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Christianity and the Great Deception
Rav Sha'ul
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Iesous in Greek
by Rav Sha'ul


So Yahusha is English for the Hebrew name of the Messiah (anointed King of Israel) and Jesus is the name of the Greek “good man” or Chistos.  It is that simple.  But what does “Iesous” mean in Greek.  It has no meaning in Hebrew; as it is not a Hebrew word.  In Greek, “Iesous” literally translated means “Hail Zeus”.   The name “Jesus” didn’t even exist until the 4th Century and was a later derivative of the late Latin Isus. 

“It is known that the Greek name endings with sus, seus, and sous were attached by the Greeks to names and geographical areas as means to give honor to their supreme deity, Zeus."

Dictionary of Christian Lore and Legend



"This name of the true Messiah, Jahshuwah (Jehoshua), being Hebrew, was objectionable to the Greeks and Romans, who hated the Judeans (Jews), and so it was deleted from the records, and a new name inserted.  Jahshuwah (Jehoshua) was thus replaced by Ie-Sous (hail Zeus), now known to us as Jesus."

-The Origin of Christianity

 by A.B. Traina


"It is simply amazing to think that all these years, hundreds of years, mankind has been calling the Saviour by the wrong name!! It's hard to give up the name of Jesus because it's so deeply ingrained in us and much has been said and done in that name."

-Gospel of The Kingdom

 True Names and Title

 Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

    1931 - Ohio USA


"In the 1611 KJ New Testament the name Yahusha appeared originally wherever the Messiah was spoken of.  Yahusha means “Yahuah is Salvation”.  Later the Messiah's name was replaced with Iesus (Greek) which later in the 1600's it became Jesus starting with the new English letter "J" which was introduced at that time.  Further, the Greek "Iesus" comes from the name Zeus, the ruling God in the Greek pantheon."

-Gospel of The Kingdom

 True Names and Title

 Dr. Henry Clifford Kinley

    1931 - Ohio USA

We see in historical documents that the name “Jesus” did not even come into existence until the 1600’s when the letter “J” was introduced into our English language.  So the name “Jesus” is only around 400 years old!  The Greek "Iesus" comes from the name Zeus, the ruling God in the Greek pantheon.  "Jesus” is a transliteration of a Latin name only ONE letter off “Ioesus” pronounced hey-sus - which has no meaning in Hebrew, but in Latin it means “Hail Zeus”. If Yahusha’s name had been transliterated into our language, it would have been Joshua.  If the name was treated properly using the compound naming convention YHVH intended it would be YAH(weh)(ye)SHUA shortened to “Yahusha” using the short contracted form maintaining the meaning of the name and fulfilling prophecy that the Messiah “came in the NAME of YHVH”.

If the name was handled properly in Greek by the uninspired pagan scribes, it would hold true to the “meaning” of the name as given by the Angel to Joseph and Mary; then “shua” or salvation would have been translated “soterion or soter” not “sous”.  So we see a gross mis-handling of the Messiah’s name at best but when you look back in history we see a Hyalinization of the name with the intent to give glory to the pagan god Zeus.

One simply would need to open up their Greek Lexicon to know the truth behind this; below is the entry from The NAS New Testament Greek Lexicon:

Strong's Number:   4992: soterion, adjective.  Meaning saving, bringing salvation he who embodies this salvation, or through whom God is about to achieve it the hope of (future) salvation

The name in Latin of the Messiah therefore would have been something closer to Iesoter or Iesoterion if the intent of the meaning of the name was honored by the Greek and Roman pagan scribes and modern day translators.  The name would never have been “Iesous” taking on the suffix of every other Greek name given to give glory to Zeus… “us”. 

The reason behind this abomination is clearly seen.  The name “Jesus” has the exact same suffix as the name of the Roman Emperor who created it: Flavius Valerius Aurelius Constantinus Augustus. “Why” does every word in Constantine’s name end in “us”?  It would only stand to reason that the all powerful Emperor would give a name to his new god in his own image with the suffix “us”.  After all, Constantine believed himself to be re-incarnated Apollo (the son of Zeus).  And he remade the Messiah in his own image then elevated that “image of the false messiah” in the name “Jesus” as god to be worshipped.  This act of paganizing the messiah and worshipping an image of a man above YHVH is condemned by Paul in a letter to the church in Rome! 

Romans 1

 21 Because that, when they knew YHVH, they glorified YHVH not as God (elevating Jesus/Trinity in their hearts as God), neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened (to believe a pagan lie).  22 Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools 23 and exchanged the glory of the immortal YHVH for images made to look like mortal man (the image of “Jesus”) and birds and animals and reptiles (signs of The Zodiac).

24 Therefore YHVH gave them over in the sinful desires of their hearts to sexual impurity for the degrading of their bodies with one another. 25 They exchanged the truth about YHVH for a lie (pagan Trinity), and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.

When we simply take the first step and admit to ourselves the obvious, it becomes abundantly clear both “why” and “how” the name “Jesus” was easily accepted by a pagan population that worshiped Zeus, Hesus, Horus, Krishna, Julius Ceasar and the demi-god son Apollo the god of the sun.  To the pagan Romans of their day, the name Iesous (Jesus Christ or JC) looked and sounded almost identical to their god-man Julius Ceasar or (JC).  This is true today even in English (Julius / Jesus) even their initials remain the same an have nothing in common with Yahusha the Messiah.  The English translation of Yahusha looks nothing and sounds nothing like “Jesus” it is “Joshua” or even truer still Yahusha. 

The obvious truth is the Messiah’s name was changed and he was given a name like every other Greek in honor of Zeus.  No wonder Yahusha condemns those who “in his name” did all that amazing stuff using the name “Jesus” teaching The Law has been abolished.  They never knew him.  They literally fell for the false religion of pagan Rome.

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