Family of YHWH

Not long ago as this battle wages on and grows in intensity I was beginning to fail myself and my King.  My armor weakened, my faith waving, my strength withering away.  I was struggling.  I don't have the luxury of a support group or higher earthly authority.  I report directly to YHWH.  When I need to be refreshed, built up, recharged, and my armor strengthened... there is no human I can turn to.  There is no human that understands me, who I am, what I have been given to do, or the methods by which I have liberty to achieve them.  There is no job description, no office, no human chain of command above me, no secretary to support me, nothing.  My wife doesn't even understand 90% of the time.  There is only YHWH in the position that I have been called to serve.  So I look to have eyes to see Him, ears to hear Him, and the voice to communicate what I see and hear from Him.
At my lowest point in years about 2 months ago as I was failing under the weight of the burden I have been given to carry.  Facing what was coming in the near future and the constant attacks by Christians and Jews claiming me to be a false teacher and ravenous wolf... even The Antichrist himself!
I was sending out mass email using free Hotmail accounts.  If you send an email out to more than 50 recipients at a time, Hotmail will prompt you with a random code.  You have to type it in to continue so Hotmail ensures you are not an automated service spamming using their system.  Human eyes can only read these random codes.  I have been doing this for YEARS.  Never seen, in all these years, a randomly generated code that means anything or says anything.  Usually a string of consonants with a number or two or maybe a vowel thrown in.  No rime or reason totally random.
I couldn't sleep one night (which is not normal) and my faith was so week that I began to panic laying in bed.  So got up to go work in my office alone at about 11pm and sent out a message and.. there it was.
"YHWH WYNE"... I just about fell out of my chair.  I hit "Prt Scrn" to capture it, fell on my knees to repent of my lack of faith.  And I was restored.
You see, in my position I report directly to YHWH.  And when I need support or confirmation or my faith is weak and the battle rages on and threatens to crush me.  He never lets me forget who I am.  He either contacts me through His prophets to confirm, has me approached by complete strangers to confirm, or simply puts it up in front of my face on my computer screen.  He always finds a way and when He does it is pretty obvious.
YHWH WYNE is a very unique way of saying I am part of the Family of YHWH.  His very blood.

YHWH is as you know the name of the only God.  WYNE is the Old English form for what later was written as Wine.  The fruit of the vine. 

Old English - W

wyne see wine. wynele [] m (-es/-as) gladdening oil. wynfæst [] adj joyful. wyngesíþ [] m (-es/-as) pleasant companion. wyngráf [] m (-es/-as), ...
home.comcast.net/~modean52/old_to_new_english_w.htm - 312k - Cached - Similar pages

In the Word of YHWH, wine represents BLOOD which denotes family.   If someone says I have SIDES BLOOD in me, it means I am my father's son, my father is Terry Sides.

If I am a son of YHWH, then I would Have YHWH's BLOOD in me... YHWH WYNE.
My life is FULL of this type of thing.  Just thought I'd share that with you...





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