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John Chapter 8

A Commentary by Rav Sha’ul


From my book The Testimony of Yahuchanon by Rav Sha’ul




Verses 1-11: Story of woman caught in adultery was added by scribes

Verses 12-17: Yahusha--The Light of The World Yahuah's and Yahusha's Testimony

Verses 18-20: Those who deny The Works of His Hands proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll called The Word of His Testimony do not “know Him”. Yahuah’s Signature over Creation, The Heavenly Scroll, cries out His Plan of Salvation!

Verses 21-24: The Yahushaic Covenant (The Law of the Spirit of Life) fulfills and surpasses The Mosaic Covenant (The Law of Sin and Death)

Verses 25-27: The Pharisees are infants in the Doctrine of Righteousness called The Way that Yahusha came to fulfill and walk by example for us to follow

Verses 28: You must accept The Word of His Testimony written in the stars and accept Yahusha as the One prophesied in The Heavenly Scroll

Verses 29-30: Yahuah is with Yahusha to hold his hand to fulfill The Heavenly Scroll and walk The Way as an example (Light) for us to follow

Verses 31-36: Yahusha came to set the captives to the Death Decrees in The Mosaic Covenant free

Verses 37-39: To receive the blessings of Abraham you must be a Nazarene and put your faith in The Heavenly Scroll, not just be a physical descendent of Abraham

Verses 40-47: The Synagogue of The Dragon (Satan) tries to kill ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life sent to bring The Good News AQUARIUS

Verses 48-55: The Glory of Yahusha was written in the stars at Creation that he would rule as King over The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll; those who put their faith in The Heavenly Scroll Will live Eternally with him in The Kingdom

Verses 56-59: Abraham saw Yahusha’s Day written in the stars. Before Abraham was born, Yahusha was given Glory by Yahuah as preeminent in The Kingdom and First Born of the Resurrection order.



We see the Pharisees were “astonished” at the level of knowledge Yahusha had in teaching the Hebrew Scriptures in light of The Plan of Salvation proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll. He taught a deep Spiritual understanding that went beyond their human institutions and they wondered how he could have known these things without being formally educated in their human doctrines.

Yet, when we read the Gospel of John, we don’t see Yahusha teaching the Earthly Scriptures! To hide the True Messiah and create a false image (Jesus Christ), the Greek twisted the Scripture and stripped out Yahusha’s True Teachings. Yahusha’s teachings expose their false messiah the pagan demi-god Hesus Horus Krishna (aka Jesus H. Christ). We are clearly warned this was happening and to be on our “guard” against it. Did we heed this warning… no.

2 Peter 3:15-17
15 Consider also that patience in The Yahushaic Covenant brings Salvation, just as our beloved brother Sha’ul also wrote you with the Wisdom Yahuah gave him. 16 He writes this way in all his letters, speaking in them about such matters. Some parts of his letters are hard to understand (Sha’ul spoke in The Mystery Language), which ignorant and unstable people (the Greeks) distort, as they do the rest of the Scriptures, to their own destruction. 17 Therefore, beloved, since you already know these things, be on your guard not to be carried away by the error of the Lawless and fall from your secure standing.…

The Roman Catholic Church admits in their Catholic Encyclopedia that the Bible is filled with forgeries where the scribes would alter the Scriptures to hide the Truth and incorporate pagan doctrines!

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6, page 136
"Substitution of false documents and tampering with genuine ones was quite a trade in the Middle Ages. Innocent III (1198) points out nine species of forgery [of ecclesiastical records] which had come under his notice. But such frauds of the Church were not confined to the Middle Ages; they begin even with the beginning of the Church and infest every period of its history for fifteen hundred years and defile nearly every document, both of "Scriptures" and of Church aggrandizement. As truly said by Collins, in his celebrated Discourse of Free Thinking: In Short, these frauds are very common in all books which are published by priests or priestly men... For it is certain they may plead the authority of the Fathers for Forgery, Corruption and mangling of Authors, with more reason than for any of their Articles of faith."


I am going to restore Yahusha’s True Teachings and we will witness what astonished the Pharisees as Yahusha taught the Prophets and the witness of the stars in a way no man had ever taught; things not taught in their human institutions and threatened their authority and control over the people. This is why they sought to bring him up on false charges and kill him. In this chapter, Yahusha refers to Satan “the Devil” as he battles with the “children of the devil” the Synagogue of Satan (The Dragon).


Satan and Devil are Hellenized words used to hide the reality of The Battle of the Ages in The Heavenly Scroll between The Dragon and The Son of Man ORION. The etymology of the name “Satan” is directly connected to Leviathan. Sa-TAN and Levia-TAN both are derived from the word Taneem (sea creature) which is plural referring to SERPENS, SCOPRIO, and DRACO in The Heavenly Scroll. All representing The Dragon in the Battle against The Son of Man ORION. The singular of Taneem is TAN. Sa-TAN and Levia-TAN are later versions of the Taneem god Dagon the Fish God worshiped in Babylon known as Dagon The Dragon.


The Corrupted Babylonian Zodiac is the enemy of ORION The Son of Man in The Heavenly Scroll and the Mystery Religion of Babylon is her religion.

So, I restore the word Dragon where Yahusha refers to Satan the Devil to clarify the battle he was referring to as he taught The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll and he, as ORION, battles The Dragon on the pages of Chapter 8.




Moses was not the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll

In Chapter 8, we begin to see comparisons between Mosheh/Moses and Yahusha and the Pharisee become extremely angered over those comparisons. We see Yahusha accuse the Pharisees of abusing The Law of Mosheh/Moses to establish their authority and power over the people in the Synagogues. They twisted the meaning of Rabbi from ‘servant of the people as teachers of The Torah’ to “masters over the people” to the point you had to literally bow down before them when they entered a room! This is why Yahusha said “call no man Master over you” speaking of the Pharisees and confronted the Pharisees as hypocrites, worthless shepherds, arrogant, and white-washed tombs. The Intent of their hearts was pride/evil, and their desire was to rule over instead of to serve.



They were unrighteous judges as Yahuah judges the Intent of the heart NOT the “works of our hands”. The Pharisees judged by the Letter of The Law not the Righteous Intentions of Yahuah in giving those laws and refused to take into account Intent of the heart of the people who they accused of breaking their “version of The Law”. When they themselves were guilty of nullifying the Word of Yahuah with their self-imposed style of worship and human traditions. In short, nothing they did or taught was Righteous Truth. Not then… and not today.

They had elevated Mosheh/Moses up as the one spoken of in the stars and fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll and by abusing The Mosaic Covenant, they abused the people. That is why they refused The Yahushaic Covenant, it was the “end of the power of the Holy people” and they didn’t like it, saw Yahusha as a threat, and killed him…. Daniel 12:7.



His Will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven… the Battle of the Ages


The battle laid out in The Heavenly Scroll between ORION The Son of Man and The Dragon materializes in the life of Yahusha. The Firstborn Son of Yahuah confronts the children of The Dragon he calls The Synagogue of Satan. It is within that context we must understand the conflict between Yahusha and the Pharisees.

As I just said, the Pharisees power and authority was in The Mosaic Covenant. They were outraged at any comparison between their Messiah Mosheh/Moses and Yahusha. Mosheh/Moses was only a shadow of the coming Messiah, but the life of Mosheh/Moses is a Divine Physical to Spiritual Parallel given to us by Yahuah to illustrate physically what the coming Servant/King would do Spiritually as The Exalted Shepherd. The Pharisees were carnal minded (did not understand the concept of Spiritual Parallels, Intent of the Heart, the meaning of the feasts, or any part of Yahuah’s Spiritual Kingdom) and had come to see Mosheh/Moses as the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll.

The Heavenly Scroll is a Divine Plan of Salvation at the hands of a Deliverer who is a double-natured seed (meaning both a Servant and a King not 'god/man' that is the Message behind the counterfeit scroll called The Babylonian Zodiac). This Servant/King must give up his right to rule and take up the form of a servant. As High Priest he must give his own life willingly to pay the dowry for his Bride to redeem her from death at the end of the Age of ARIES the LAMB (when the lamb/age dies/ends). His blood consummates the Marriage Covenant between himself as the Groom and his people as the Bride. He and his Bride are taken out of Egypt (symbolic of bondage to the Nations) and he shepherds his Bride out of the bondage to death and gathers her from all Nations. The Judges (such as Shemesh/Sampson) were Physical to Spiritual Parallels of what is proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll as The Branch is The Exalted Judge who judges the Nations with a rod of iron (TAURUS).

The Shepherd/King is known as "the seed" as the Star Spica (meaning 'seed') represents the rise of this anointed one. Spica rises in the sky until it reaches the left hand of VIRGO (the Bride) who is holding a stalk of Wheat in her hand. The "seed of the woman" bears fruit and produces "Wheat" which represents the Bride. Those who are not in covenant with The Branch are called "Tares/Weeds" and they are children of The Dragon who are born of fornication (Spiritual act of sexual idolatry as they are guilty of worshiping other gods and going the Way of the Gentiles, which is the corrupted Zodiac).

During the Age of PISCES, the Shepherd/King separates the Wheat from the Tares and brings only a Remnant of humanity into The Kingdom by streams of Living Water as they are granted eternal life as his Bride to rule in The Kingdom side by side with their Groom.

The Age of PISCES (known as the Messianic Age) is "the wilderness" when The Branch bears fruit unto Wheat known as Nazarenes. This is the Age of Darkness as humanity is deceived by The Dragon and exists in "The Shadow of Darkness" of the corrupted Zodiac known as Mystery Babylon. It is during the Age of PISCES that The Dragon takes The Kingdom proclaimed in The Heavenly Scroll by force and seats the son of perdition (false image of The Messiah) on The Throne in Heaven (the Center of the Enoch Zodiac). While traveling through this physical life during the Age of PISCES his Bride is sealed on their forehead with the Mark of Yahuah which is the knowledge that He is the One and Only God which protects their minds from deception. During this Age the Great Shepherd/Branch sustains his Remnant Bride with Living Water and Manna from Heaven as he takes them to a secure place Spiritually where they are protected from The Great Deception (the religion of The Dragon).

Then at the beginning of The Age of AQUARIUS, as AQUARIUS the Bearer of Living Water and Manna, he pours Living Water over his Bride and as ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life he shines The Light of Life through The Narrow Gate showing her The Way. He is The Way, the Truth, and the Life (his way is the True Way that leads to eternal life), The Age of AQUARIUS is The Kingdom Age. During The Age of AQUARIUS The Prince of Peace reconciles his Bride back to The Father, pays the dowry to redeem her from death, then washes her clean with Living Water and sustains her with Manna from Heaven after he has earned the right to rule by willingly dying for those he would rule over, demonstrating the kind of Love required to govern Creation.

He is then Glorified with the Glory he was given in the stars before the world was created by The Creator Who laid out this Spoken Promise/LOGOS in the beginning of a promised Deliverer (Suffering Servant) and Coming King (Conquering King). After fulfilling The Heavenly Scroll, Yahuah honors that Spoken Promise that he would reign as King and Yahusha ascends to break the seals over and read The Heavenly Scroll. As he reads The Heavenly Scroll, all Creation learns that the stars are Yahuah's confirming witness that Yahusha is the Promised King as it is revealed to have been authored by the Creator into His Creation from the beginning... and all of Creation cries out "Worthy is the Lamb" who was slain as promised at the turn of the Ages of ARIES to PISCES on the 4th Prophetic Day and submits to the Kings authority to rule.

The Prince/Groom is then wed to his Bride, they are then given Thrones and a Kingdom to rule Creation together, Yahusha is seated as The King of all Kings at the Right Hand of The Creator to govern Creation (his Father's House) as Proxy/Divine King for Eternity and serves his Bride as the Eternal High Priest and mediates between his Bride and The Father.

A Light unto our Path

The Bible is a road map through The Sabbath covenant (7,000-year Plan written in The Heavenly Scroll) as we witness the Battle of the Ages play out physically on Earth as it is written in The Heavenly Scroll. The battle begins on the very first pages of Genesis as Adam was shown The Heavenly Scroll and that his descendant would be the fulfillment of ORION who crushes the head of the serpent. Adam understood this will be a battle as the serpent strikes the heel of Son of Man ORION in The Heavenly Scroll. The Battle then plays out in every book of the Bible as Israel repeatedly falls for the corrupted Zodiac (the Way of the Gentiles) that became a universal religion in Babylon when the languages were confused, and the religion was dispersed to every culture. Please read my book Mystery Babylon: The Religion of the Beast for more on this subject.



We see The Heavenly Scroll's Message play out in many of the lives of Yahuah's Chosen Representatives. We see Joseph being thrown in the well (symbolic of death) and rise out of that well (Resurrection) and then become a suffering servant (Messiah ben Joseph) and rise to be King of Egypt who saves the lives of his brothers.

We see Mosheh/Moses fulfill the contents of the Scroll as a "shadow" of the Coming Servant/King:

·         He had to humble himself of his right to rule as the son of Pharaoh, he was taken out of Egypt,

·         He then returned not as their King but as the suffering servant and deliverer, to shepherd them out of bondage.

·         He led them by "streams of living water” through the Red Sea Mikveh'ing Israel with Living Water.

·         He served as "the giver of The Torah" which is "a Light unto our Path" a shadow of ORION the Bearer of The Light of Life.

·         He led them through the wilderness feeding them with Living Water (coming from the Rock of their Salvation) and Manna from heaven.

·         He designed the Tabernacles in the Wilderness after the center of the Enoch Zodiac

·         He lifted up the Seraph on a stick (a symbol of The Heavenly Scroll) to draw the people's attention to the stars where their Salvation was promised in The Heavenly Scroll.

·         Only a Remnant of Israel was then led into the Promised Land, where Yahusha/Joshua (son of Nun) then takes over as a shadow of the Coming Conquering King to conquer the inhabitants of the land and lead the people into The Kingdom.

·         Yahuah separated out the Wheat (those faithful to Him) from the Tares/Weeds who had committed Spiritual Fornication at the foot of Mt. Sinai worshipping the Golden Calf (constellation TAURUS, we are forbidden from worshiping the constellations). 

·         The people did not see The Kingdom under Mosheh/Moses (The Mosaic Covenant), they entered The Kingdom under Yahusha/Joshua (The Yahushaic Covenant).


Israel began to view Mosheh/Moses as the fulfillment of The Heavenly Scroll as they were carnal minded and refused to accept the Spiritual fulfillment in Yahusha. That is why they were extremely offended when Yahusha was compared to their fulfillment Mosheh/Moses, whom they saw as their ultimate deliverer and "Bearer of The Light of Life/Torah".

They simply ignored that Mosheh/Moses said he was not the ultimate fulfillment and that another would come after him that was the true fulfillment. The people refused The Yahushaic Covenant and died in their sin in The Mosaic under the Death Decrees that could only be covered by the Blood of the Lamb who came and gave his life at the end of The Age of ARIES... Yahusha! Not the blood of animals which were only symbolic of when the true Lamb would come (end of the Age of ARIES).

The Feast Cycle was established by Yahuah as an annual reminder of The Plan of Salvation written in the stars and celebration of The Heavenly Wedding between the Bride and Groom. Israel lost sight of this amazing Promise and Love Story and began keeping The Law "by the Letter" outside of Intent and putting their faith in the rituals, not keeping them properly as rehearsals of what is proclaimed in the stars.



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