawned. (John 1:4, Matthew 4:16,17, Luke 1:78,79, Luke 2:32, John 8:12)

Isaiah 30:26
The moon will shine like the Sun, and the sunlight will be seven times brighter, like the light of seven full days, when Yahuah binds up the bruises of His people and heals the wounds He inflicted.

Isaiah 49:6
He says: “It is too small a thing for you to be My Servant to restore the tribes of Yahqob/Jacob and bring back those of Yisrael/Israel I have kept. I will also make you (like) a Light (of the Sun, ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life) for the Gentiles, that My Salvation may reach to the ends of the Earth (as the Sun/stars witness to all mankind from one end of heaven to the other to all mankind Psalm 19).

Hosheah/Hosea 6:3
Let us acknowledge Yahuah’s Testimony (The Heavenly Scroll); let us press on to acknowledge the Works of His Hands (proclaimed in the stars Psalm 19, Enoch 35:3) As surely as the Sun rises (like a Bridegroom coming out of his chambers to run the course of Salvation through the ecliptic Psalm 19), he will appear (as The Son of Man/ORION riding on the clouds of heaven as foretold in The Heavenly Scroll)

Matthew 4:16
The people living in darkness have seen a Great Light (ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life had come riding on the clouds of heaven as The Heavenly Scroll witness to all mankind Psalm 19); on those living in the land of the shadow of death, a Light has dawned (The Heavenly Scroll has been fulfilled in Yahusha John Chapter 1).”

Luke 1:78
because of the tender Mercy of our Elohim, by which the rising Sun will come to us from heaven (riding on the clouds of heaven/ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life/Son of Man i.e. The Heavenly Scroll will be fulfilled)

Luke 2:32
a Light (Bearer) for revelation to the Gentiles (ORION coming in the clouds of heaven), and the Glory (the Sun/stars/constellations tell of the Glory of Yahuah Psalm 19 and Enoch 35:3) of Your People Yisrael/Israel.

John 8:12
When Yahusha spoke again to the people, he said, I am the (Spiritual) Light (Bearer) of the world (ORION The Son of Man/Light Bearer and fulfillment of the Physical light of the Sun Psalm 19). Whoever follows me (in walking The Way) will never walk in darkness but will have The Light of Life.

John 12:39-41
39 For this reason (turning their back on The Heavenly Scroll) they were unable to believe. For again, Isaiah says: 40 “He has blinded their eyes and hardened their hearts (for committing the ‘two evils’ Jeremiah 2:13), so that they cannot see with their eyes (what the stars proclaim Psalm 19, Galatians 3:1), and understand with their hearts (the meaning of the Light of the Sun), and turn, and I would heal them.” 41 Isaiah said these things because he saw Yahusha’s Glory (as he witnessed The Heavenly Scroll which declare the Glory of Yahuah Psalm 19 and Enoch 35:3) and spoke about him (revealed the contents of The Heavenly Scroll Isaiah 42:5, 44:24, 48:11-16)


Armed with this vital context, we can restore The Messiah’s Message. The Message that is written down in The Heavenly Scroll that he taught exclusivelyThe Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll is at hand” … let us now witness the Message that astonished everyone who heard it. 



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