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Christianity and the Great Deception
Rav Sha'ul
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The Name “Jesus”
by Rav Sha'ul



The name of the Jewish Messiah in The Hebrew Bible uses Yahusha (יהושע), and then later the form Yeshua (ישוע), for the English literal translation of Joshua, which means "Yah(weh) is Salvation (shua)".  “Yah” being the short poetic form of Yahuah and “shua” being Hebrew for salvation; combined into a contracted name Yahusha.  This is the name given to Joseph and Mary to name their child for “YAHweh shall Shua (save) His (own) people from their sin” through a final Passover sacrifice.  That final Passover Sacrifice would be THE purpose of The Messiah.  Joseph and Mary’s son would be that Messiah they were to name this son “YAHwehyeSHUA” or “Yahusha” in short because he was prophesied to “come in the name of Yahuah”. 

This name, (יהושע), was properly translated into English in the Book of Joshua as “Joshua”.  Joshua the son of Nun succeeded Moses and “led the children of Israel into the promised land” a messianic foreshadowing of the coming Messiah in deed and in name.  Yahusha would lead the “children of YHVH” out of slavery to sin and into the Promised Land of eternal life.

Why then, did the scribes “transliterate” (transliterate means not a literal translation) the name of the Messiah in the NT not keeping true to the English translation “Joshua” like they did in the OT? They instead, and intentionally, mis-translated the name (יהושע) into “Jesus” in the New Testament which isn’t even a name in Hebrew and in no way at all implies or has the name Yahuah in it!  “Jesus” fails a MAJOR test by failing to fulfill the prophecy that he would come in Yahuah’s name.  So in name only, “Jesus” is a false messiah.  But it gets much worse.

The translators obviously know the proper word in English was “Joshua” not “Jesus”, they had transcribed it correctly in the so-called “Old” Hebrew scriptures.  They also are well aware the Messiah was a Jewish Rabbi with a Jewish name not a Greek name with Greek conventions that give glory to a Greek “god”.  What is most important about the name of the Messiah is that the “intent” of the name remains intact as we go from Hebrew to any other language and in our case especially English. 

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