Restoring the Kingdom
by Rav Sha'ul

Acts 1:6
So when they met together, they asked him, "Lord, are you at this time going to restore the kingdom to Israel?"

No, this verse Acts 1:6 is not referring to that at all.  The disciples at that time didn't understand the meaning of the Messiah and neither did John the Baptist!  They either expected Yahusha to liberate Jerusalem OR they expected another Messiah.
The Jews present in the land of Israel at the time did not understand the prophetic word that the Messiah would come twice.  First as the Messiah ben Joseph, the suffering servant, the Messiah to the House of Israel the lost sheep.  The second time as the Conquering King, the Messiah ben David, the Messiah to the House of Judah.
They (even the disciples at the time) only understood and expected the Conquering King.  They didn't understand the "Suffering Servant".  The question below was out of ignorance of the plan of YHWH to send the Messiah twice as prophesied to heal the breach THEN restore the Kingdom upon the completion of the Sabbath Covenant (beginning of Millennial Kingdom).  They were, even at this point, perplexed concerning the meaning of His death and resurrection and still expected Yahusha to liberate Israel from foreign rule and restore the glory of the Kingdom...  Yahusha's reply... the answers are coming in YHWH's timing.
To this day, very few people who have ever lived understand this.
What they were saying was "Lord, you kinda let us down the first time getting yourself crucified and all... whew you had us going there!  Glad you got resurrected... NOW are you going to liberate us and restore the Kingdom as the Conquering King?"  They had NO clue.
Paul was the one chosen to understand the meaning of the two comings and the true meaning of "Israel" being a Remnant from AMONG the Jews (House of Judah) and from AMONG the gentiles (where the House of Israel had been scattered).

Remnant Israel


I challenge anyone to find a "teacher" who teaches Romans Chapter 9. Of course, I teach it, so allow me to set the record straight. The false teachers of the church do NOT touch Romans 9 because it destroys everything they claim about how the Church replaced Israel and the Torah is done and no need to know the prophets, the New Testament replaced the Old Testament, the New Covenant replaced the Law etc. etc. ... all lies.  There is NO replacement, Replacement Theology is a lie.

Paul taught the exact opposite of what the "Church" claims:

Romans 9:4-5

To the "Isrealites" belong 7 things granted to them as gifts from YHWH:
--- 1.) Adoption as sons of YHWH
--- 2.) To be the Glory of YHWH
--- 3.) The "Law" which is the Torah
--- 4.) The Temple of YHWH
--- 5.) The Promises of YHWH (forgiveness, resurrection, eternal life)
--- 6.) The "fathers" or the bloodline Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
--- 7.) And the "Christ" or the Messiah Yahusha

NOT to the Gentiles. These belong to Israel! But WHO is Israel?  Paul explains it is a chosen few from among both Houses.  Now, Paul defines and clarifies that it is the REMNANT ISRAEL that are the true sons of God to whom these 7 things belong to.

Verse 6 - Paul declares the WORD OF GOD HAS NOT FAILED. His people are still Israel! The bloodline that runs through Abraham/Isaac/Jacob. BUT, Paul confirms the prophets that not EVERYONE born in that bloodline are sons of God. ONLY a remnant. "For they are not all Israel (not everyone who descended from Jacob is part of that remnant) who are descended from Israel"

Then Paul goes into a long explanation of how the sons of God are predestined and not determined simply based on the bloodline alone.  In other words, they are from the bloodline but a SUBSET of that bloodline.  Not everyone in that bloodline are saved.  Demonstrating God has CHOSEN ONLY A REMNANT from the bloodline of Israel who is scattered across the globe many lost their identity completely but still chosen.

Then in verse 24 Paul then declares that the REMNANT ISRAEL is called from "AMONG" Jews (House of Judah), but also from "AMONG" the Gentiles (House of Israel, the lost sheep had been scattered AMONG the Gentile nations).   Paul finally got it.  That the Messiah HAD to come twice to restore the lost sheep and call out the Chosen lost among the Gentile nations.

Then in verse 25, Paul quotes from the First Prophet to the House of Israel... Hosea, a prophecy spoken by Hosea to THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL who had been given a certificate of divorce and scattered among the Gentile nations...  "I will call those who were not My People (the House of Israel whom God had divorced) ´My People´ and who were not beloved, ´Beloved´ (the promise God made to restore the House of Israel through the prophet Hosea)... "And it shall be in the place (nations where they were scattered) were it is said to them (House of Israel) ´you are not My People´ (because YHWH divorced them), there (in those foreign countries YHWH will call back a remnant of the House of Israel) they (remnant of the House of Israel) shall be called sons of the Living God (the restoration of the House of Israel back to YHWH)."

And then in the next verse Paul again quotes from the prophet Isaiah who also (along with EVERY OTHER PROPHET) prophesied the re-unification of the Remnant of Israel (both Houses) back to YHWH...
Verse 27
And Isaiah cries out concerning (Remnant Israel to whom the 7 promises belong) "Though the number of the sons of Israel (both Houses scattered among all the nations) be as the sand of the sea... IT IS THE REMNANT (Israel) THAT SHALL BE SAVED"
So, what IS Paul saying? Is Paul starting a new religion? NO. That is what the POPE OF ROME did.   Paul was given UNIQUE revelation that YHWH's word and promises to all Israel did not fail, YHWH sent the Messiah TWICE to restore the lost sheep and re-unify the two houses and call out a remnant who are His sons.

Paul is saying the EXACT OPPOSITE of what the Church teaches that is why the Church avoids Romans 9 all together because it defies their replacement theology lies. The descendants of Israel have been scattered across the globe. And the "sons of God" are a REMNANT of those Israelites that will be taken from both Houses. From AMONG the Jews (House of Judah) and from AMONG the Gentiles (where the House of Israel has been scattered).
And to that REMNANT ISRAEL belong:
--- 1.) Adoption as sons of YHWH
--- 2.) To be the Glory of YHWH
--- 3.) The "Law" which is the Torah
--- 4.) The Temple of YHWH
--- 5.) The Promises of YHWH (forgiveness, resurrection, eternal life)
--- 6.) The "fathers" or the bloodline Abraham, Isaac, Jacob
--- 7.) And the "Christ" or the Messiah Yahusha
And Yahusha too understood this same Truth. He came first as the Messiah ben Joseph (Messiah to the House of Israel) to RECLAIM that remnant form the House of Israel back to YHWH. Yahusha made this clear, "I came for the LOST SHEEP OF THE HOUSE OF ISRAEL".  Then Yahusha returns as the Messiah ben David or Messiah to the House of Judah to RECLAIM the remnant from among the Jews. 

Paul DID NOT start a new religion (Christianity, the Pope started that). He DID NOT say anything like that in Romans OR Hebrews.   Paul was ringing true to the prophetic word and the promises of YHWH through His Messiah.  These worthless shepherds of the ROMAN PAGAN RELIGION simply do not understand the meaning of God´s Plan.  Paul did. As I have just demonstrated. Paul knew it was the Remnant of Israel that would be saved from both Houses. Some of the House of Judah from among the Jews and some from the House of Israel from among the Gentiles.  That, is what Paul was clearly saying in Romans. And Paul was clearly teaching the Torah, Feasts, Sabbath, Covenants, Temple, Promises, Bloodline, and Messiah... belong to the sons of God... the Remnant Israel.
The disciples that asked if Yahusha was going to restore the Kingdom did not understand this.  It was given to Paul, and he took this truth to the Gentile nations to reclaim what was lost... the remnant from among them.
To further illustrate how ignorant the New Testament Saints were to the Plan of YHWH.  Like the disciples who expected Yahusha to liberate Jerusalem and restore the Kingdom...
John the Baptist Asked the SAME QUESTION... Thinking there were TWO MESSIAHs
Let's look at the question John the Baptist asked Yahusha in:
Luke 7:19
19 And John, calling two of his disciples to him, sent them to Jesus, saying, Are You the Coming One, or should we expect another?
What?  What was that question all about?  John had already baptized Yahusha and hear YHWH declare Yahusha His Son verbally and John had ALREADY declared Yahusha the Son of God.  What question was left in John the Baptist that he should ask Yahusha such a question as "are you the one, or should we expect another?"... ??????
John the Baptist it seems, understood the prophecies of two different Messiahs, Messiah ben Joseph and Messiah ben David.  But did NOT realize it was not two Messiahs, but two comings of the SAME ONE!
They were all confused brotha.
The revelation in YHWH's design of progressive revelation had not yet been revealed that Yahusha was BOTH the Messiah ben Joseph AND Messiah ben David.  The ONE Messiah comes twice, not two Messiahs.  It wasn't until much later that Paul was given this revelation of deeeeeeeeeep truth.
That is why John the Baptist asked this question, he did not understand.  And that is why the Jews turned on Yahusha, they didn't understand.  That is why the disciples kept asking when Yahusha was going to restore the Kingdom.  No one understood yet.  It wasn't until YHWH breathed on Paul and sent him to reclaim the lost sheep that this mystery was understood.

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