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I, Rav Sha’ul, have been anointed and commissioned by The Most High to restore The Word of His Testimony and The Doctrine of Righteousness to the Scriptures beginning with the writings of the Nazarenes we call The New Testament and then the Torah and Prophets we call The Old Testament.


In this document, I am going to provide my credentials for this task, my life training, and anointing.  I am also going to explain why all past translations efforts have failed and why.  Then I am going to lay out the foundational principles of any good translation effort that I will follow closely to avoid these pitfalls and put forth a translation like has never been seen in human history: a translation true to the intent and meaning of the text, not just a “word-for-word” rendering that is therefore inaccurate and misleading and full of twisted lies.

The only document in history translated from one language to the next “word-for-word” is the Bible!  No document should ever be handled in that way as I will explain.

This endeavor to restore The Word of His Testimony from the “lying pen of the scribes” is prophesied at the turn of the Ages (Pisces to Aquarius) as The Son of Man is prophesied to overcome The Dragon with “The Word of His Testimony”.  The Scriptures must be restored with The Word of His Testimony called The Heavenly Scroll to defeat The Dragon, and we have entered the transition of the ages and that restoration has begun.

Unlike any past translation effort, Rav Sha’ul (with the anointing to accomplish this task) will:

·         Restore The Heavenly Scroll known as The Word (Logos/Dabar) of Yahuah’s Testimony that Yahusha is the Branch to its prominent place throughout the Scriptures.


·         Restore The Doctrine of Righteousness and The Way of Mikveh, Circumcision, and Offering.


·         Restore the intent and meaning, not just render a word-for-word translation but a translation in full context… Intent by Intent accomplished line upon line (not word-upon-word or in out-of-context sound bites) and precept-upon-precept (restoring the textual, scriptural, historical, and Spiritual context).


·         Bring back the Scriptures from a 2000-year-old language/cultural matrix fully in today’s language/cultural matrix.


·         Restoring back to the writings of The Nazarenes all the “missing text” that only needed to be implied 2000 years ago because much knowledge was shared between the writer and the audience and was therefore left out of the text. No translation effort has attempted this in human history leaving every translation lacking, out of context, and twisted into a lie through translation Jeremiah 8:8.


·         Remove all the pagan human traditions we have inherited that found their way into the text by scribal additions. This is openly admitted by the Catholic Church. Jeremiah 16:19 tells us this would be the case and our doctrines would be complete lies (nothing but lies) as a result.


·         Remove all the use of Passive Voice which leads to vague, unclear, unconcise, and confusing text.


·         Put the text back into Active Voice, avoid pronouns and clearly identify the subject by name in the text so that it cannot be twisted into a lie by today’s “teachers” who are filled with The Spirit of the False Messiah.


·         Restructure the sentences from 2000-year-old dead languages into proper English structure that makes sense and is easy to read to avoid confusion.


·         Interpret and clearly communicate The Mystery Language. The Scriptures are written in a Spiritual Language called The Mystery Language. A language of physical to Spiritual parallels / parables / metaphors / allegories / idioms / anthropomorphisms / poems/ prophetic languages / proverbs / Hebraic figures of speech/ and VISIONS.


Quieting the Critics!

As I have announced, Yahuah has anointed me to restore The Word of His Testimony, correct The Lying Pen of the Scribes, remove the pagan influences written into the Bible, and properly render the Writings of the Nazarenes which we call “The New Testament”.

I am constantly attacked, and my character assassinated by those filled with The Spirit of the Antichrist.  False Witness abound who twist my life into a lie who do not know me and have never spoken to me or contact me in any form.  They treat my “past” as though it is my “hidden present” and outright lie about who I am simply because they do not like the message I am to bring from Yahuah, which like all Prophets, calls humanity out for the lies and pagan traditions.  What I teach is contrary to every other teacher on Earth for 2,000 years (except the original Nazarenes) and exposes these false prophets, false teachers, and worthless shepherds as being “anointed” by The Dragon, not The Creator.


I am going to properly translate the Scriptures from the standpoint of a true Nazarene, and I am going to restore the needed context and give us a very easy to read and understand complete version from which to build our Doctrine in Righteousness in the Truth… not the twisted lie of the Scribes found in every other translation.


One thing I constantly hear from my critics is that I am not qualified. I need “formal education” in matters pertaining to such an effort from human institutions. When not one man in the Bible was formally educated accept the Apostle Paul who was educated as a Pharisee. What we do not realize is it then took the original “Rav Sha’ul” approximately 18 years once converting to The Yahushaic Covenant to be RETRAINED and reprogrammed from his human institutionalism BEFORE he was qualified to teach! His “education” was what stood in his way.

The only thing required of a servant to accomplish a task is Yahuah’s Anointing. Nothing more and that I have been given.  But since this is what “humanity” requires, I will give my qualifications, but the end result will speak for itself as to whether I have the Anointing or not.

My qualifications

The truth is none of you actually know much about me other than my testimonial and what you can glean off social media. You have read my books and teachings and many of you have come away firmly believing I am a prophet having never seen such writings or anyone with the understanding “of all things” to bring the Scriptures to light as Yahuah does through me.

The reality is I am very educated and extremely qualified for this task. I didn’t just wake up one day and write The Sabbat Covenant Website and The Original Revelation Series of 13 books that is changing lives in every country on Earth as the real Gospel is preached among all nations.


I have been trained for this my entire life from a prophet laying hands on me anointing me for the task at 21 years old, to a lifetime of education, training, work experience, and “practice”.  Below is an abbreviated version of my biography as many things I have been put through to train me for this task are personal and will remain private between me and my Father.

Life Biography of Paul Sides

·         Anointing – Anointed by the laying on of hands by a Prophet as “a weapon in the Hands of God” and given the “burden of The LORD” (so it is called) at 21 years old.  From that day forward I was put in “the Kiln of God” for 30 years to be “fired to a fine finish” for my commission at “in a day yet to come” at the end of the age.  I had no idea what all that meant, so I just went on with my life and let Yahuah do His Work in me and call me to action when it was His Timing and I was trained.


·         Training – Served in The US Army – 82nd Airborne Div – Nuclear, Biological, Chemical Special Weapons Group. Awarded secret clearance, multiple medals, letters of commendations, and special recognition.  Chosen as “Honor Graduate” in basic training.  Named the “Most Distinguished Graduate” among 400 soldiers in Advanced Individual Training and advance 2 pay grades while still in training.


·         Academics – Studied Computer Science with a double minor in Math and English Technical Writing at The University of North Texas. Consistently named to the National Dean’s List for perfect 4.0 grade-point average in arguably the most difficult degree/minor combination. Recruited by IBM Corp. as the top second semester senior in the nations in my field of study and hired by IBM before I graduated.


·         IBM – Computer Programmer and Technical Writer. Was tasked to migrate existing code and on-line help systems from the OS/2 platform IBM was using on their personal computers to Windows.  Wrote a dynamic OS/2 IPF to Windows RTF Converter tool to seemingly migrate the code and tag language the help systems were written in form one source to the next.  Submitted 3 patent requests in the first 6 months.


·         Independent Contractor – left IBM to enter the open market as an expert in Technical Writing after just 1 year of work experience. Worked on multiple projects as lead Technical Writer for major corporations including Microsoft, IBM, Dr. Pepper, Texas Instruments, and Electronic Data Systems.  Was offered full-time employment by every company I contracted for.


·         US DATA CORP. – I accepted US DATA’s offer to come on full time and run their Technical Writing/Translation Department. Designed “The Wheel Librarian System” on my off time to serve as a digital library between the Technical Support Department and the technical documents they required giving them instant access to the latest documentation without compromising the documents.  Allowing them to “check out and back in” the documents over the network and saving hundreds of thousands in their time and printing costs.  Awarded the highest achievement award and given a cash bonus for my effort.


·         AMR CORP. – Was recruited by AMR CORP. to run the documentation/translation teams for Sabre Travel Information Network or STIN. STIN is the development arm of AMR and was in the beginning stages of developing a suite of windows/internet based products for travel agencies called Planet Sabre (later to be offered to the public under then name Travelocity).  Won the STINgenius Award, the highest award STIN offered employees who contributed to the bottom line of the corporation.  I was honored for innovative solutions in document design, production, and translation that saved my department over $4 million/annually.  Left AMR CORP to launch my own company.


·         HyperTechs, Inc. – launched my own Technical Writing/Translation/Training/Multi-media/Web Design company. Contracted out professionals I personally trained to 3rd party corporations.  Won multiple awards and recognition in web design including The Dallas McSAM Award and Texas STAR Award for innovative website design.


·         The Home Source, Inc. – created a mortgage lead generating website. Sold company to Fidelity Mortgage Co.


·         Hit the Net, Inc. – used the money from the sale of The Home Source to invest in and raised venture capital to launch and MTV-style 24-hour cable television network on “where to go and what to do on the World Wide Web” featuring 3-minute “web videos” on website across the Internet hosted by “VJ’s” all tied to a back-end internet portal. Produced the prototype web portal, the TV pilot, the business plan, and financial projections and pitched the concept to investors.  Was sponsored by Fidelity Funding Venture Capital.  Traveled the US/Canada with the president of Fidelity Funding (who had worked on Wall Street for many years in venture capital) pitching the concept to the largest venture capital firms.  Raised multiple millions of dollars to bring the concept to an IPO (when .dot com IPOs were producing billionaires).  When it was in the pre-IPO stage, the ‘dot com’ bubble burst in 2000 and all the investors backed out and I lost everything overnight.  Yahuah had “other plans” from that point forward for my life. It became obvious to me that “money” was the trap that would bring me down as Yahuah prevented everything I did from ultimately making me a very rich man.


·         Staffingsoft, Inc. – was hired as Vice President of Sales and Marketing to take a staffing software product to market.


·         Change in Life Focus – Yahuah revealed His Holy Name, Feasts, and Sabbaths to me in 1993 as The Covenant of Death (a land for false peace covenant) was entered into between the Nation of Israel and her enemies called The OSLO Accords. Walked away from my life entirely in 2002 after Hit the Net failed and I quit my job with Staffingsoft (after witnessing 9/11 first hand as I was in Washington DC for a conference and was touring the Pentagon when it was hit).  The battle over Jerusalem was in full swing as OSLO was annulled as prophesied, the “war on terror” foretold in Scripture broke out on The Temple Mount on September 28, 2000 because OSLO was annulled 2 weeks earlier exactly 7-years to the day (September 13, 1993 – September 13, 2000). The final status of Jerusalem failed as Israel refused to divide Jerusalem to make a capital city for the Palestinians.  Jerusalem became a “noose around the neck of the nations” as the world went to war.  I realized I did not have a future in business, and that my anointed time was very near.


·         Yahuah takes control of my life – My life was commandeered by Yahuah in 2002. Left my family, friends, and fiancé, let my home get repossessed, and moved to a small 1-bedroom log cabin on Grand Lake, Oklahoma to “set my paths straight” and seek Yahuah on what I did not understand and “come out of Babylon” completely.  Spent my last dime on renting the cabin and had no job or source of income.  All I had was a computer hooked to the internet to find the answers to what I was seeking.  I had 30 days to either find a job (there were none on the lake where I lived) or get evicted from that cabin.  I created (with Yahuah’s Blessing) The Boat & RV Group that I could work from the cabin and continue my journey and training as a “weapon in the Hands of the Almighty” in the “kiln of God”.  I lived alone in that cabin seeking Yahuah for 3 years.  It was over that period I wrote The Sabbath Covenant website and began operating in my anointing.


·         The Sabbath Covenant Ministry. Over the next 20 or so years I offered my life to Yahuah as His Anointed. I studied everything “under the sun” and documented everything He showed me on my website (which grew worldwide to over 2 million visitors annually).  I taught and mentored people around the world via my website and email mentoring.  I never walked through the doors of a Christian Church again.


·         The Original Revelation Book Series. In 2010, I was shown The Heavenly Scroll while in a 30-day coma fighting for my life. When I recovered (from what no one has ever recovered from being pronounced dead 2 times) as Yahuah further focused my life on His Anointing.  Coming out of that coma, I rededicated my life completely to His Commission and I wrote Creation Cries Out! The Mazzaroth the first of what would ultimately turn into an 13+ book series covering The Battle of the Ages.


·         The Boat & RV Group. What was just supposed to be a small money-making venture (to get me by as I served Yahuah with my life) turned into a very successful 15-year career and very profitable business venture. Earning an A+ Rating and Accredited by the BBB with a perfect 5-star customer satisfaction rating/reviews.  The Boat & RV Group grew and began consuming almost all my time preventing me from fulfilling my commission.  In 2013 I downsized my life, moved out of my home into a much smaller home to save money, and closed the boat side and just focused on RVs to save time.  I refused to open my ministry to others to invest in His Kingdom and struggled to fund and fulfill my commission as “time” became the most precious commodity in my life.


·         The Sign of the Son of Man in the Sky. In 2017 the Sign of the Son of Man was fulfilled bringing us into the final phase of The Battle of the Ages.  Yahuah disciplined me for not fully accepting His Anointing and fulfilling His Commission.  My “time” had come to restore The Word of His Testimony to the Scriptures.  Yahuah impressed on me that it is His Will and instructions for His Chosen to support His Kingdom and I was being selfish not opening my ministry to others to invest their increase.  He further limited my time until I humbled myself and allowed others to be blessed by this unique ministry and what I consider the most significant move of Yahuah in 2000 years… the restoration of His Word by an anointed Nazarene.



We only “think” we have His Word

To all my critics who claim the Scriptures are perfect and in no need of untwisting… this contradicts the clear declaration in Scripture that we would only “think” we have His Word but in fact what we would have is twisted Babylonian Lie through translation at the hands of pagan astrologers into what we today think of as The Zodiac!

Jeremiah 8:8

But My people do not know The ordinance of Yahuah. 8 "How can you say, 'We are wise, And the Word of Yahuah's Testimony is with us'? But behold, the lying pen of the scribes Has made my Word (Logos/Dabar - 'spoken promise in the beginning' eternally preserved in The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 119:89) into a lie. 9 "The wise men (h2450 'chakam' - astrologers) are put to shame (for twisting The Heavenly Scroll), They are dismayed and caught; Behold, they have rejected the Word of My Testimony (The Heavenly Scroll), And what kind of wisdom (Spiritual Understanding of The Plan of Salvation writen in the stars) do they have?…

Again, in Jeremiah, we are told that our faith would be based on “nothing but lies”. Not a “few lies”, not “a little lie here or there”, not “mostly lies”, but TOTAL LIES… “Nothing but lies” there would be no truth in the twisted Scriptures we have had handed down to us.

Jeremiah 16:19

18 "I will first doubly repay their iniquity and their sin, because they have polluted My land; they have filled My inheritance with the carcasses of their detestable idols and with their abominations." 19O Yahuah, my strength and my stronghold, And my refuge in the day of distress, To You the (lost sheep among the) nations will come From the ends of the earth and say, "Our fathers have inherited nothing but LIES, Idols and worthless things of no profit." 20 Can man make gods for himself (idols and demi-gods)? Yet (These idols and demi-gods) they (make for themselves based on the constellations as gods and Babylonian incarnation of the Sun "in the flesh") are not gods!

We read from the Nazarenes that the Greeks were twisting their writings into a pagan lie as the Greeks conquered the faith and corrupted the Scriptures to conform to their pagan religions.

2 Peter 3

Sha'ul writes the same way in The Mystery Language in all his letters, speaking in letters of these matters. His letters contain some things that are hard to understand, which ignorant and unstable people (Greeks) twist, as they do the other Scriptures (they twiest every other book and author's writings too), to their own destruction.

Where did we get our English Bibles?  GREEK translators!  This is also brought out in the Historical Context and openly admitted by the ones who did the translating! The Catholic Church who took the Hebrew texts and twisted them into Greek to assimilate all pagan religions into one Universal Church.

The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 6, page 136 ----

"Substitution of false documents and tampering with genuine ones was quite a trade in the Middle Ages. Innocent III (1198) points out nine species of forgery [of ecclesiastical records] which had come under his notice. But such frauds of the Church were not confined to the Middle Ages; they begin even with the beginning of the Church and infest every period of its history for fifteen hundred years and defile nearly every document, both of "Scriptures" and of Church aggrandizement. As truly said by Collins, in his celebrated Discourse of Free Thinking: "In Short, these frauds are very common in all books which are published by priests or priestly men... For it is certain they may plead the authority of the Fathers for Forgery, Corruption and mangling of Authors, with more reason than for any of their Articles of Faith.."(p.96.)"



A few testimonials (out of thousands) 

Below a few testimonials that sums up why Yahuah has anointed me to restore The Word of His Testimony. In this document, I am going to lay out the principles that should govern any proper translation effort when moving any document from one language to another and prove that every translation effort when dealing with The Scriptures has violated every last one of them. These “teams” were not Nazarenes, not anointed for the task, and butchered the translation into English. Twisting it to conform to their pagan beliefs and assimilate pagan religions as Jeremiah prophesied. At the very heart of our current English translations is the corrupted Babylonian Zodiac! Sun worship, incarnation, Trinity, demi-gods, etc.

Many people are realizing the Bible they read is in grave error and fear it is a total lie as we are warned in Jeremiah 8:8 and other places. This is the case, our English Bibles are twisted Babylonian lies and no longer convey The Word of His Testimony or The Doctrine of Righteousness. They are full of blasphemy and lies. At the end of the Age of Pisces entering The Age of Aquarius, the Scriptures (Daniel and Revelation) reveal that The Word of His Testimony will be restored and The Son of Man will defeat The Dragon with “The Word of His Testimony”. But it must be restored first for that to be fulfilled.

When that restoration finally takes place (and I don’t mean just correcting the Hebrew names and adding a few Hebrew words), I mean a total rewrite removing the Lying Pen of the Scribes, the pagan influences, and restoring the context and intent… then this prophecy will be fulfilled….

Hebrews 8
10 This is the covenant I will make with the house of Israel after those days (the Age of Pisces), says Yahuah I will put My laws in their minds, and inscribe them on their hearts. And I will be their God, and they will be My people. 11 No longer will each one teach his neighbor or his brother, saying, ‘Know Yahuah,’ because they will all know Me, from the least of them to the greatest. 12 For I will forgive their iniquities, and remember their sins no more.”

Until this happens, we are at the mercy of “teachers” most of which are filled with The Spirit of the False Messiah who teach lies handed down from generation to generation (Jeremiah 16:19). Those false teachers who teach these unrighteous translations as if they are “truth”. Teachers who “tickle the ears of the people” who don’t want to know they are misled and don’t have the Truth but want to believe what they have been taught and what they read in their Bibles is true.  This “time” came 2000 years ago as The Dragon had the Age of Pisces to deceive humanity, twist the Scriptures, and promote another Gospel message built on Babylonian fables and lies.

2 Timothy 4

3 For the time will come when men will not tolerate sound doctrine, but with itching ears they will gather around themselves teachers to suit their own desires.  4 So they will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.…

Teaching unrighteous LIES as if they are “true” in your English Bible is pure foolishness… utter ignorance. Our “wise men” have abandoned The Word of His Testimony (The Heavenly Scroll) and teach “unrighteousness as truth” …

Romans 1

18 The wrath of Yahuah is being revealed from The Heavenly Scroll (the Bowl of Wrath is poured out on The Dragon) against all the godlessness and wickedness of people, teach unrighteousness (lies) as The Truth, 19 since what may be known about Yahuah is plain to them, because Yahuah has made it plain to them. 20 For since the creation of the world (on Day 1 when He spoke the plan into action "let there be light (revelation of The Plan of Salvation") Yahuah’s invisible qualities — his eternal power and divine nature — have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made (as he then authored that Plan into the stars on Day 4 of Creation Psalm 19 'the stars proclaim the works of His Hands' Enoch 35:3 'I bless Yahuah of Glory who made the great and splendid signs/constellations, that they might proclaim the magnificance of the words of His Hands'), so that people are without excuse.

Until we admit this we are lost in our own deception with no compass and no Truth.  Our doctrines are built upon sound bite false doctrines derived from altered texts, lies, fables, and human traditions that have no value at all.

I have been correcting the Scriptures in my teachings and my books for 15 years.  Below a couple of examples of the thousands of testimonials all saying the same thing… Yahuah has anointed me for the task.

David Netanyahu

“This is more than the word Good, perfectly perfect, THIS IS A MASTERPIECE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.” …

Jason Zachary Oswald

“I don’t know where you came from Rav Sha’ul, but you take seemingly unrelated books and align them serially here, or parallel there, and smooth out a single lengthy plan from all the vast verbiage of 66 Books.

Now the entire thick volume of the Books seems to collapse into a single manuscript, narrated by differing authors from their own divine revelations/perspectives and in their own words… detailing just one plan, one goal, one purpose. In essence, it would appear that I’ve wasted the first 30yrs+ of my life learning gibberish and almost lost my life in the process.

I am still in shock. You are worldly insane, and I’m honoured to be a part of and learning from you both. Thank you. “This is evident that “true knowledge has become abundant” (Daniel 12:4).. And the “good news”(truth regarding the Kingdom) is now being declared “as a witness to all the nations”(Matthew 24:13) in relation to the call “Get out of her my people”(Revelation 18:4)… May the true God continue to bless your efforts and use you in a mighty way in the fulfillment of these inspired prophecies!! All praise to the true God!!!”


Rav Sha’ul , I’m not sure what to say. I’m not even sure how I came across your website – what search terms I put into Google, in order to come across your material – but boy am I glad to be sitting here, writing this note to you. I cannot thank you enough. I’m still a little bit stunned at the immensity of what this material means to me – and am struggling to put words to how I feel. I was never raised in a religious environment at all. In fact, because of the hypocrisy of the ‘Church’, that I could always plainly see, I had rejected anything to do with ‘Jesus’, or the ‘Bible’, or ‘God’, etc. so I turned to ‘spirituality’, instead. I think most of my amazement comes from the fact that, just a couple years ago – I hadn’t even read the Bible, nor was I interested in it.

By chance, when I was in Bangkok, I was bored, so I grabbed the Gideon Bible out of the bedside table, and opened it up. The first phrase I read, was something from Paul – something so beautiful, and true, that I – again – was in a state of shock. I knew – instantly, without a doubt in my mind – that what Christians has been ‘taught’, was a lie. They had it all backwards – and it wasn’t up until yesterday, when I looked through your website, that it has all been placed in it’s proper context – as you say, context is everything – ‘soundbites’, is not sound ‘Torah’. My story is actually a lot longer than this – and I’m not sure this is really the place to talk about it – or even if it’s relevant – all I can say is, all I think about it the Bible – day and night.

Yes, I know it has been tampered with – that’s why I always look at the Hebrew, and the Greek – to see what’s been manipulated. The names being changed, is obvious – but things like Roman’s 13 – that Christians get so hooked on, kind of makes me wonder if they are reading the same Book, as I am. Does Yahuah contradict – or does man, errant in his sin?

I studied kabbalah, with a Rabbi, here in Vancouver, for a year and a bit – and he has been ‘teaching’, for 30 years – and totally devoted to it. I had thought that I would get some of my answers answered, but it was clear, sitting there, that the Rabbi was making a lot of assumptions, based on the oral tradition – and it made me more anxious, than satisfied – so I left.

This is so great! I feel like I’ve been waiting for a million years for this – I’ve at least, been waiting for this entire life – most of which, I did not know exactly what it was – I was awaiting. But, it’s here – everything is in context now – so I can see.

Thank you, from the best part of me. I’m so happy, I cannot express it enough. Shalom!

One thing I hear more than any other when I teach is “what translation do you use, I WANT IT!!!”  Well, I use my own and now I am going to make it available to humanity.


Putting myself to the test

Accepting this commission was not something I take lightly, nor has it been easy. I have battled fear, disbelief, pride, anger, sorrow, longing, discomfort, impatience, and lack of faith all had to be overcome.  It took me literally 30 years to accept it.  I needed to know with absolute certainty that it was a work of Yahuah and not one of pride.  That the anointing was real, and I was not “self-appointed” as so many are today “wanting such an anointing” without Yahuah backing it.  Just putting “Prophet” in front of my name then pretending because I wanted that respect and authority (which I do not).

I refused to accept any money or allow any investment into The Kingdom through The Sabbath Covenant for 20 years.  During that time (even today), I work 14-hour days as a business owner to fund my own ministry (although the recent year Yahuah has begun bringing me partners who believe and want to be a part of this ministry!  You know who you are and know that I value your investment more than you know and being part of this move is the smartest Spiritual decision you have ever made, and the rewards will be beyond comprehension).  I wanted to know and prove to myself I was faithful, diligent to this commission, and was willing to do myself at a greater level than what I would eventually have to ask of the family of Nazarenes:  Invest time and money personally.

Over that time, I authored www.sabbathcovenant.com that ministers to millions of people from every country on this Earth, and authored the 11 book Original Revelation Series without asking for or taking any money for my service to my King.  I personally invested over $1 million of my own money, giving up my right to enjoy the fruits of my labor (I own my own business) to serve His People and not my own wants and desires.  It would require putting an enormous amount of time/effort into my ministry instead of making money with my business.  I gave up all my spare time, my right to enjoy my wife and children, or have any social life, friends, or spend time with extended family.  I told myself I would never be a burden on the people and I would fund this war myself and then fight it on the front lines (which is against His Will as the worker is worthy of his wage, no soldier serves on the front lines at his own expense, and the people are to give 10% to those He has chosen while they enjoy their own life and fruits of their labor).

Then Yahuah disciplined me for my attitude and selfishness. He made me realize that it was His Will to bring others to fund my efforts, so I could do even more.  That I was “selfish” in my approach as I was reaping all the rewards in the Kingdom for a unique message, He had given me.  I was not allowing others who are required to invest their money in the coming Kingdom to do so through The Sabbath Covenant and I was robbing others of their blessing/rewards.  So, I began opening The Sabbath Covenant for others to invest in the coming Kingdom about a year ago.  I gave all the money to Ed Moore who lived off The Sabbath Covenant anointing instead of using that money to free up my own time to fulfill my commission.  I used the money to buy books for those who could not afford it, and still refused to take any money for my service and continue to this day working full-time.

Yahuah once again disciplined me.  It took me 15-years working full time trying to serve on the front lines to accomplish writing my website and book series.  Yahuah made it clear to me we do not have that much time for me to continue funding and fighting this battle with the Dragon alone.  He has commissioned me to restore The Word of His Testimony over the turn of the Ages and it must be done quickly as from the Sign of the Son of Man in the “sky” we had only 3.5 years.

Yahuah has made it clear to me, that I am to accept funding from His People as He has rewards for those who see to this effort succeeds by funding it (so I don’t have to work full time and I can accomplish this task quickly).  He requires their faithfulness to His Kingdom too and they are to give of their increase to prove they too believe and obey His Command to grow His Kingdom now with what He has blessed them with! And I was robbing His People to invest in one of the only ministries on Earth that is anointed with The Truth. They don’t have anywhere else to be faithful with their money and I was not to deny them any longer.  I have submitted to His instructions and I am now willing to allow all those who want to be a part of this major move on Yahuah’s behalf to restore His Word from the Lying Pen of the Scribes. This is going to take time, money, discipline, and anointing to accomplish and it is not something I can do alone.

I was still standing in my own way. The ramifications to what Yahuah has asked me to do are monumental and the implications simply too hard for me to believe so I have been dragging my feet on fulfilling my commission.  I refused to acknowledge I was His Prophet chosen for this “task of the ages” and I was not fulfilling my commission.  More discipline followed to the point now where I am broken, and I am willing, and I am no longer going to deny Yahuah’s anointing and commission.

Now that I have accepted the commission to restore The Word of His Testimony, I am publishing my bio to put an end to those children who sit back, throw fiery darts, and laugh as if I am not qualified and bear false witness against me that it “all about money” when it had been the exact opposite for 30 years!



Failure of All Current and Past Translation Efforts

Yahuah reveals His Word progressively over time through Prophets not “committees/teams” of human experts! 

One of the major failures of all translation efforts in human history is they are done by “committee”. A team of self-absorbed “experts” who are not Nazarenes and certainly not anointed by the Throne of Creation for the task. They are “commissioned” by the Throne of the Dragon (Catholic Church) or The Throne of England (King James Version) and then every subsequent translation is based on those two blasphemous translations commissioned by Christian Denominations, the Religion of the Beast. Anytime you have a team of so-called “experts” every decision in translation is done by committee. The resulting translation is a severely compromised version required to come to a consensus among the experts. Compromises to get their approval bringing in their existing misconceptions, false doctrines, and so forth. There should be one… only one anointed prophet of Yahuah, a true Nazarene at the heart of the effort qualified and gifted to bring the text from one language to another and honor the Nazarene authors of the originals. One anointed to understand The Mystery Language the Scriptures are written, and gifted in the destination language to make this language easily understood in the resulting translation.  Trained by Yahuah over a course of a lifetime for this most important of all callings.

Focus should be on the destination language, not the source language

In every past translation effort, focus is not on the destination language (which is the point of the effort) but on the original languages. This is a major error in any translation effort. The “originals” are already written! What is being created is in the destination language. That is the focus in any good modern-day translation effort. The existing texts of the Scriptures are already written and we have 2,000 years of “experts” explaining, exploring, and defining those texts and the structure of those languages. We have reference material at our disposal that these past translators did not have, we have interlinear references to show the structure and how it was translated, dictionaries, commentaries, etc. Those are “the experts” required in the original languages. I have more knowledge at the end of my mouse click (the Internet) than all the translators who ever worked on any translation over the past 2,000 years COMBINED…

The most important aspect of handling The Word of Yahuah is anointing

That is where the Truth is found. It should be done independent of any “commissioning organization” or any outside influence… by a singular anointed servant sent by Yahuah to restore The Word of His Testimony just like Yahuah has done throughout history called PROPHETS. Not “committees”.

Never translate one language to the next word-for-word!

We have all purchased goods from Wal-Mart made in China. Opened them up to assemble them and the instruction make no sense whatsoever in English.


This is because the translators putting it into English did not speak English as their first language. Instead, they simply put together a “word for word” translation from Chinese into English… the result is confusing and sometimes ridiculous and the “intent and meaning” of the instructions are totally lost in translation.

Why do I bring this up? Because THAT is exactly what every translation team for 2,000 years did. They misunderstood “don’t add to or subtract from” to mean “the words” and tried to just translate each word from Hebrew/Greek into a word in English. This is a complete violation of the main principle in any translation effort. The MOST IMPORTANT member of the translation team is the expert in the destination language.  The sentence structure in one language never matches the sentence structure in another language, the words don’t match up “one to one”, and the figures of speech, idioms, metaphors, and so forth are not shared from one language/cultural matrix to the next.  When you simply translate word-for-word you get a confusing and many times misleading result. This is exactly what we have today in our English Bibles. The Hebraic flavor, figures of speech, meaning, and intent is lost completely as the translators simply put together a word for word translation and IGNORED the intent, context, and language/cultural matrix from one language to the next.

The Bible is written in dead languages, no one speaks those languages today, therefore there are no “experts”


John Locke in a 1692 publication, wrote “I fear, that the jumbling of those good and plausible Words in your Head..might a little jargogle your Thoughts…”


Why do I mention this? Because not one person reading that statement who speaks English knows what he just said. Speaking today’s modern English is no help at all as “Old English” is literally a dead language. The words are no longer used and the way the sentences are structured make no sense to us today.

From https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/usage/old-fashioned-language 

“Some words that were common in the past are no longer in ordinary use but remain in our stock of words. Many dictionaries divide this type of vocabulary into two categories.



Words and expressions described as archaic are those which haven’t been in everyday use for a century or more. Some dictionaries describe such terms as ‘old use’, or ‘old-fashioned use’. You are unlikely to hear anyone using these terms in everyday conversation, or to come across them in modern writing, but you will encounter them in the literature of the past. This category of vocabulary is sometimes used to give a deliberately old-fashioned effect, for example in historical novels. Some writers also use it to amuse people.








Words and expressions described as dated may still be used occasionally, especially by older people, but they are no longer used by most English speakers. Here are some examples of dated words:



hurry/make haste





To all those who say speaking modern Hebrew is the same language as Biblical Aramaic… wise up. The language spoken by the writers of the Bible is a DEAD language and not the same language as modern Hebrew the same thing for Greek/Latin… all DEAD. The character set is all that is similar, the words they used are obsolete and so is the sentence structure and the common knowledge they shared within that 2000-year-old language and cultural matrix!

Mixing these dead language with today’s modern language is the “definition of confusion”!

Confusion | www.dictionary.com/browse/confusion

from Latin confusionem (nominative confusio) “a mingling, mixing, blending; confusion, disorder,” noun of action from confundere “to pour together,” also “to confuse” (see confound). Sense of “a putting to shame” (a sort of mental “overthrow”) is late 14c. in English, …

Who is the “author of confusion”? Exactly my point. These modern translations were penned by men filled with The Spirit of the Dragon and they were designed to be confusing!


The translation must be done by an Anointed Nazarene who accepts The Heavenly Scroll and speaks The Mystery Language of The Most High..


The Language of the Most High is NOT Hebrew, Greek, Latin, or Aramaic!  It is The Mystery Language and if you don’t speak it by anointing you are clueless.  The “Jews” have spoken “Hebrew” for thousands of years and still have absolutely no clue what the Scriptures declare… not at all.  They didn’t 2000 years ago and nothing has changed.  They don’t even understand the meaning of the Feasts!  They misinterpret The Law, they are full of nothing but lies and “they speak Hebrew”….

This language of the Most High is a Spiritual ‘Secret’ Language that must be revealed to His Prophets and only they can interpret His Word by anointing only…

1 Timothy 3:9

9 Holding the mystery (hidden or secret things: G3466) of the faith in a pure conscience.


Daniel 2

20 Daniel answered and said, Blessed be the name of God (Yahuah) for ever and ever: for wisdom and might are his: 21 And he changes the times and the seasons: he removes kings, and sets up kings: he gives (Spiritual) wisdom unto the (chosen) wise, and knowledge to them that know (Spiritual) understanding: 22 He reveals the deep and secret things!


Matthew 13:35

That it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet, saying, I will open my mouth in parables; I will utter things which have been kept secret from the foundation of the world in The Heavenly Scroll (Enoch 6:9)


1 Corinthians 14:2

2 For he that speaks in an Secret Language (Mystery Metaphorical Language) speaks not unto (the physical things of) men, but unto (the hidden Spiritual things of Daniel 2:22) Yahuah: for no man understands him (they don’t have eyes to see, ears to hear, this language is revealed knowledge to those chosen Prophets); however in the spirit (of Holiness) he speaks (to His Prophets) mysteries (of the Kingdom of Yahuah).


Matthew 11:25

25 At that time Yahusha answered and said, I thank you, O Father, Author of The Heavenly Scroll and creator of the cosmos, because you have hid these things (secrets preserved in the heavens Enoch 6:9) from the wise and prudent, and have revealed them unto babes (this language cannot be taught in human learning institutions, so you can toss out any Theological Degrees Christian pastors and teacher flaunt… they mean NOTHING!).


All you get from these self-absorbed self-appointed “experts in Greek/Hebrew/Aramaic” is TWISTING of His Word…. because these “experts” in human knowledge have NO WISDOM as they all to a man have denied The Word of  His Testimony written in The Heavenly Scroll which is the very source of all Scripture and Revelation.

Jeremiah 8

7 But My people do not know The ordinance of Yahuah (eternally preserved in the stars Psalm 119:89). 8 "How can you say, 'We are wise men (h2450 chakam - 'astrologers' and know ‘the secrets preserved in The Heavenly Scroll which men were striving to learnEnoch 6:9), And the Word of Yahuah's Testimony (that Yahusha is the Branch foretold in The Heavenly Scroll) is with us'? But behold, the lying pen of the scribes Has made my Word (Logos/Dabar - 'spoken promise in the beginning' eternally preserved in The Heavenly Scroll Psalm 119:89) into a lie (by removing The Word of His Testimony). 9 "The wise men (h2450 chakam – ‘astrologers’) are put to shame (for twisting The Heavenly Scroll into incarnation the 'Mystery' of the Babylonian Zodiac), They are dismayed (by the constellations/stars/Sun to worship them Jeremiah 10:2 – "Do not learn the way of the nations (corrupted Babylonian Zodiac), and do not be dismayed at the signs/constellations/stars of The Heavenly Scroll”) and caught (in idolatry Deuteronomy 4:19 – “When you look to the heavens and see the sun, moon, and stars—all the stars in the sky—do not be led astray to bow in worship to them and serve them.”); Behold, they have rejected the Word of My Testimony (The Heavenly Scroll), And what kind of wisdom (Spiritual Understanding of The Plan of Salvation written in the stars which proclaim The Glory of Yahuah Psalm 19:1, which is Yahusha Hebrews 1:3, and declare His Handiwork Psalm 19 and Enoch 35:3 and many more Scriptures) do they have (because the Scriptures are literally based on The Heavenly Scroll/Plan of Salvation/Logos written in the stars at creation which is what Yahusha came to fulfill Hebrews 10:7 and Matthew 6:10)?…


2 Peter 3:16

Paul speaking of these (hidden) things in all of his letters. Some of his comments are hard to understand (Sha'ul spoke the Mystery Language), and those (Greeks) who are ignorant (of the Mystery Language) and unstable (in their minds given over to depraved carnal minds absent of the light of The Word of His Testimony) have twisted his letters to mean something quite different (understood in the context of Hellenism and outside the context of The Heavenly Scroll), just as they do twist the rest of Scripture. And this will result in their destruction.


Wisdom 2

21 Such things they did imagine, and were deceived: for their own wickedness hath blinded them. 22 As for the mysteries of Yahuah (in The Heavenly Scroll Enoch 6:9), they knew them not: neither hoped they for the wages of righteousness, nor discerned a reward for blameless souls. 23 For Yahuah created man to be immortal, and made him to be an image of His own eternity.




Why I have not stated my qualifications until now

I haven’t published my biography because I wanted to ensure this was Yahuah’s work.  To be sure it was not my own self-appointed task, I was willing to let my name be diminished by false witnesses and liars for years without responding to any of their false allegations. I have never gone about fighting with these false witnesses and touting my actual qualifications. I needed to know that this was a work of Yahuah being done through me and I didn’t want anyone to put their faith in my education and experience to do what only Yahuah can do with anointing.  I needed to know this anointing was real and from the Father.

If people could read all the negative things said about me that are lies, and know nothing about the truth of my training, background, and education… and lives changed regardless of “who Paul Sides is” and even in spite of who they were being told I am by false witnesses, and still come away believing this is the message of Yahuah through an anointed Prophet then I would have my answer.

Here is my answer. Without knowing anything about me or my qualifications, just simply reading my writings/books/website/Social Media posts here is what people say about what they read…





Over the course of my life, I have been commissioned as a leader/pastor in 3 very large mega churches, the youngest man ever commission in The North Church in Dallas Texas.  This was before I came to the knowledge of the Truth.  I left the Christian Church when I was rebuked by the main Pastor Dr. Kennedy because I would not teach The Trinity and or that The Law was abolished. I just could never bring myself to understand that “mystery” therefore I never believed it and refused to teach it.  I would not compromise my beliefs for the sake of “unity in the church”, so I left the Christian Church in search of the Truth on a personal journey that would span 20 years.  Very much like the 20 years it took the Apostle Paul to deny Judaism and reprogram his mind and accept The Yahushaic Covenant in full before he began to fulfill his commission after being “knocked off his high horse”.

Over my professional life, I have served as the lead Technical Writer on over 37 translation teams, oversaw bringing many products to market, created multiple businesses, and have traveled the world multiple times.  My life has seen remarkably high achievements followed by crushing defeats as Yahuah demonstrated my anointing in various ways and then humbled me in others. The Kiln of God was very hot and the pressure extreme, but the end result is just as He said to me 30 years ago it would be: my life has been fired to a very fine finish for “a day yet to come” that has now come.

Yahuah had me look back on my life and I realized I am one of the most qualified to accomplish this task in training, education, background experience, and hands-on translation. Spiritually, I am the most qualified in terms of His Anointing for the task and 15 years’ experience restoring the Scriptures. If not “me” then who?

The time has come prophetically for this to be fulfilled. If there is another, lead me to him so that I might become the largest financial backer of that effort. There is no way I will sit by and let another do this alone when it is the most important move of Yahuah since Yahusha’s first coming that finally defeats The Dragon at the turn of the Ages as prophesied. I will be a vital player in this restoration either way, either by investing my life to do it, or investing my money to see that it is done… or both.

If I am the one chosen.. then “here am I, Father, send me!”

If you are reading this, you have been chosen by The Creator to be part of this amazing move at the turn of the Ages.  You are not here by accident.  This move needs funding and that is exactly what the Scriptures require of us all who are His Chosen.

I need time and that means I need support and funding.  If you would like to be a part of this effort to restore The Word of His Testimony, I need faithful monthly contributors.  This is not a one-time need, while those are helpful, I do not need to spend my time raising money constantly.  I need those who obey the Scriptures and give of their increase as Yahuah blesses them.  He does not just bless you with one paycheck and expect you to live the rest of your life on that one-time payment!  I cannot put the time and effort into this on an on-going basis and the hours it requires unless the People of Yahuah step up and become obedient to their own call.  If you have not been chosen to restore His Word, then you have been chosen to fund it.  Or you have not been “chosen”.  There is no way a true Nazarene would allow something like this to occur and sit back and let everyone else bear the burden to restore the Scripture for them.  They would “sell everything they own and lay it at the feet of the one Yahuah has anointed”.  Which is exactly what the original Nazarenes did.

Donate here to this restoration effort.  I have answered the call, will you?

Rav Sha’ul


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