Are the 144,000 Sealed Servants "Jewish"?
By Rav Sha'ul

The question regarding the 144k requires a little background.  Specifically on the breach that occurred in the Old Testament between two Houses of the Nation of Israel.  It is the foundation of everything that is happening in the world today between Islam, Christianity, and Jews and plays a major role in God's Master Plan...  Here goes:

The term "Jewish" refers to only 3 of the 12 tribes of Israel (Judah, Benjamin, and Levi). The rest of Israel are called the "Sons of Israel".  The Nation of Israel was split into two camps called "Houses" for their protection against their enemies; The "House of Israel" was 9 tribes that followed Ephraim who received the Birthright Blessing from Jacob (Israel).  The "House of Judah" was 3 tribes that followed Judah who received the Scepter Blessing from Jacob (Israel). 

Note:   The "Birthright Blessing" was the blessing to become a multitude of many great nations.

           The "Scepter Blessing" was the blessing of leadership or "truth/identity".

The House of Israel (Ephraim) rebelled against the House of Judah and lost their identity over time and dispersed around the world.  Yahusha came "to the lost sheep" or to repair the breach.  The "Great Commission" was given to preach the gospel to every nation to call home the lost sheep or the Sons of Israel or rather the House of Israel.  That is why God blinded the eyes of the "Jews" or the House of Judah for a time so that He could reach out to the lost House of Israel and repair the breach in the last days.  All this is clearly laid out in the Bible and spoken of by the prophets to occur during our lifetime.  It is currently underway around the world. 

The Bible specifically states that the 144,000 Sealed Servants are composed of 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes of Israel.  So the answer to your question is no, the 144,000 are not "Jewish", only 36,000 of them are Jewish and they work to repair the breach on the side of the House of Judah.  The rest come from nations around the world as God calls them, seals them, and uses them to unite the Nation of Israel on the side of the House of Israel.  This "Reunification of Israel" must and is taking place in the last days as prophesied to offer unto God the unblemished "Bride of the Messiah".  

The remnant that worships in "Truth (Scepter) and in Spirit (Birthright)".  Once the Nation of Israel is reunited, it will stand on the mount in Jerusalem and the Messiah will return for her, His bride.  You see, this is a Master Plan that comes down to end times involving Jews (House of Judah), and Christians (House of Israel). 



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