Excerpt from

The Yahushaic Covenant Volume 1
by Rav Sha'ul

Where do we get ‘Yeshua’ and ‘Yehoshua’?
by Rav Sha'ul

If Yahusha is correct, then why do some use Yeshua and Yehoshua instead claiming those are the true name? Many in the Hebrew Roots movement use the name Yeshua as that is the modern Hebrew name today.  These names remove Yahuah's name thereby failing the scriptural test concerning the requirement to express "Yahuah is our savior".

The Israelites adopted the worship of the LORD (Ba'al) and therefore removed the name of Yahuah and replaced it with the LORD. They also then either shortened the name Yahusha to Yeshua or replaced the vowel points with the vowel points in Elohim giving us Yehoshau.  Both Yeshua and Yehoshua are attempts to not use, write, or pronounce the name of Yah.  We see that the worship of Ba'al (the LORD) was assimilated into the worship of Yahuah this is known as syncretism.  It was the replacing of the name of Yahuah that lead to the decline of Israel as a people

Jewish Encyclopedia The unedited full-text of the 1906 Jewish Encyclopedia:

How the Hebrews Adopted the Cult.

It would appear that the Hebrews first learned Ba'al-Worship from the agricultural Canaanites. Their life before the conquest of Canaan, whether lived in or outside of Palestine, was nomadic, and therefore kept them beyond the circle of religious associations promoted by the cultivation of the soil. After their settlement the Israelites began to live as did the people of the land, and with the new mode of industrial and domestic life came the example and the incitement of the religious use and wont that were inseparable from the soil. The stated festivals, in which the Ba'als of the land had drawn to themselves all the enthusiasm and devotion of an intensely religious people, were a part of the fixed order of things in Palestine, and were necessarily appropriated by the religion of Yahuah. With them came the danger of mixing the rites of the false gods and the true God; and, as a matter of fact, the syncretism did take place and contributed more than anything else to the religious and moral decline of Israel.

As I pointed out earlier, the Jews developed a superstition (I call reverent stupidity) that it was too holy to pronounce the name Yahuah or even lay eyes on it so they replaced every occurrence of the name Yahuah (over 8,000 times) with the title LORD in keeping with their Babylonian captors whose god was also the LORD god Ba'al. This abomination was carried forward and at the time the current modern translations were penned, they used these faulty Hebrew texts coming out of Babylonian captivity and these modern uninspired translations in English carried forward that superstition not to write the name of The Creator which is Yahuah.  They also removed the name YAH from the name Yahusha giving us Yeshua instead. Where the scribes encountered the true name of the Messiah which is pronounced YAH-SHUA with the proper vowel points added, they translated it with the vowel points of "Elohim" not Yahuah giving us Yehoshua instead of Yahusha...

We have sufficient proof showing that the Name of Yahuah has been completely erased from the Holy Scriptures, and from common knowledge and use altogether, because of the man-made traditions of our forefathers and rabbis.

The Century Bible, Volume 1, pages 90-91, tells us the following.

Some time after the return from the Captivity, and before the beginning of the Christian Era, the Yahdaim (Jews) came to believe that the Holy Name Yahuah was too sacred to be uttered on ordinary occasions. It was said to be pronounced by the High Priest on the Day of Atonement. At other times, when any one read or quoted aloud from what is called the Old Testament, the word "Adonay","Lord," was usually substituted for Yahuah, and similarly the LXX (Septuagint Version) has Kurios, the Vulgate dominus, and the e.v. lord, where the Hebrew has Yahuah. Hebrew was originally written without vowels, but when the "vowel points" were added, the vowels of "Adonay" or "Elohim" were written with Yahuah, as a direction that these words were to be read instead of the word whose consonants were Yahuah; thus we find the combinations YeHoWaH and YeHoWiH. At the Reformation, the former being the more usual, was sometimes used as the Name of the (Mighty One) of Israyl, and owing to ignorance of its history was misread as "Jehovah," a form which has established itself in English, but does not give the pronunciation of the Holy Name it represents.

The Theological Dictionary Of The New Testament tells us that the name Jesus (Iesous) is a Greek form of the Hebrew proper Name Yahusha (יהושע). Keep in mind, however, that this name Jesus carries none of the meaning of the original Hebrew Name Yahusha, which means Yahuah is salvation. We see below that AFTER the return from exile The Jews shortened the name Yahusha to Yeshua again out of reverent stupidity (I mean reverent superstition)....

The Theological Dictionary Of The New Testament, Kittel and Bromiley, Volume 3, page 284

The Prophet Yeremyah (Hellenized to Jeremiah) warned that this practice of removing Yahuah's name would be handed down to us from the unfaithful priests, interpreters and scribes, when the Hebrew Scriptures were first translated to Greek, then to Latin, and finally to English.

Jeremiah 8:8

How can you say; We are the wise, and The Law of Yahuah is with us? Behold, the lying pen of the scribes has falsified them, and written them wrong!

That's why, today, we have foolish sounding names like Jesus, Yehsua, and Yehoshua, which do not honor or glorify our Heavenly Father Yahuah, because they carry none of the original intent and meaning.

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